Practical Spirituality?


        Practical Spirituality...

          There are many ideas about what constitutes truly deep spirituality. I think that if I could look into the future and then back on this time, I would say we were all confused.

              The importance of persuading each other to our perspective seems to be the quest. Everyone trying to cure this world of all it's evil or ignorance seems to be important right now.

               I have been archiving in my memory many different sources of New-Age doctrines. I feel that a rapture or higher dimensions cancelling out a lower density earth is the same concept.

               It feels like magical thinking to myself and not a grounded or rooted concept.

               I think it comes from a place of fear when perhaps people need to establish more community. It feels also like a survival of the spiritually fittest, believing all the sinners or impure one's will be left behind. I don't believe our creator would design reality this way. It just doesn't feel good to me as I am clairsentient, I would like to believe the Infinite is Omni-Inclusive.

               I am glad for this website and it's connection to Facebook. This website and all that are drawn to it's civil discourse is fantastic. A safe place to free all of our minds, hearts and share without ridicule.

                I feel there is a reliance among each other that will become important in the near future. Healthy Food Production on a local level even within a city would bring us together. Organizing among each other for entertainment needs without Hollywood and signed Musicians. Goods and Services for Goods and Services at a grassroots level will be important.

                Money represents energy output for a human being to receive needs and wants. In our current system their will always be room for thieving with a monetary system. Also, there is a great imbalance as far as living a more satisfying life with a monetary system.

                 Practical Spirituality to myself is about being a Creator. We are all Co-Creating our Collective Reality here on Earth. Even though we may not be able to agree on our perspectives there is a reliance factor for us all. We have needs such as a Home, Food, the wanting of some Entertainment. Most of all, Practical Spirituality means Co-Creating to myself. This brings out the spirit of mankind.

                                       Reliance on neighbors instead of working so hard through a monetary system. We all have skills even if present day society limits what we can share with each other.

                              If Government and Corporations fail us, just remember there is way more to offer than money in this world.

                                                It's Co-Creation, it's Practical Goods and Services for Goods and Services. Thank You for reading....






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  • John, I am not ruling out spiritual. I believe there is a balance that anyone needs with the body/mind/soul connection. I myself am not religious or in need of starting any new school of thought.

  • OK, that satisfies the physical. what about the spiritual, were dose this play in.  

    If incarnation is true, then what? re-incarnation incarnates?  

    That witch is in us, is not of this world. if this is fact then how do we find out what is not of this world but is in it..  ie use?    not a single person has given answer to this because its not of this world it stays a paradox.  even the Christ said i do these things no  of myself but that witch is in me.  

    how do you begin to look at what is not part of this world but in it. and not of the human scenes, blind to what is really in us.. so the human mind gets lost in its own thinking, and pops up all manner of religious inventions to explain what can not be found..  and around and around the burning bush we dance inventing, definitions that sound so worm and fuzzy, and we sing cum-by-ah till pass away.  like ground hog day to do it all once again, and again.   something in us is going on or non of us would be here again if carnation is true?    so in the long run its all up to interpretation, yours,-- his-- mine-- and thinking makes it so.  or thinking makes it false..   and like you said everyone is out to get people to believe in there thinking.  so in the long run its just thoughts.  nothing true or false just thoughts unending thinking, it never shuts up.  and boy can we make noise..   lol 

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