Present in Cognition

February 27 – March 6, 2015
received by Julie Miller

The function of your roles and tasks can be implemented at different levels, solely depending on the quality of effort you apply to your inner work. You know this is true when it comes to your cognitive abilities.

When you are positive in your thought forms, this energy is transferred endlessly into your actions…one good thought leads to another and so on.

But for some dear folks whose thoughts run on sensory perception from any event or circumstance, which makes controlling and directing your thoughts can be a bit more difficult but never impossible.

Many dear souls, possibly even yourself have been known to become so immersed into their own thoughts, that they couldn’t hear their inner voice speaking to them, urging and guiding them in brighter, newer directions, providing answers to questions asked of themselves.

You roam in your thoughts, you try to understand what they may represent, but not truly thinking them, it is your thoughts that are thinking you. Many times you live in a ‘me’ world and it is primarily based on your thoughts.

Any time you are required to consider something, what you are actually doing is also called sensitive thinking.

You did this when you were at school and sometimes at work by working on certain tasks or assignments…it is what you do when addressing a specific topic, issue or even problem that demands decent effort and consideration.

Moving in the realms of your sensitive energy dear ones, you are constantly in contact with your thoughts and you are purposely thinking them because you trying to solve something intentionally. It is you, no one else that has the ability to propel your thoughts along certain paths that you are choosing.

It is you that recognizes and assesses each thought and removes or ignores what is uncomfortable, and only reach for solutions that are easy and don’t stray too far from whatever topic or area that has taken hold of your thoughts.

When you are in the company of another dear soul and they are sharing and talking with you, you are also operating from the mode of sensitive thinking because you are listening intently and with pure focus.

You are focused on the words spoken, allowing their meaning take shape in your perception.

It is when you realize you are no longer listening that you become irritated when the person speaking to you asks for a response…you are caught not thinking sensitively and not paying attention so it irritates you but brings your attention back.

Learning to just listen to what is being said requires discipline of quieting the mind and to focus on the person who is talking, not judging the moment, but appreciating the connectedness that is being made.

When someone is sharing with you, regardless what the topic of discussion is, there is absolutely no need to inwardly assess, judge or prepare for any possible denials. You are just listening, sensitively and with focus.

There are no defenses raised. You are sharing in the moment, allowing the person to finish speaking respectfully before deciding if you agree or not.

Taking the time to hear the person out fully, and taking the time to understand fully what is being said helps lessen ignorance and for you to see that what is common is the need to communicate, to share, because sharing promotes growth and development, it fosters respect and appreciation that all comes from active listening that emits sensitive, caring energy.

When you are coming from a state of conscious energy, you are able to occupy your mind without putting too much thought or visual into it, but at the same time putting yourself fully into the moment.

You have always been able to be present in pure cognition, which comes before and extends to more than mere thought. Here is where the great cognizant or knowing found in stillness is met—in the space of pure awareness that fills and holds everything that includes every thought you can create.

Being in this state, not even your ordinary thoughts can interfere or touch you when you are conscious and aware.

When you stand in the background of your thoughts, in the space of all your experiences, you will see that everything will pass through this necessary space. Try to comprehend and to remember dear ones that you are always more than any particular content that is playing in your life.

While standing in the consciousness of your mind, you are given the ability to expand your boundaries that are affected by your own thoughts.

You are able to observe and address, see people, things and objects or even subjects by unswerving perception without your mind overworking or thinking it needs to be a filter. You are simply seeing things exactly as they are; purely, simply and directly.

True seeing is not as mysterious as many dear souls may think. All you are doing is allowing your thoughts to come and to go, not buying into them or allowing them to take over. You are observing them, but not reacting or responding with bias or irritation. You are just simply seeing and being.

It is true dear ones, the amount of pure energy that is at work in your mind, and the deeper your thought process is, will bring you to deeper insights.

As you walk or even sit while contemplating on something that is pressing, you permit your mind to go over it. Your purpose to contemplate is not to fix the pressing issue, it is to allow your thoughts to come and go so your vision on the issue is clear and unclouded by emotional reactions and responses.

You are not directed or controlled by your thoughts. By not becoming your thoughts by allowing them to simply pass, you will be able to calm your mind, and as fewer thoughts enter, your vision of what to do next is less obscured.

Deep thinking, will always move you beyond your mundane thinking…it promotes cognizant stillness, improves awareness and brings about deeper and more understanding insights.

Now if you take the time to question a particular subject or an issue that has come up that requires your immediate focus, one that demands understanding from you; determine the questions for more than a few days.

Contemplate on the questions. Allow your thoughts to come while allowing yourself to be open to learn more on the subject or issue.

Regardless if your own personal viewpoints are sound, you be astounded to learn how fixated and attached you have been towards your opinions and whatever truth you thought you knew was merely an emotional attachment to the specific issue or subject.

So much information can be gained merely by allowing your thoughts to come and to go, allowing the answers to come in due time; not by rushing and seeking, but by finding what you need to know is already there within you, not from any external source.

As you can see dear ones, deep thinking is the conscious energy of all stillness. When you reach clear, internal stillness, when you are completely aware of your inner peace and tranquility, you are given a very important key towards implementing purity in your efforts that encourages excellence in all you do.

When you take off all your walls, all your masks and put your ego aside, what you have left is natural pureness. When you finally release yourself from the grip of self-centeredness, you are able to live in that internal stillness.

When you are in the center of cognizant stillness of your heart-mind, the conscious energy that surrounds you and becomes you, propels you to understand and to clearly determine that pure consciousness has absolutely no boundaries or restrictions, there is no center and no partitions.

In the realm of consciousness dear ones, there is no room for egoic self-centeredness.

Then, does purity matter? Yes dear ones is sure does. The clearer you are in your thoughts, the greater and more meaningful your actions are; the actions that are pure, that are filled with inner excellence that comes from a place of deep love and respect for what you are aiming to accomplish.

As we near the end of this week’s transmission, you are encouraged dear ones to think how you can bring excellence into your inner self. Since so much of your life is caught up in your thoughts, it is paramount to understand how wisdom is found. Can you conclude that true wisdom does not think, but sees?

This would mean that true wisdom functions as pure consciousness in your mind. Take some quality time and observe the quality of your thoughts. Are your thoughts based on excellence, purity, or are they filled with egoic self-centeredness?

Deep thinking will help provide you with the answers you seek when exploring and discovering your Self at all levels.

Learning to listen to your inner self takes great patience and discipline to tune out all external noise…silent contemplation will help develop your intuition which help you understand more from the workings of your inner self.

When you understand more of your inner self, you will be able to demonstrate more of your pure, authentic self in every action, word and choice with clarity.

And so it is…

I AM Ascended Master, Serapis Bey through Julie Miller

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