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Greetings friends, I have a quick one for you today.

Just saw a quote on a QAnon forum on Gab*. (*For those who don’t know, Gab is essentially an alternative to Twitter. One of a few “free speech zones” still operating in cyberspace.) The source of the quote is anonymous.

Check out the Stillness in the Storm Gab.

Pay attention to this quote, because within it is contained a major secret of modern society. It refers specifically refers to the Virginia protests and the potential for Deep State agents to create a false flag situation… The implications are as critical as they are universal…

“Whatever false flag f**kery they pull, they know this board will expose it in very short order, and the result meme blitzkrieg will heavily compromise their long-term objective(s).”

Couldn’t have said better myself!

What we are witnessing right now is the transfer of the power over popular narrative creation itself, from centralized, private MSM sources to the Digital Soldiers of the chan boards and other similar forums/”alternative” channels. This transfer of power is part of what the “Storm” is all about. As the MSM loses credibility in the eyes of the public, the public naturally look for new sources of information, not to mention new outlets for sharing information.

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Just how far has MSM credibility sunk? Well, Yogi Bear reruns have been more popular that CNN’s Brian Stelter since 2017… so that might tell you something?

Heck, just look at the difference between the size of Trump’s audiences at his rallies, vs the small gatherings that Biden scrapes together. The MSM would have you think that Trump wouldn’t beat Biden. Yeah right! These are the same people who told you that Hillary had a 90+% chance at winning the presidency in 2016!

The MSM can’t spin shyte around like they used to. At least, they can’t do it while claiming the prestige they once claimed. If you understand nothing else about the modern world, you will still possess a good grasp on things by merely recognizing the fact that Silicon Valley/Deep State/MSM is losing the power of culture/narrative creation to “ordinary” (whatever that means) citizens talking to each other online.

If the “alternative” media weren’t a threat to the establishment, there would be no need to push for censorship!

Take heed: the cabal can’t enslave the world overtly. They must do it covertly, and with a certain degree of “consent” of the people. Destroy the illusion and you break the bondage. The recent push for censorship by the MSM is tantamount to an open confession that their propaganda is not as effective as they need it to be for the execution of their agenda(s).

I promise you that if the cabal could get away with socially engineering society without recourse to blatant censorship, they’d take that option. The primary reason why they’re not taking that option is that it’s NOT IN THE CARDS. Due to the effectiveness of citizen investigations, the MSM is FORCED to go on the defensive, taking up a reactive position. This is highly significant, for he who assumes a pro-active position in a battle dynamic — being the one who causes the other to move, rather than be moved by the other — will be the victor, 99.9% of the time.

As Q keeps reminding us, there is “Panic in D.C.”, and what does panic look like?

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It’s a push for censorship, combined with a total lack of finesse or decorum. When celebrities and media organizations declare open war on children, then you can be sure they have lost their minds, point-blank.

There is NO COMING BACK for MSM pundits who have reacted to Trump’s victory by spending the last 3-4 years calling everyone they dislike a “Nazi” or a bigot, or an ‘ist’, or a ‘phobe’… These people have spent their professional lives producing inane “entertainment” with zero respect for the intelligence of the citizenry. Their lack of values, vapid personalities, and their nihilistic lifestyles have rendered them terminally vain and full of hubris (if I may be so frank about it).

They never thought that one day the power of culture creation itself would be wrested from their slimy hands by “plebs” like you and me. They never thought that one day the money and prestige would dry up, as the world wakes up to who they really are. Well color me unsympathetic.

The MSM has fomented violence between neighbors, families, communities, and people in general — it is time their ill-gotten reign over the public mind be utterly undone if you ask me.

That’s all for now…

For more articles about Q and the subjects of hypnosis/persuasion, please stay tuned!

As we continue to probe the anatomy of propaganda, and witness the glorious counter-spells of Q, Trump, and Patriots the world over…

-Conscious Optimist

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The preceding is a Stillness in the Storm original creation. Please share freely.

About The Author

Conscious Optimist

I am a researcher, writer, and, mostly, a guy who wants to see the cabal’s presence wiped clean from the face of the Earth. I’ve spent my whole life learning how undo the evil spells of the Satanic elite; I know a thing or two about hypnosis, and how to undo curses, and I structure my writings deliberately to accomplish this aim. Many blessings to you and yours — and to those who have swallowed the kool-aid of MSM propaganda, I sincerely hope you ditch your mental training wheels and learn how to think for yourself. Wake up!

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Stillness in the Storm Editor: Why did we post this?

Q Anon is one of many curators of information that is helping raise awareness about the manifold conspiracies and corruption of this world. Despite the controversy surrounding this individual, or group of individuals, the information provided is effective in alerting the public to a great many truths. Additionally, the method in which Q Anon provides information leaves it up to the individual to discern and evaluate, providing an excellent opportunity for people to develop their critical thinking, discernment, and philosophic skill sets.

– Justin

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Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on January 23, 2020 at 9:42am

Come on people, this guy is really good at explaining Q. He has a magic way of working with words. Hes the best I have come across in many generations. Normally I am confused about Q but this guy makes it all really clear,huh. Adonai


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