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All of these things are happening at the same time. And so what does that do to our heads? Makes them spin out of control, doesn’t it? How do we get a handle on it or anything that is now happening? It’s all to much to soon and too confusing, even if they have done there homework. And they, the dark side, are trying to design it that way. But our job is to redesign it. Sounds funny, I know. How can we humans redesign what they have created? The answer is with the power of our thoughts and our mass consciousness awakening called cosmic consciousness or super consciousness.


Now to do that requires some homework for us to see that everything we have been talking about above has been outside of ourselves, and to know that this new super consciousness which will become Christ Consciousness by 2012 or (2016?) is all about inside change. We have to learn to take control of our own minds. Jesus said, “Everything I do you can do and more.” I believe he was talking about himself as a man who reached total Christ Consciousness, the highest form of super consciousness we can receive and with this proof Jesus says we can and will move mountains. “With the faith of a mustard seed we can perform miracles if we but believe”. And now soon we will need to use this power of the mind. But first we have to realize we have it.


To be able to do that we will need to stretch the mind in all directions. To expand the mind is the real lesson here. We must learn to exercise the mind every day to be able to strengthen and expand it, to strengthen it in many different forms. If we don’t exercise the mind it will shrink back, slide into stupidity, no matter how far we got in school. When we stop learning new truths we even lose what we had learned before. Our minds are not limited except by ourselves. We are the gate keepers. We create our own prison in our minds by our outdated belief system and by untruths and disinformation programed into us . But even the truths and all the beautiful information we have received in the past soon dies if it is not exercised. And by this I mean it must be brought up to the front and then we must find a way to express this information, either in writing like this or audio/video or lectures. We become the teachers and the student.


But the best way they say is to first exercise the mind by a contemplative type of meditation using a type of mantra on a daily basis and affirmations and prayers must be used as well as studying and memorizing the new teachings that are now being brought down to us. This exercise will stimulate the mind and make it grow. It will expand and expand. God is pure mind. We are mind, spirit and soul. The body is just a form of communication that we use. We must learn to expand the mind beyond the body and brain, for even greater communication with all the life God has created and which we are a part of, we are all one!


And it is communication that is now the “name of the game.” This is the major reason we have the body. We must learn to communicate this new spiritual information to all of our brothers and sisters some day. It may take a long while but that is the goal of the Brotherhood and Kingdom of God. That’s how the kingdom grows, is through us. That’s how Jesus established his religion is through a spiritual movement of all of his disciples and apostles.


This is what Christ Consciousness is all about, to become “Christ-like,” to be the “anointed ones” the “awakened ones” and to share all of this new and improved Jesus information to all of mankind. This new gospel will help to save mankind as well. But we need to go inside of ourselves to realize we are pure mind like our creator. And with this power of the pure mind we can change the future, not only of ourselves but of all of mankind. And together it requires daily homework and then sharing this information. Then our minds will become strong. We can then reach out past the body to other minds in other bodies and help them to awaken as well. They are just sleep-walking.


When we awaken we realize we are not the brain, nor the body we inhabit, but we are pure mind. We do inhabit a spiritual body and the soul is the record keeper of not only our true consciousness but of all the spiritual awakening experiences that have led us to the present awakening we are now in the process of. Call it mass consciousness or cosmic consciousness, but being aware that our single mind is a part of the total mind of God and that all those other minds out there are the whole (mind) of God. Then we realize “that we are all one.” We are connected to each other through this one mind. And that awareness leads us to super consciousness. And this power of the super consciousness when applied will lead us to Christ Consciousness.


And that, my friends, is our savior. The daily exercises are our true atonement. No one can save us if we don’t choose to save ourselves. But once this choice is made we have the whole universe to help save not only ourselves but the earth (old and new) as well. And we can learn to use this power of the mind to help save and create our future which we will then create by the power of thought in super consciousness, from this holy instant. We are created in God’s image. And as one mind we will rise up and take back the power that is rightfully ours, that is the control of our own destination or future. This is what has been revealed to us in these new revelations. Amen.


We need to find what has been given us. To seek our aim is to fulfill the purpose which the world was made to witness and make real. We see into illusions but there is a solid base where “truth exists” upheld apart from lies. Yet everything that “ego” reports is but illusion which is kept apart from the “truth .


Jesus says, “What is the world? What is salvation? The thought of peace was given to God’s son the instant that his mind had thought of war. When the mind is split there is a need of healing . So the thoughts that have the power to heal the split became a part of every fragment of the mind that still was.



Another problem we have to be concerned enough to try to change is the particle accelerator (atom smasher or super collider) which I have also spoken about before, both in the United States and in Europe where they are planning a collision of two particles from opposite ends of the acceleration at speeds of greater than light. This tunnel is 17 kilometers long and they use mainly electromagnets to accomplish this. Many scientists have protested over the last 30 years that there is large potential for Great danger in trying to do this, that the other scientists are playing with fire, in other words, powers far beyond anything that they can possibly comprehend with their present knowledge. These particles are what my past teacher MAFU called “truth particles.” They are the charged particles that started everything else. In other words, everything we have now has evolved from this first particle. Some scientists call it the God Particle.

