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Pleiadian Council through Goldenlight ~ Planetary and Galactic News Update, 12-12-17

Greetings, we are The Pleiadian Council and we wish to bring you planetary news of an energetic nature which will assist you in expanding your awareness and increasing your frequency in tandem with the planetary energetics and frequency levels which are raising very quickly now.

As we mentioned in previous messages, your planet which has been under quarantine for many eons is soon to come back into the galactic fold so to speak, as it is liberated from centuries of domination by the dark forces of the universe. We of the Pleiadian Council are working hard behind the scenes to help bring this about. James Gilliland’s description of a trans-dimensional war is highly accurate and succinct, as many of the forces that have controlled your planet have done so from the fourth dimension.

This is all being cleaned up now by what we call “the light scrubbers”… we are a team that assists in scrubbing clean the dense pockets of darkness in the universe, pockets which have choked and suffocated planets and their inhabitants, cutting off their vital life force. This scrubbing and cleaning of the lecherous forces of darkness from your planet is also being assisted by other star nations such as the Andromedans, Lyrans and benevolent Orions (1), as well as other higher dimensional beings, ascended masters and archangels. Benevolent inner earth factions are also coordinating this effort with us. Indeed, Source Creator itself, of which we are all offspring (even those of the dark as they have simply turned away from the light and focused on service to self rather than service to all), wishes this great cleansing, awakening, and ascension of your planet to be so, as the entire universe is going through an upgrade, and your planet is an integral part of this.

The best way that those of the light can now assist is to uphold the breaking through of the truth that is coming to light, to continue to work on one’s own spiritual growth and the raising of one’s frequency. If each person on earth focused on raising their vibration and frequency —and this is being accelerated by the higher dimensional frequencies flooding your planet — then the raising of the light quotient on your planet thus increases in tandem and exponentially. So each person’s raising of their consciousness and frequency thus helps the entire planet to become one of light in which the darkness cannot survive. Hold this vision within your minds eye as you focus on this raising of frequency for all on your planet. Mother Earth Gaia is already carrying this higher dimensional vibration, so your task is to attune yourself to it. Can you hear the higher dimensional frequency that now surrounds you? It is a high pitched tone which is recalibrating your human bodies to attune to the higher frequencies. So this is happening on a physical level somewhat automatically, and as you also adjust your mind and spirit (consciousness) to it, you are then attuning your whole being to these higher frequencies.

Your planet is going through a major shift as we have described in previous messages and you have chosen to be there now to be a part of this great shift in consciousness and light level quotient that is a planet-wide happening.

We will keep this message brief today but will be back again soon through this channel of Goldenlight to bring you more higher frequency planetary news. In the meantime, we are continuing our clean-up behind the scenes. Your awareness of this assists us in doing so. Many of you, including the transcriber of this message Goldenlight, carry the Pleiadian genetics which were seeded on your planet before the time of Lemuria and Atlantis. The channel has an outline of a book that she will be transcribing in the future.

We thank you for your contribution and service to the light and to the well-being of your planet.

May the light within the All That Is, shine within and shine forth from you now and always.

We are,
The Pleiadian Council transcribing through Goldenlight, 12-12-17

Further reading:
(1) Starseeds and Galactic Civilizations,

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