Racism Against Reptiles

Inhabitants of earth are aware on a genetic level that reptiles have played their role on this planet. Humans are part reptiles, themselves and share many of their traits. However, some of us are more reptilian than others. Those reptilians are often rejected, feared and hated.

I personally love reptiles. I love snakes, turtles, lizards, dinosaurs. When I was a little girl I began to show interest in them early and feel a great love towards reptiles. In my opinion, they deserve the same love and respect that mammals do. What makes them any less?

It has disturbed me that even among seeds there is a hatred and fear of reptiles. Apparently some reptilians work with the Ashtar Command Crew to defend helpless people. Not all of them are bad. Something else I have noticed is that even among seeds there is a hatred of dark reptile energies. If these lower dimensional energies bother you I assure you I understand how freaky it is. But when you get mad at them they like it...so stop. I'm not suggesting that you be their friend when they are trying to intimidate you but don't give them anger, fear and hate. That's kind of what they feed on, like a special treat.

It upsets me greatly when people say things like "snakes don't have feelings". It always shocked me to hear it. Isn't it ironic that a mammal based being would make such a cold and heartless accusation? Of course they have feelings! They just aren't the type of feelings that person has, themselves. I find it cowardly when a person enjoys killing a small snake who is harming no one and is not even in the garden or around pets or kids. Snakes are extremely beautiful and come in many exotic colors and patterns, just like cats. The snake energy manifests in the Kundalini energy. Serpents are a sign of wisdom, healing and regeneration and have been revered as such for ages. Maybe people who hate snakes need some healing and wisdom in their lives.

Reptiles are fun to cuddle with. I like to hug snakes, even extremely poisonous ones. They love to cuddle up next to you for warmth. They are a delight to me. 

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