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(Mickey Megistus) As the world watches, the coronavirus pandemic (“plan”demic) has completely changed life as we know it. Many are panicking. Some believe it’s part of the long-planned NWO take over. But for those brave enough to look past paranoia and fear, there’s a growing body of evidence that suggests the fall of the Cabal was predestined. Testimony from an ex-Navy Seal suggests that—despite their best efforts—the Deep State will be defeated. The use of time lensing technology has all but confirmed a future they could not alter. And now, more and more signs suggest the liberation of humanity is likely just around the corner.

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by Mickey Megistus, April 2nd, 2020

For this article, I’d like to first bring your attention to the 2012 testimony of Bill Wood (not to be confused with Bob Wood—an associate of Secret Space Program whistleblower William Tompkins). Bill Wood is an ex-Navy Seal (part of Seal Team Nine) that was recognized by the military for his gifts in cognitive reasoning and showed signs of psychic potential. Because of this, he was selected for training to enhance his psychic abilities at places like Area 51 and later was employed to assist with classified programs, one of such being Project Looking Glass.

Now, for any of you not familiar with Looking Glass, I will simply say it is a technology that enables one to view future timeline realities with the aid of supercomputers to gauge the probability of possible outcomes.

Originally, this knowledge of time manipulation came from famous scientists like Nikola Tesla, and then later from the reverse engineering of ET spacecraft which had come into the possession of the government. Essentially, this technology uses the forces of electromagnetism to bend gravity, space, time and “see past” the curvature of the event horizon.

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One of Bill Wood’s tasks, back in the late ’90s, was to “troubleshoot” a problem that the higher-ups were having (known as the 2012 problem). As Wood puts it:

Some very smart people figured out that something big was coming up. Something that made it so all the possibilities of all the future scenarios of any choice any possibility that was fed in and observed through the Looking Glass inevitably ended up in the same future. And no decision and no possibility changed past a certain point. That’s the big secret.

Wood goes on to say:

That coincides with December 21, 2012. All possible timelines lead to the same basic history in the future. The elites of the game figured out the end of the game. Nothing could be manipulated beyond that point.

Book Time Loops: Precognition, Retrocausation, and the Unconscious

So according to Wood, this “bottlenecking” or “convergence of timelines” has since occurred on December 21st, 2012; and as of now, we have all been on a timeline in which the same inevitable outcome will unfold. And the elites of the world—the “bad guys,” you could say—that have all the information in regards to Looking Glass, saw that no matter what they did to change things or control the reactions of humanity, it would always create the opposite effect and the results remained the same.

Partial interview with Bill Wood can be found here (he begins talking about Looking Glass at the 4-minute mark):

Save The Children

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Qanon and Looking Glass

In recent months, it became apparent that the reason why the Q operation had been so good at countering the “bad guys” agenda was because the “good guys” or Alliance/White Hats had access to Looking Glass as well. This was mentioned in a drop back in November of 2019:

Q !!mG7VJxZNCI ID: 9b601a No.7352963
Nov 11 2019 19:49:10 (EST)

Project Looking Glass?
Going Forward in Order to Look Back.

Of course, this idea of positive elements/people within our government and military that have been working to nullify the elite agenda (New World Order) is nothing new. This secret (and silent) war has been going on for a long time, and things have been accelerating in earnest since the assassination of JFK.

Book The SS Brotherhood of the Bell: Nasa’s Nazis, JFK, And Majic-12

Bill Wood and others have also referred to these Alliance/White Hats as “Oathkeepers” because they still honor their oath to the Constitution and are resolute in defending it from all threats foreign and domestic. The primary threat is commonly understood today as a multinational shadow military and intelligence apparatus known as the “Deep State” or “Cabal” which serves the elite agenda of global technocratic/financial enslavement. Agents of the Deep State/Cabal have been called Black Hats.

And just in case anyone missed it, Qanon is a White Hat military operation designed to bypass the propagandized mainstream media (Operation Mockingbird/CIA) narrative and disseminate actual intelligence to the public through anonymous message boards like 4chan, 8chan and now 8kun. This author has personally been lurking on the boards since the Q operation began in October of 2017.

