Playing Your Unique Role Amidst this Great Shift

Guardian Council of the Golden Ray

Through Jill Renee Feeler - July 8, 2012

Greetings and blessings. We are a collective consciousness of Guardians of the Golden Ray, sharing wisdom and perspectives on the very unique time phase you are experiencing.

We offer our unique perspective on the Cosmic relationship to your Personal Ascension and your unique Role in the Shifting of Ages on Earth. Our energetic translator is one of us, choosing to serve her role from within the bodysuit at these magical cycles of time on your planet.

Let us begin with this sharing session.

You are each Divinely guided, in each moment, led by Source consciousness to play your unique instrument, to Be your unique aspect of God.

The energies related to the solar eclipse in May and increasing up into the month of June 2012 and beyond are incredibly intense. This higher intensity is designed to help you feel and see with perfect clarity whether the thoughts and feelings you are maintaining within your energy field are in alignment with your Core essence, which is Light and Love, and what is not. 

The more in tune you are with your own unique God Frequencies, the more clearly you will feel these intense energies guiding and supporting you, like a capable, well-built boat on turbulent white water rapids.

Any lower frequency programs you are operating can become easily triggered in this intensity. Perfectly designed for you to bring them again to the surface for a new experience with it, a neutral experience that releases your former polarized bonding attraction to it.

Allowing your God frequencies to affect your experience in that trigger, allowing your most expanded state of being, offers you the neutral position, witnessing and observing the trigger without an emotional kick from within. Totally neutral. In states of love and grace. No anger. No attachment. No fear-based emotional surge.

Triggers of this nature are identifiable by the uncontrollable and powerful lower frequency emotional response you have in a particular experience. Irritation. Anger. Judgment. Unworthiness. Fear. Despair. Sorrow.

These triggers are by design.

If this neutrality doesn’t yet come naturally for you, here are some techniques to consider:

- Re-member that you have many choices in all situations in how you wish to feel and how you elect to respond, including the choice to observe and witness the facts being presented from a neutral, harmonized stance.

- Ask your team in the higher realms for assistance. “I call upon my team to show me another way to Be in this experience. Show me my range of choices. Show me the responses in which I feel my Mastery; where my operating frequency is Love for Self and Love for All that Is. Show me now from within my Center. Thank you.”

- Close your eyes.

- Take intentional, gentle deep breaths.

- Imagine the Divine Light at the core of your being expanding (remember it’s not outside of you coming in; rather it is what you Are at the core of your being, your inherent Sovereignty).

- Feel your energy field expand in this process, well beyond your physical body.

- Notice and trust that this broader energy field yields the expanded range of choices for being. From here, the polarization has been bypassed, you feel a broad array of love-based choices and you Choose.

We hope this is helpful. Let’s continue.

The range of frequencies available for humanity are increasing. The higher frequencies now available allow humanity to embody levels of light and love and well-being never before experienced on Earth in any “previous” time phase…. never before. The previous, slower frequency ranges of the lower dimensional structures also remain available.

We offer that dimensional realities are not linear. You also don’t “leave” them. Hence, one doesn’t leave the third dimension, one expands beyond it into a broader range of experiencing Self via more expansive truths, thoughts and feelings.

The spectrums of Light now available to humanity rapidly expands in this phase of this Great Shift on Earth. This is one key aspect of the Great Shift’s power; the increasing range of choices available.

Hence, those who have elected to expand their consciousness and their energy field have a broader range of choices to operate from. They can still choose any of them. This can be confusing to those humans around them with less expanded awareness. They sense that if this supposedly expanded being is operating at a lower vibrational frequency then they must not be as expanded as they had thought. Be cautious with this. One‘s vibrational range is best exemplified by the Light they are capable of holding within the human form. The more a human re-members this feeling of the more light-filled higher frequencies, the more they choose it. The choice is still theirs and the polarity is still an option. Refrain from judgment for it will further grip you to the lower vibrational states of reality.

