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No Star Wars campaign

Dear friend,

the Czech Parliament will have to take a stand about the construction of a U.S. military base and probably it will vote in favour of its installation, even though 70% of the population opposes this plan.Given the urgency of the situation, we have launched an on-line petition to exert pressure on the Parliament and ask that the matter be resolved with a referendum.

The NMD project of the United States – their national missile defense system, is a very complex project which involves the production of new weapons, and the installation of American military bases in different parts of the planet. In particular, in Europe, the first step is the installation of a radar system in the Czech Republic, and a base for interceptor missiles in Poland. This plan has divided Europe, which at the moment is not able to give a united, coherent and nonviolent response to the United States’ aggressive policies. The reaction of Russia and China has created a “cold war” atmosphere. International tensions are increasing, and the crazy arms race (both conventional and nuclear) has restarted. Above all, the bases are being installed to militarize and control space.

The majority of Czechs do not want foreign military bases on their territory.The majority of Czechs want to decide these problems themselves by means of a referendum: a fundamental instrument of any democracy.

You are being asked to support our nonviolent protest!This plan does not involve only us Czechs, but the whole of Europe and the whole world.
Sign our on-line petition, and pass it on to your friends!
Send us your messages of support!Help us collect a million signatures!

Jan Tamáš
Non-violent Movement against US bases in Czech Republic

Dana Feminová
Europe for Peace

Sign the petition "No Star Wars"
go to: (and click for english transl. / flag , if needed/

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