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Q has often described this silent war as “moves and countermoves” much like a large scale chess match, and ironically enough, that’s how Bill Wood described this process:

Basically what we’re experiencing right now is two master chess players sitting at the board and one of them looks down at the board and sees that he’s in check mate in seven moves. And he looks across at his opponent and he knows that his opponent sees it too. So at this point the loser can only prolong the game. Both players know the game is over. We as a race, if we can understand that the game is over—that based on the rules of the game, the bad guys have already lost, the good guys have already won. Yes, there are moves on the table, but those moves are being forced by the player that is going to win.

It’s probably no surprise that Q also mentions what’s happening now as “The Great Awakening” because sure enough, Wood proclaims something similar in 2012 when asked about this event. He responds:

If I had to give it a name I would say it is the awakening process. It’s an evolution of consciousness that cannot, will not, and no matter what decisions or possibilities are injected into the equation, eventually, it all results down to us all learning the truth, and becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that has been built to keep us from knowing massive volumes of information… Now at first I thought it [the event] was end of the world. But now, I see it is the end of their world.

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Wood claims that this awakening process is part of an “Ascension Timeline” more commonly referred to by the elite as Timeline 1. This is the timeline that the elite didn’t like talking about, as they consider it a problem that needs to be fixed. The preferred timeline that the elite are trying to manifest results in some sort of global catastrophe in which the majority of survivors are driven underground, leaving only a small population on the surface to fend for themselves. This was referred to as Timeline 2.

Though Wood did his due diligence and investigated this problem of the timelines to the best of his psychic/intuitive abilities, in the end all he could offer to his superiors was reinforcement of what Looking Glass and the computers were already saying. The timelines will contract to some inevitable outcome that the bad guys didn’t like talking about.

Despite knowing this inevitability, the elite were still hedging their bets and continuing to build underground cities and trying to foment nuclear wars and natural disasters to kill off the vast majority of the population. Why persist in doing this when all the data says otherwise? Wood had a simple answer:

Because they are insane. And beyond being insane, they have literally deluded themselves into believing that they can somehow manage to get away with what they are trying to get away with. There is a distinct lack of reality in that way of thinking.

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The “Plan”demic

We’re going switch gears for a moment and talk about this current coronavirus pandemic, and how this global crisis could actually be part of another attempt by the elite (Deep State/Cabal) to manifest Timeline 2.

For those of you who don’t know, the Johns Hopkins Initiative, in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, including representatives from the UN Foundation, the World Bank, China’s Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the Central Intelligence Agency, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, as well as leaders from the travel, banking, pharmaceutical, and healthcare services industries met for its most recent “exercise,” called Event 201 which was held in New York City in October of 2019, to model response to a worldwide coronavirus pandemic (coincidentally).

“Our exercises are primarily educational tools,” Eric Toner, MD, senior scholar with the Center for Health Security and a Senior Scientist in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, Department of Environmental Health and Engineering, told Contagion®. “One of things we try to demonstrate through these exercises are economic and societal consequences, as well as the public health consequences, of a severe pandemic. We want to show policymakers, business leaders, and global public health organizations that a severe pandemic may be as disruptive to a country as a national security event can be.” (Source)

At the start of the exercise, the world was three months in, and there were already more than 500,000 cases globally. By its end, worldwide leaders were faced with a pandemic that involved more than 10 million cases, with the disease spreading rapidly through low-income districts of “mega-cities” around the world. Governments had issued travel bans, crippling the global travel and tourism industries. Thanks to these and other factors, the global economy was in “freefall,” with financial markets in tatters.

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Of course, this was a worst-case scenario—but, sadly and most concerning, it is all too real.

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Now, if you consider the narrative being overtly pushed by MSM outlets and governments around the world at this very moment, it seems all too convenient that an actual coronavirus pandemic would occur just months after it was modeled as an “exercise.”

Side note: The use of “exercises” to provide cover for false flag activities is a staple of the Deep State’s modus operandi.