Judgment is feeling or indicating that another being is making the “wrong” choice or a “bad” decision. Discernment is rooted in love, honor for self and honor for other. Discernment is noticing that You are not making that same choice for you. Discernment allows you to notice the varying choices being made without the need to label another’s choice as good/bad, right/wrong. Deciding something is not in your highest good is discernment. Determining something is not in another being’s highest good is judgment and beyond the scope of your authority or responsibility relative to free will and personal Sovereignty be-ing offered in your realms.

Another being’s ability and willingness to experience their expanded light quotient at will is very unique and personal to them. It can be quite challenging to hold an extremely high level of Light amidst the baseline of lower frequencies on Earth at this time. Support for all, regardless of appearances, will help this overall expansion process for humanity much more so than judgment.

Interestingly, as Earth has shifted cycles from Enlightenment Ages into “Dark Ages”, it was challenging for those beings on assignment to bring in the lower frequencies. It was so out of resonance with the baseline light-rich frequencies of that time phase. And yet it was a key ingredient necessary to create and set in motion the subsequent age. (Yes, Dark Age phases also are planned and very much in accordance with the overarching Design Plans originated for Earth.)

Do you notice how you view certain ages as “better” or “good”? Do you see how you also discuss certain levels of light as “right” or “wrong”? Applying these polarizing concepts in universal ways to all beings is part of the Dark Age. All humans are “imperfect”? No. All humans on Earth have been experiencing separation from the Light and Love that you Are in your infiniteness, at your Core…. That Was the Dark Age, Dear Ones. Can you hear this?

When you Are love, when you Are light, experiencing a reality which makes you forget your true essence, you are tuned to the separation, the polarity, the perceived lack of Light. Some actually look for lack of Light. You magnify and focus on what isn’t Light. You may tell yourself you do it to bring in the Light to that area. And yet the paradox is that these Dark Age frequencies often have you focus more attention on areas lacking light, which only expands their presence in your journey. From the perspective of the Age and it’s associated frequencies, it’s perfect.

For souls desiring to embody amidst a Dark Age these frequencies allow you to fully be in that experience of forgetting who you Are; forgetting that you Are God. When we hear you say things like, “nobody’s perfect,” our response is, “says who”? You are a unique aspect of God. God is not a blend of light and dark, making a washed out gray. God is not a blackness of nighttime space mixed with light from stars, making a dim existence. God is All that Is, including You. God, You, created experiences where you could even forget you were God.

There is no Darkness, in our truth. There are simply experiences where You are able to forget that you Are Light. Does that make it imperfect? Flawed? A standard of never measuring up that you look for and glorify in all that you are and all that you see? “Warts and all”? Some are actually so tuned to the forgetting that they feel more at home on Earth amidst suffering. It makes some of you feel more alive. If your chosen frequency is in that lower range which includes sadness you may find yourself attracted to others who are not yet operating in their Light. This is part of the Dark Age experience; some of you love this experience of separation even when you are not consciously choosing it.

This is a wonderful game! And it is changing. And this changing will create a very odd looking set of experiences where some are yearning for more Light, others are dancing in the mixture of Light against lack of Light and others are continuously on the lookout for experiences of separation, more lack of light (“bad” news, “disasters,” seeking out suffering life forms). Even as lightworkers, you each feel at home in very different frequencies. All by design, affected by your unique role.

You each are pre-tuned, pre-coded for various frequencies at various phases of this Great Shift. You made those choices prior to the incarnation commencing and You, capital Y, have opportunities to adjust those pre-sets at will as You determine necessary.

For those pre-coded to assist in bringing in the highest frequencies onto the Earthly planes, your guidance system can feel more accurate than any laser technology. You feel most natural and “at home” in environments and experiences where your Light is unconstrained and fully supported. By design.

And yet, the other dimensional realities are running parallel and discordance does occur, feeling like a speed bump at times. By design. To be pre-tuned to Bring in the highest frequencies, you will continuously be guided to areas and experiences and ways of being that support your Light and call for further expansion. You see, any Great Shift returning “darkness” to Light is a return to the natural state of your eternal Soul. At your core, all life, All that Is, is Light, is Love.

