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Ok , fasten your seatbelts and keep your eyes open.

In light


Christ Michael and S333 appeared tonight- quite a formidable pair. This was the message. I reviewed it with them at least 3 times to ensure that it reflected what they wanted said. They were very patient with me because they appreciated I had a tiring and long day at work.

Blessings to All




Poised, Balanced and Ready to Go.

The journey has been long we know and you light workers in our team have sat faithfully through as the decision making process worked out itself for the greatest good of all. We honour you children for having the courage and belief in this cause for we know how difficult it has been at times for you to stay the course.

We know that for you, moments seem sometimes like an eternity and you do not think we understand. But we do dear ones; we do understand the difficulties and challenges you face with the time created concept in your material world. Time has been one of your greatest enemies and you have at times fiercely battled against it only to realise that surrendering is the surest way forward. Time has taught you many lessons dear ones so I urge you to honour it. For you see, it is the lesson which must always be the focus. The challenges merely facilitate the learning. Soon you will look back on days gone by and will realise how well time has served you. It has taught you to find your strength, to persevere and kept you on the path of true faith.

You have all done very well. My thanks to you my beloved children.

We honour where each of you have reached in your spiritual journey but please know that it continues after the transitory period when you will help to build the new civilisation. This you must be cognisant of. So think of the aspects of YOU that you wish to work on, for now is the time to start and continue your evolution to the path of divine perfection. For you see dear ones, when you wear the Christic circle as many of you shall, you will stand for the Christ and all that I am. Therefore, your actions must be aligned and accord with divine will and precepts.

Life post stasis is not going to be as it is now. The comforts that you now enjoy will not exist and you will find that for a while you will have to improvise and make do. During these times you can ill afford to have patience as a scarce commodity. You will be required to stretch yourselves spiritually so that you can selflessly help others who do not have the level of understanding that you do.

These messages are brought to inspire you and to encourage you to effort to live up to your supreme being. This will go a long way in helping you facilitate divine plans on earth post stasis and to graciously deal with the challenges which may confront all during the period of rebuild.

As you have been told this day through another, the time is indeed now and events are about to occur that will create consternation in the hearts and minds of men. Dear ones, every prayer is recorded in the great book of life. None goes unheard or unanswered.

However, we must say to you all, that the divine will and plan cannot and will not be foisted. The truth dear ones is that it was the mother's compassion for you all that has influenced to this date the low level of catastrophic earth activities. Please do not from this statement conceive the notion that your prayers do not hold value for indeed the mother as well as we have heard every utterance and have offered every indulgence possible. We can say to you most assuredly that the mother is safe and we are going to ensure that the plans are executed from hereon with utmost precision and alacrity. Yes beloveds the time that you have all waited for so patiently and faithfully is now here. I say "NOW HERE". No reversing, no staying, just manifesting.

Ensure that you are comfortably seated. Fasten your seatbelts. Hold on to the steering wheels with conviction and knowing. Place the gears on forward drive and prepare yourselves for the ride of your life. The events about to occur will disconcert others but not you. No tears, No fears, No sighs. You are in control and ready to wind your way towards the finishing line. The coming events will not overtake you for you are in control. Do you hear me dear ones of mine. You are in control.

I will see you at the finishing line and eagerly anticipate and await our reunion. Although we know that this is unnecessary, we take this opportunity to salute our commander in chief on your earth plane, the loyal and tenacious Candace who has against all odds stayed the course and fought the battle to bring this project; the correcting time events and earth's transition to fruition. The love of the Father cushions you dear one and you have added further gems to your spiritual crown.

Away, Away

How the time has passed

The fields of sorrow have been ploughed

And the light of day creeps in baby buds

To litter the silence with joyous plumes

Where laughter will peal in bells of delight

And spirits will soar with the freedom of flight

Hold to the wind which caresses your skin

And know that my will has taken hold

Ever to spiral upwards and on

The planet will dance to this heavenly song.

This is your Father, my children and I say with the radiance of my being that in you I am well pleased.

Christ Michael Aton in the presence of the one called S333.

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