Local density

 What is this place of confusion,

Stepping through the veil of Illusion.

Time and reality as we now know,

Doesn’t exist in the eternal now, below.


I create this linear concept of time,

To hold onto what I think is mine.

Meeting with people of like kind,

Forgetting who we are in our mind.


Slipping through the portals of inter-dimensionality,

Lost in the fusion of thoughts and personality.

Trying to hold onto everything we know as real,

Only to be deceived by that which we conceal.


Waving our patriotic flags in our locality,

Hoping to remember this time our density.

Pretending this is where we belong,

Knowing all too well that this is wrong.


Searching every nook and cranny,

Upon seeing this all is uncanny.

Playing games of hide and seek,

Looking for the answer in all we meet.


Carrying the burden of our heavy yoke,

Forgetting the many teachings our master spoke.

Consumed by the darkness of the winter night,

Blinding us to our power of eternal light.


And then for a limited time the light shines,

Helping us to break through that which confines.

The end is the beginning as the circle unwinds,

Linear time is just a perception of our minds.


The end of what was reality,

Is the beginning of what will be our serenity.

Dimensional change equals density,

Evolution is our truth, even there ,is a reality.


Homeward bound is our supreme desire,

Our angelic parents coming through the mire.

Taking us home at last into the light,

Never to forget who we are nor to lose sight.

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"Royalty is found in knowing who you are...and what belongs to you

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