Back in June of 2017, the World Bank had launched its first-ever pandemic bonds to support $5... This marks the first time that World Bank bonds are being used to finance efforts against infectious diseases.

Well, how convenient is that, don’t you think? And who was a member of this Event 201 in October? The World Bank.

If you would like to know more about this “plan”demic I really suggest watching the video below. Amazing Polly does an amazing job breaking this all down and covering much of the details.

(Update: YouTube took down Polly’s “plan”demic video, no surprise there, so I replaced it with her follow up video)

The point I’m getting at here is that if some armchair investigative journalists can figure out that this pandemic was being engineered months in advance. How far in advance do you think White Hat military intelligence with access to Looking Glass technology knew about it? And what sort of prepared countermeasures do you think they had at the ready?

Moves and Countermoves

For whatever reasons, if this COVID-19/SARS-CoV2 coronavirus was indeed a bio-weapon meant to wipe out humanity (with or without the assistance of vaccines, chemtrails and 5G technology), it definitely hasn’t turned out that way. As the numbers kept coming in, it became increasingly difficult to reconcile the data with the premeditated reactions of the MSM and governments the world over, especially when compared to normal flu or influenza statistics.

The quarantines, travel bans and places/events getting shut down were obviously put into place regardless of the coronavirus. If this global lockdown was really because of a disease, then the same procedure would have taken place in years prior when we had swine flu, or bird flu, or Ebola, or other forms of SARS (which had more serious morbidity and mortality rates).

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If we to look at all the pieces on the board, we can see this is clearly an orchestrated event involving multiple participants like those mentioned above (Event 201).

One could deduce that the Deep State/Cabal was deliberately trying to use this engineered pandemic as an excuse to crash the (debt-based fraudulent) economy and, if not foster a total global collapse, at the very least politicize it for the next presidential election.

Think of all the high profile CEO’s stepping down during the few weeks leading up to the pandemic. And then look at the stock markets just a few days after the pandemic was official, they never crashed this hard over previous diseases. This points towards orchestration.

Of course, the Alliance/White Hats knew what was going to transpire and we can see some moves being made from their side of the board. To offer up a few examples:

Federal Reserve Bank has now merged with the US Treasury, paving th...

Venezuelan President Maduro was just indicted for drug trafficking ...

298 government officials arrested in Saudi Arabia.

US nationwide arrests of 750 Mexican cartel members (CJNG) during P...

These are only a few things we can see on the surface. It is highly likely that with numerous countries in lockdown, and people in quarantine (out of harm’s way), the Alliance/White Hats will be conducting communication blackouts (3 days of darkness for cell phones/internet), financial resets and military operations to move major pieces off the board. This could possibly include the unsealing of over 100,000 indictments and mass arrests.

David Wilcock expands upon this in one of his most recent livestreams (which unbeknownst to me covers much of the same material I had just touched on in this article). He also delves into the Law of One material around the 2-hour mark.

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For anyone who has read my previous articles, I usually include Law of One references, but since David Wilcock already covers it, you can check it out in the link.

There is also the claim that a large batch of adrenochrome in Wuhan was either spiked with poison or tainted with coronavirus by the White Hats. And much of the famous people, politicians and government officials “getting sick” with coronavirus could very well be frequent users or addicts of adrenochrome (who are connected with the Deep State/Cabal).

Now, for argument’s sake thus far, I’ve been simplifying this silent war between White Hats and Black Hats.

The truth is the Deep State/Cabal is comprised of various rival elite factions, all vying for supremacy; some have more malevolent agendas than others. And while the Alliance is comprised of various factions that are more or less unified in a common cause, there are still some factions (and individuals) that see more of the “bigger picture” than others.

What we see happening on the geopolitical stage is hard to discern.

You can see both White Hat and Black Hat agendas playing themselves out simultaneously as this unfolds. It is prudent and responsible thinking to always question governmental responses which include abuses of power and overreaching of authority no matter the circumstance. Many truthers believe this pandemic is being staged as a power-grab to take even more rights and freedoms away from the people. And rightly so, because this looks apparent to any person who questions the mainstream narrative.