( see Exodus chapter at end of book)


Prophecies and predictions or revelations often come in the same package. All religions seem to have revelations which mean’s “to reveal”. We now must ask ourselves the question, “What good would it do anyone if future events were revealed but we the people of the time of the foretold events could not do anything about them?” I believe we can and also we must. These warnings were given to us so that we could change the outcome. I am told by my teachers that nothing of the future is set in stone, not even the greatest and most important prediction of all time, the age that we are in now. These prophecies have been foretold to us going back many thousands of years, including the story of Noah in the Old Testament and Atlantis (Continent) that sunk. Why were they given if we couldn’t change them? And because my people believe that we can change them, sets us apart from many other old fashioned religions.


I do believe Jesus (the man) gave us this revelation nearly 2,000 years ago so we could effect a change and so we could be ready ourselves. Not for the doom and gloom of the terrible ending of mankind, but for Christ Consciousness to be laid out upon all of mankind that will accept this new type of oneness. I have referred to it many times in this book as super, cosmic or mass consciousness. It’s when we lift up our Christ perceptions to realize that we are the “anointed ones,” recognizing we are not separate from God, but are part of his mind and we are all of one mind.


We are family and as family we want all or as much of mankind to pull through this change they call the great new dispensation, end of age, beginning of a New Age as Jesus says. We have much to look forward to when we make it through all the great difficulties that are upon us, and life will become easier and more pleasant. And I believe spiritual -reality is the best tool we have to be able to do this. A much more positive attitude will help greatly on the outcome of it all, even though it will be difficult for most people. And now in the last 20 years there have been many great earth changes, great floods, hot and cold records, huge amounts of earthquakes that speed up then slow down and huge tsunamis caused by them, much loss of life and yet it still continues in cycles. Volcanoes have been erupting, some of them very large, and we can see them getting larger. Earth changes break heavy flood records continuously.


This year’s quakes were the highest in history, especially in the United States. Not all the changes were caused by mother earth. “The NWO had a hand in it. Same as it does in controlling the rain or weather, especially hurricanes. Before they could only direct them or change their size, but now they can also create them with the new and improved HAARP weapon. I expect soon the super volcanoes will go off, such as the one in yellow stone park and cause great damage ,in a 600 mile radius and having fallout for to the rest of the world!.


Yes, mother earth and the universe are creating most of all the changes but the NWO is trying to make it worse so they can speed up their own program to install the World government. The last 20 years have shown us a lot of earth changes, some of them dramatic and there’s much more to come as we near 2011-12 and all the future events I have already talked about. So we only have to open our eyes and also think back to all that has happened up to now to get a really good idea of what is yet to come. We don’t need a crystal ball to see the future.


RFID-Tags. They’ve been putting them into our pets for many years now which cause cancer. First they put them in some of the military people, but there were medical problems. So now some students are getting money and benefits if they take the mark of the beast, and solders in danger zones and spies have to take the three digit number system 6-6-6 (RFID) tags. Revelations also tell about viruses and plagues, great sickness of the people of the earth. Well again, thanks to NWO, many viruses have been created and have been released upon us every year now. They started out with a really big one, HIV, and today we also have Ebola, Scars, chicken and pig viruses and other bird type viruses. Plus, the SSG is now spraying us almost daily around the world with chem-trails” and other forms of bio-warfare they have developed to slowly kill us off. So these Revelation predictions were right on. We are sick from the bio-war chem-trials, not the viruses so much, “yet”. In reality they are one and the same. The H1N1 comes from the chemtrails and not so much from people or the birds and animals as we are lead to believe.


Then we have the collapse of the monetary system. At one time there was real money backed or made of gold, silver, bronze, copper, etc. Today we mostly have worthless paper. Revelations said no one would be able to buy or sell for there would be no money. We could only buy or sell if we had the mark of the beast, the 6-6-6. Well now today we can see that the whole world is controlled by these mega-rich world Banksters who control the banks and the play money as well as 90 percent of the world’s riches and the 666 is the present RFID chips.


So when reading my book or others on how the NWO is now disintegrating the world’s money market by collapsing the U.S. dollar (which the world has agreed to be the money standard ?), it will be easy to see that we are fast moving towards a total collapse by 2011. And this will begin the next or last great depression which will rock the world and set the stage for the final world currency which will also fade out and/or will only be allowed to be used by the mega-rich. Owning gold and silver will become illegal like they did with gold in the USA in the last great depression they created.  


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Comment by evonne. on October 9, 2011 at 8:17am
dear brother,thankyou for this excellent post,and i will add this that you have written above in your dictation of this thread, And it is communication that is now the “name of the game.” This is the major reason we have the body. We must learn to communicate this new spiritual information to all of our brothers and sisters some day.very true indeed,the more we learn the truths,the wiser we become,love,light,blessings to you,eve(solaena)


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