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Come Away my dear son, you are the total of the sum;

to a lovely place where long long ago, it has all begun:

To a place where Love and light always reign supreme;

for the illusion that you now live in, is not what it seems:

For it is a hologram designed to keep you safe and whole;

While you make the decisions necessary for your 4D goal:

The glory of your reality,does lie in your perception;

Of who you think you are, for you are the exception:

You have excepted the challenge of this new great school;

A place where learning is difficult, one must follow the rule;

Remember where you came from in the higher spirit realm;

Where many were called but few came to watch this film:

You are a rebel warrior, a light worker, a mighty star-seed;

Who now remembers his programing to do only good deeds:

Awaken the others,sleeping, you will need there help right now;

The Dark ones are making there last stand,its useless somehow.

Awake and Ascend is the name of the game we must play;

If we want to get out of the 3D Dark Illusion forced on us,today:

The Dark ones have tricked us into giving our Freedom away;

They want to keep Mother earth, make it there own someday:

The battle reigns on the surface, while they hide, safe underground;

But we found there D.U.M.B.s, we know where they can be found;

We are now rescuing the children,from there evil torture chambers;

Where they make ''Adenochrome'' for there Dark twisted members:

The light workers and warriors job, is to now shine there bright light;

Darkness has entered peoples minds as they awaken & begin to fight:

All that they knew before ''Covid19'' has  been taken away from them;

Never to be returned, the 9 to 5 Dream shattered,its the end of the film:

Its the end of the World, as we know it, a bright new world now begins;

It will rise up from the ashes of the old Earth, now it simply transcends:

Our job is to help the sleeping ones to gently awaken and understand;

Shine our light to all who can reach for 4D and then,hopefully, Ascend:

By rev. Joshua Skirvin   9-11-2020

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