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I am in no way a statist, but with that being said, I am also an anon and a Q patriot, and from what I’ve gathered over the years, this engineered pandemic was inevitably going to be staged by the Deep State/Cabal in an attempt do many inhuman things. It has undoubtedly been a part of the elite/NWO agenda for some time now. And in many ways, it was probably an unavoidable move on the board that the Alliance/White Hats were planning to deal with.

As I understand it, the “good guys” are doing everything in their power (through years of preparation and use of Looking Glass technology) to counter and curb this pandemic into something positive, similar in Aikido to using the opponent’s move and force against them. If the testimony of Bill Wood is to be believed, then the “bad guys” have already lost, and the only thing the loser can do is prolong the game.

Final Thoughts

One thing I can tell you from my years of study in esoteric/occult material is that the proper way to work with spiritual guidance and protection is to act in accordance with the non-aggression principle of the divine feminine and also the self-defense principle of the divine masculine. It is important that the “good guys” refrain from making any moves prematurely so they can maximize respect of free will.

This means that, in effect, it is the Deep State/Cabal that is functioning as the aggressor or initiator. The timetable and moves are being dictated by them, but their plans will always backfire and create the opposite reaction, because no matter what they do, the Alliance/White Hats have a move to counter it.

More than just moves and countermoves, we are dealing with a game in which “We the People” are the final piece. As Wood said:

It’s an evolution of consciousness that cannot, will not, and no matter what decisions or possibilities are injected into the equation, eventually, it all results down to us all learning the truth, and becoming aware of this massive dam of lies that has been built to keep us from knowing massive volumes of information.

Q has also stated on numerous occasions:

Nothing can stop what’s coming. Nothing.

In essence, We are the most important part of the equation. And it appears to me like this pandemic has been nothing more than a brazen and futile attempt to manifest Timeline 2.

But in reality, all this created was a huge wake-up call for humanity to start questioning the official narrative and break free from the chains of mental slavery, which invariably leads us to Timeline 1, the Ascension Timeline.

Those are my thoughts on the matter for now. We’ll see how things develop in the meantime. Thanks again for reading.

 – Mickey Megistus


Magenta Pixie has a comparable understanding about this on YouTube entitled: Timeline War, Covid-19 Narrative, Attempted Planetary Takeover. She delves a bit more into the metaphysical side of things, but also tries to break things down for the layperson. And while there are a few conclusions here and there that don’t align precisely with my own, there are infinitely more similarities than differences. Link below:

The preceding is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely. 

About The Author

Self-proclaimed pantheist, anarchist and occultist, Mickey Megistus is an eclectic researcher with a passion for truth and the liberation of humanity.  He is an avid proponent of using knowledge, compassion and wisdom to raise our collective consciousness through a blend of alternative science, eastern and western mysticism, and metaphysical practices.

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Stillness in the Storm Editor: Why did we post this?

Several researchers, insiders, and alleged whistleblowers have reported that an alliance within various sectors of human life is working to overthrow the Deep State, restore the rule of law, and stop environmental destruction. There are several indications that this alliance does indeed exist but nothing totally concrete. The preceding information discusses updates from someone who claims to have contacts within this alleged alliance. This information is helpful because it provides a bit of hope in an otherwise bleak situation. However, one should not cease in their personal efforts for freedom upon the hearing of these updates. This is one of the potential harms of information of this sort; it tends to make people inactive because they feel someone else is going to do the work of gaining freedom and ending the tyranny of the Deep State. To be sure, these Great Works cannot be done by one or two people, but it also can’t happen without an active population capable of recognizing positive changes and rallying to support them. Indeed, without the spiritual support of the people, any such effort on the part of an alliance will only produce temporary results. True freedom, prosperity, and goodness can only come about because a majority of people in a civilization recognize their role in maintaining that society through intelligent and coordinated participation with other like-minded lawful custodians and wayshowers.

– Justin

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