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What is your purpose?

Love, it’s about love. That’s what its always been about. You search for your individual purposes, but there is none beyond the word love. Your purpose is to love. Love one another, love what you do, love your life, love your family, love your friends, love the people in the streets, love the amazing brilliant minds that have blessed you with invention, and creativity, love everyone and everything!

You know why artists are so happy, why they are so content with life whether they have made millions or not? It is because they live their life trusting in there passion & love for what they do. No matter if great minds of the past faced persecution or even death for what they believed in they still pursued what they loved to do. They lived for what they were passionate for. Their theories and ideas live on forever. Forever is the time in which love lives, it is there that we all must live.

To live a life of love is to live a life in which we will never truly die, our legacy, our memory, our love will live on eternally. We must simply do what we love, live to love. Look at the words in your dictionaries; there is no greater word then ‘love’! It is the true embodiment of everything; everything was put here to love. Appreciate the things in your life and more will come to you. Love more things in your life, say it, be it, put it out into the world.

This is your life; you need to love it. Love everything, love everyone. It may seem hard to start along the path with all the negativity in the world, all the struggle & pain that can be experienced in life, but trust in it. Start by loving yourself completely. Love everything that you are, embracing yourself so that you can open yourself up to the world. What else makes sense, out of everything you can think of? Negativity, evil, pain, suffering, everything we deem as bad can be chalked up to a lack of love. To me it is clear, and I hope that as you move forward in your life that you see the same, for if we all come from a true place of love we can learn to love each other unconditionally. We will be able to shed our prejudice, our stereotypes & our need for division. We will finally be able to just love one another.

Be assured as love grows so will peace after all that is what we are all striving for isn’t it?

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