Quantum Entanglement Communication

Quantum Entanglement Communication

Theoretical physicists said 'there is no faster than light communication during quantum entanglement' not because they observed so but because Einstein's theory, not tested for single particles, said so! By so doing, they unwittingly declared than Einstein himself either did not understand quantum mechanics or relativity, the theories that he himself was one of the pioneers!! But Einstein, as I will show you, understood QM so well and as he said it does undermine his own theory.

Quantum entanglement stems from the 'omnipresent' nature of quantum particles that is very easy to understand by even a child, let alone Einstein. This 'omnipresence' definitly undermine Einstein's theory, and Einstein correctly understood it, while the modern, confused bozos don't!. If a particle, when not yet observed, can be found anywhere from hydra to andromeda, then observing it, allowing it to re-enter the quantum state, and then observing it once again can be found to have gone from hydra to andromeda in pico seconds! Einstein's theory, like Newtonian Physics, is a classic theory, not a quantum theory. All classic theories break down in quantum level and emerges in macroscopic world through quantum decoherence. Therefore we don't need confusing way of  (mis)understanding QM as though Eisteinian barrier applies even at quantum level. Drop this, and QM becomes easy to understand! A particle simply moves back and forth at zillions of time faster than light. In true science, it is not a 'theory' that we pledge our ultimate loyalty to. Rather it is 'experiments'. We just don't want to contradict experiments, we don't care about contradicting theories. SR have never been tested in the specific case, therefore we have no experiment to contradict.

Sending Information Problem 

The problem of using quantum entanglement to send information superluminary is a problem in practise and not a problem in principle. It absolutely has nothing to do with Einsteinian Barrier. Nothing is 'getting heavier and heavier' as it tries to break the barrier. Therefore physicists are quite disingenuous to link this purely quantum phenomenon to Einsteinian barrier instead of correctly pointing out that it is a coincidence. Einsteinian barrier happens to a beam of decoherent particles, not a 'single' coherent wavicle. Therefore Einstein's theory, like Newton's or Maxwell's, is not fundamentally true. However, unlike Maxwell's etc, SR has been sold out like a religion!

quantum entanglement happens when there is a conservative law at work. Therefore the un-manipulativity of quantum entanglement to send information is easy to understand. What alters say the momentum of the entagled photon is its entangled partner, not the 'observer'. So the observer cannot modulate the momentum to send information. For the observer to alter the momentum, it must first 'observe' the photon, 'destroying' its quantum nature. So this is pure quantum nature of particles that must cross into the classic world via observation, not Einstein's theory. Einstein's theory is irrelevant to this. Once the quantum particles cross to the classic world, they now obey classic physics, including SR.

You are now ready to understand that any manifestation of quantum physics in macroscopic world will allow for superlumanal communication. If, for instance, we have a quantum mind, then our minds can attain superluminal communication, therefore appearing to be 'omnipresent' in some domain! First understand that 'observation' does not completely destroy the quantum nature. It merely diminishes it vastly, beyond the abilitty to detect through ordinary means . This is done through quantum decoherence, which suddenly reduces the wave amplitudes but does not destroy them.This is why quantum effects are actually sometimes manifest in macroscopic world, eg in superfluidity, magnetism, Bose Einstein Condensate etc.

In quantum state, two entangled photons are 'omnipresent'.  Therefore they can always interact and exchange their momentums etc. When decoherence happens, following an 'observation', the particles now begine to spend most of their times in isolations so they can nolonger interact often enough. However, what is crucial to understand is that the interaction still happens, but rarely. However, if there were, originally, large number of such photons, then this 'rare interaction' translates into 'fewer interacting particles'. In other words in classic world, the beam of light that is quantum coherent and thus able to be entangled is too dim to detect in usual ways, but this beam is alwsys there!

Finaly note that the idea that we can't send information by exploiting the quantum entanglement comes from the apparatus being seen as different system from the entangled quantum state. We say well, quantum particles gave a strange way of commonucation. But if macroscopic quantum coherence is maintained, then we can see ourselves as to be part of the entanglement pairs, hence it is us who are in the quantum soup! Therefore we definitely can send the information. 

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    This question is also important to the question of instantaneous comunication. Remember my simple explanation for quantum nonlocality: particles scans the whole space in a terrible speed. It is exactly like the way TV image is actualy caused by a tiny dot that is rapidly moving back and forth to cover the whole screen. So the explanation of quantum entanglement is that frequetly, two entangled particle meet as they scan the whole space. So why do we need say barium borate crystal (BBC) to entangle photons? The answer is that photons normally don't interact (eg knocking each other ). They just pass through each other as if the other doesn't exist! However in some mediums, eg BBC, photons do interact.

    But for electrons, we don't need such special mediums as BBC. So all electrons are entangled to some extend, simply because they have some 'omni-presence' as quantum particles. However, this 'omnipresence' is severely limited by quantum decoherence . That is why you don't see a stone seeming to exist everywhere. But like I said, quantum decoherence does not completely destroy the wave nature of a macroscopic object. The electrons in your body just spends most of the time in your body. Sometimes, an electron from your body shoots to a distant place, say A and then it returns, or completely different one comes. However, since there are zilions of electrons in the universe, there are always some electrons at A that together are behaving like a quantum particle. All this means that at every moment, there is a very less dense field of paricles that are all quantum entangled to themselves! This field permeates the whole space and penetrates through our bodies. If our bodies interacts with this field, it can send momentum all the way to andromeda! This means that quantum entanglement does not only explain telepathy. It can also explain telekinesis!
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