Pleiadian council of nine - August 14, 2011

Whilst you are sidetracked with trying to be faster and better than your neighbour you are not taking time to find out who YOU are and what YOU are. You take no time to experience anything as you rush about at a hundred miles an hour and fall into bed at night time exhausted

We come to guide and support you at this time and we guide that many of you are now beginning to realise that there is more than just “meets the eye” across the planet earth. We give much love and blessings to those who are now unveiling truth to their very BEing and we hold those who are still in effect blind to this in the LOVE that IS. Sorrow and suffering is illusion dear ones and many are falling deeply into this illusion. Each one of you alive across the planet earth has the ability and the power to create the human life experience that YOU dream. It is possible only through living within the heart and once more we guide you to be aware of the need to be in the heart at all times. Many of you would disagree with our words and state that YOU are in your heart yet nothing changes for YOU and to you we guide you to stay with it and continue to unveil the levels of fear. For EVERYTHING changes dear ones, to view the world as ever the same is to be in illusion.


For many the journey into the heart is painful and slow. This is down to the levels of veils that have been placed their under the teachings of illusion. It is not enough to start to FEELing the world , the work is needed to weed out the seeds of fear. If you FEEL then that is a step forward for many across the planet earth are detached, they do not FEEL in the proper sense of the word, they merely exist, theirs is state of BEing that is not alive and not dead, it is akin to sleepwalking through their existence. For many the start of living in the heart is more chaos as those beliefs that were borne out of illusion will come rushing to the forefront and we guide you to be aware of this. Many have stepped into their hearts, been overwhelmed by what results and stepped back out again.


There is no timescale for the moving into the heart dear ones, if you find it too overwhelming then we guide you to go into the silence within. Find the peace that is your birthright in the silence. Whether you meditate or go out into nature, find somewhere that calms your BEing and then listen. Many of you live in big towns and cities and the background noise is intense, after a while of living like this you will cease to notice it until you venture into nature and then you begin to realise what silence is. It is this very reason that many humans do not like to listen to silence. It fills them with fear and we ask why? Why would illusion seek to make you afraid of silence? For it is only within silence that you can listen to the guidance and listen to YOU. It is not possible to meditate with noise, it is not possible to listen to YOU if you are surrounded by noise yet many try to do just this.


The silence is the creation of YOUr dreams. When you can focus and clearly fill in all the dream entails then you are CREATING. If you blindly follow illusion and the teachings of illusion you will not dream for you will be taught there is not time to dream. We guide you to detach from this teaching, dreaming is the START of the creation, there can be no creation of the dream without the dreaming. Why would illusion seek to pull you away from rest, dreaming and silence? Humans across the planet earth rush from one thing to another, always eager to get faster and DO more, we ask who this serves? Why are you called human BEings if you continually run forward?


The human life experience is just that an experience yet many humans do not take time to sit down and eat their lunch, many try to “multi task” in an effort to get even more done so they can then do more things, faster. We guide you to look at this way of living and once more ask who does this serve? Why the rush? If life is for living then why has it become so fast and so competitive? Why the rush? Why the competitiveness if it was not to serve illusion. Whilst you are sidetracked with trying to be faster and better than your neighbour you are not taking time to find out who YOU are and what YOU are. You take no time to experience anything as you rush about at a hundred miles an hour and fall into bed at night time exhausted. Many humans across the planet are so drained of energy that they do not dream, they literally pass out from exhaustion and then get up the next morning and repeat the same exercise again. Who does this serve? How is this experiencing life? We acknowledge that many may respond to our questions with the answer “we have to work to pay the bills”. This is illusion dear ones. To chase the money is to lose YOUrself. Each one of you is capable of creating the life of your dreams yet you do not dream. Each one of you is capable of experiencing abundance but you do not slow down enough to realise that the universe is abundant. If you rush through your life experience at a hundred miles an hour you cannot see the gifts the universe tries to give you and you blindly walk past them.


The universe is abundant but your thoughts will either draw this abundance to you or push it away. If you do not actively think and passively react to all that is around you then you do not focus any energy into the life experience. The new age is all about creation and the power that is within each and every one of you across the planet. Many are asleep and in the rush to stay asleep. For those who have awakened we guide you to slow down and become aware of your life experience. Begin to experience all that is around you, begin to look at each part of your life and ask if it still serves you. The pieces of your life experience that no longer serve will be obvious dear ones for they will not resonate with you. Where you feel disharmony you will find seeds of fear or that which no longer serves you.


The ascension process is ongoing, it will not start nor end in 2012, it is happening now to each and every one of you alive across the planet earth. How deeply you have fallen into illusion before waking will determine how much work you may have to do to weed out the fear and to bring yourself back into balance. Disharmony is not balance and it is up to each one of you individually to bring the balance back into your life experience. At many times this will see you walk in faith and trust but that also is part of the ascension process. Faith and trust in YOU will see you follow your TRUTH and lead to the balance and harmony that is your birthright. There are no shortcuts or quicker ways to get to this balance, what has been out of balance must be brought back into balance. That is down to each one of you individually.


We are here to support ALL at this time and to help those who choose to connect to us on an individual basis. Know this can be done easily and simply, where humans have invented rules we guide you to ask who this serves. ALL ARE ONE. ALL are energy, we are you and you are we so who decides who may contact and who does not? NO one sits in judgement, for there is no judgement to be made. It is a matter of vibration, as you begin to expand and grow your vibration will increase, as this increases you will have access to different realms. If you vibration resonates at the same level as the realm you connect to then you are connected. There are no ceremonies that need to be followed, there are no “attunements” to be made. We guide you in asking why you would need to be “attuned” to something that in essence you already ARE? Who does this serve?


There is much fear across the planet earth around other realms and the connection process to these realms. Many humans walk in the illusion of power and state that only they can “attune” to the different realms, we guide you strongly to detach from this teaching, for it is born out of fear and illusion. EACH ONE OF YOU can connect to us at will, there are no rules about the connection to other realms for ALL ARE ONE. If you are unable to connect to the realm that you wish to connect to then we guide you to go within and ask the questions in the silence. It may be that seeds of fear prevent the connection as you hold fear within your BEing. If that is the case then work is needed to weed out the fear.


Each one of you embarked on this life journey with lessons and life paths already in place, once more we guide that if it is part of your life purpose to work with other realms then you cannot fail to connect to those realms, worry, fear, lower vibrational thoughts will slow down this process as your vibration will not be high enough to connect. Many follow “rules” that state various processes to be done at various stages and we guide you this is also illusion. Illusion makes the simple complex to further engage the human mind and to lead said human away from TRUTH. Be aware of this dear ones. Many lightworkers are now working through the confusion that arises from doing work they love but feelings of guilt abound within them. If you are working in a role that you LOVE then you are in the correct role, illusion teaches fear and “not doing enough”, we guide you to remember that you are a human BEing, that role was never to be hard and thankless. Illusion teaches that “work” has to be strenuous and ever ongoing”. Know that in the role of lightworker you “work” but not in the definition of illusion.


If you have not found the “work” that makes your heart sing then we guide you to go within and to listen. Each one of you alive across the planet has skills that you bring to this planet. It is that which you find the most joyful that is your “work”, all else is illusion. Many look outwith themselves for that which is most obvious right in front of them. Many do not acknowledge or see the very skills that make them unique and powerful as they are deep in the illusion of the definition of “work”.


We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine and we guide at this time of mass change across the planet earth.




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