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Hey everyone!

I really wanted to write a blog about i guess peoples abilities,

anything i guess out of the ordinary that most people dont have

to do with psychic abilites or anything else because it would be cool

to know what other people can do. I find it fascinating.

I want to know that im not the only different person out there

and that there are others like me, which im sure there are.

Coz it gets very lonely and i cant talk about it with a normal person

who dosent believe in paranormal things.

So i know that we all have alien dna mixed in with ours, maybe

thats a reason we inherit these abilities or it could just be that

our souls are highly developed from our past lifes??....

It could even be a mixture of both those things i dont know, im not an expert :)

Anyway ill start off with my weird ability, actually i would love to know if theres anyone else out there who can see this aswell.

Since i was 13, i would lay on the garage roof sunbaking lol!....

and i noticed that i could see small balls of light moving allover the place.

So i was like then this was the time i started to see auras, actually i trained myself to see auras and then i dont know what happened but i from then after i could see auras all the time around people but the moving balls of light didnt know where that came from.

Theres nothing wrong with my eyes i have 19/20 vision i got my eyes checked too lol...

Anyway so now that im older, i figured out what i can see.

I can see eyes sortof magnify them, thats why they appear bigger?....... if i can best describe it that way. The movements are exactly like how atoms behave. The spinning and hitting each other and appearing in a random place again.

In UV light i can see them very well, like on a really sunny day or in the solarium (which i dont do anymore, bad for skin) will look at a clear blue sky and see them move allover the place and its really fun watching them too.

Also they seem to move slower than normal in strong uv light.

Cant see them when its night time, dont know why.

This picture is probably the closest match to what i can see without the bubbles around the outside. The yellow atoms spinning, the middle part cant see that.

There always white in colour, like white hot energy and there is even a smaller black atom ive seen but its rare, dont see it all the time, very hard to keep eye watch moves fast.

Its not that special i guess, omg telekinesis would be amazing but ive tried it and i have 0%telekinesis in :p.......tried it many times and nope nothing, maybe put my energy into it but never moves......

Ive heard that when you do the 12 Dna activation, you also end up starting to see them aswell btw ive done it and its amazing! your body and soul feels like wow after! energized!...

So anyway,ive started off with mine.

You can post your cool abilities below to share if u want.



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Comment by Moanna on June 25, 2014 at 6:05am

Wow that's great Tammy May :-) life is weird! and we are very normal haha :D

Comment by Tammy May on June 24, 2014 at 5:42am

Cool as :) its wonderful working with different spirit guides. Thats so funny, i have a similar situation, for year i didnt know a friend of mine had died and when i was on holiday in italy, i could hear him talking to me but it didnt click in my head because i thought he was still alive. Then later when i got home and found out he died year ago, i realised he was talking to me guiding me the whole time and i recognised his voice. Thats really amazing, how they stay behind and look after you. Hahaha i know what u mean :D Thats wonderful same here. Thanks Moanna xoxo

Comment by Moanna on June 21, 2014 at 6:00am

Hi Tammy May I have had telepathy with my spirit guides for the past 14 years but for the past few months I also have a beloved deceased friend with me. He has told me where something was when I'd lost it. He told me to open my eyes when I was falling asleep in the back seat of the car and missing some really beautiful scenery. Sometimes he wakes me up when I'm falling asleep by jerking my arm or leg, just for fun. Sometimes I wake up with a love song playing in my head. He helped me when I was stressing out with my study timetable, by showing me a picture of himself going through my emails at my computer, to find all the jobs to do and in what order. He says that where he is, he is careless and carefree, and just wants everyone to be happy. There are no secrets from my end, which can be intimidating at times, but luckily he is not judgemental at all anymore. He even sits with me and talks when I go to the toilet, like dogs and cats do. It's quite funny really. I know that this is what awaits us all when we die. I've accepted that I am staying here for now in the knowledge that it really does have a more than happy ending, it's complete bliss! and ecstasy! Love Moanna XXX

Comment by Robert Naysmith on June 18, 2014 at 6:20pm

Comment by Tammy May on June 18, 2014 at 9:56am

South of me?...tasmania?...okay thanks will take a look at her site :)

I think so too. Wow thats real commitment....8 hours a day. I would get hungry but it must have been amazing

when it came through and you started to see.

Thats different, driving...everyone develops it differently. Yes mine is also transluscent but i can see colours on a white background. Oh dear, yeah fear stops growth i think but i can understand it is scary.

I would love to hear your out of body experiences, ive had many aswell, including possible alien abductions which i really cant explain but ive written a book/diary and im putting the pieces together slowly.                     Its funny how all this stuff isnt accepted by scientific fact, because its all real.

Its find it good to keep a diary about your paranormal experiences, so when you look back you can piece things together.

Whats the name of the group by star?

Thanks Bob

Lovely to hear from you


Comment by Robert Naysmith on June 18, 2014 at 7:44am

you have a well known person south of you ,if you check the archives you will see Blossom Goodchild that does channeling for the federation of light as well white cloud,

she does have an e-mail address on her sight ,so you could touch base with her I'm sure.

Everyone is capable of all these abilities,they just need to realize it.

Mine came through very deep meditations of eight hours a day for thirty days.and no with no food.I mention the food only because I think it was a large part of why I got so deeply into it.

My x-wife  was driving a car when our talking lead to her first time seeing auras ,but hers was very different than mine.I always see translucent colors and can look through them but hers were dark and cloudy which impaired her vision while driving which scared her so bad she would never try again .At least in the fifteen years we were married.I do not keep in touch with her as she has remarried.

I've also had out of body experiences as well as others here on Ashtar .experiences that can not be described

because there are no worlds that do it justice.

You might also join the paranormal group by Star here on this site.

Love Bob


Comment by Tammy May on June 18, 2014 at 6:46am

Yay! Im glad im not the only one. Thats so cool :) same here yes the trees and plants auras come out. Yeah thats interesting, sometimes i dont see the colour strongly aswell, i guess depends on the background. Really? thats really cool! ive never seen that, thats new to me with the crystals...

Comment by Lacuna on June 18, 2014 at 6:23am

 I see the same little orbs as you. I can also see the auras of plants once the sun starts to set a bit; I can see the auras of people too, but I don't see colour when it comes to auras. I have also found that manufactured crystal tends to shatter violently if I get angry.


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