Regardless of the roles you uniquely play, your guidance system is perfectly tuned to your pre-coded experience and is to be trusted. Each of you are pre-coded and pre-tuned for various experiences.

The pressure is on at this time to mind your own boat, your own sequence of turns amidst the rapids to stay centered and on track, per your inner guidance system. You’ll know you are in alignment by how you feel within your own energy field.

How others “make you feel” is not what we are referring to here. That is conditional feeling and is highly subjected by the other’s perspective which may or may not match your inner perspective, your Higher Self’s perspective relative to the divine design plan you have in place for your present journey.

Distractions arise from losing sight of that inner awareness. In these instances, some solitude, meditation, making time for nature and other adjusting to organic rhythms of life can be helpful in re-centering. Tuning to your inner guidance system is the goal here.

Another distraction is the temptation to take your sights off of your own experience to assess and critique how others are performing and being. Questions to consider in these instances are 1) has the other being expressly asked for your insight and assistance, 2) are your insights sufficiently tuned to the other being’s unique plans as compared to your plans, which were never meant to guide another on their unique journey and 3) have you expanded your consciousness to the degree that you are not placing judgment about their experience?

Again, we recommend refraining from Judgment, in general. An approach of discernment is your gateway to embracing the witness and observer role available in what you know as a fifth dimensional state of consciousness.

Distractions can also arise by the compulsion that you must be “doing something” to be on purpose with your Higher Self. We remind you that many have taken on the assignment of holding certain frequencies for the planetary shift to proceed on plan. Be-ing in and holding the vibration of “peace” for the collective, as an example, may not look very productive and yet it is invaluable amidst the lower frequency expressions of war and chaos still prevalent on the Earthly planes. Trust your Self. If you are at Peace in your mission to hold Peace then allow Peace that you Are indeed highly sufficient and intently purposeful (smile).

Again, this is but one example of a very valuable role that may look quite unproductive, “wrong” or “off track” from you or another’s view point.

If you are “supposed” to be “doing something”, you’ll know. We have endless tools at our disposal to help get your attention. For example, strings of synchronicities within your experience will be offered if you somehow miss the more subtle internal guidance You will send yourself. Additionally, your Higher Self often works in coordination with your plans to “trick you” as our partner says into certain decisions or courses of action. This is all meant to help you stay on course and in alignment with your mission.

Be content and feel purposeful in your Be-ing-ness. Busy, scattered behavior is often a contraption of an untrained mind and un utilized inner guidance system of your heart-centered consciousness.

A highly effective approach to continuously receive these internal signals of guidance, support and encouragement from within is:

- staying in the vibration of gratitude, finding the reasons to be grateful for the experience You/you are allowing and creating.
continuously quieting the mind as needed to keep the communication channel open for your Self to share and guide you via your heart-centered consciousness.
- holding or expanding further into the vibration of Light and Love that feels the most like home to you personally.
- allowing vibrations of appreciation and honor for others on their unique journey, being thankful they are also a member of the Ground Crew for this Great Shift.
- learning the practice of silence and solitude when the frequencies feel especially chaotic and trigger-laden for You as they may have been recently.

Going deep and going quiet may assist in creating and experiencing the energetic frequencies of your choosing.

Notice when the chaotic frequencies trigger former patterns of feeling “alive” through drama, suffering, lack, judgment, superiority and any other lower frequency experiences resonant with the Dark Age. These programs have a great deal of pull in these turbulent energies, not as a savvy trap to suck you in but rather as another opportunity to create a new ending to your perception of it and hence your response to it.

Triggers are available to create new endings, new responses that you choose consciously, offering you more and more opportunities to Be the Light that you Are. The goal is not the triggers. The goal is not to avoid. The goal from our perspective is also not to suffer nor persecute this process. The goal, in general, per the overarching blueprints for this dawning Platinum Age is for humanity to Be the Light that it Is, always Was and always will Be.

And so it Is.

With love, honor and reverence for You and you, this carefully chosen Ground Crew, we close for this communication.


The Guardian Council of the Golden Ray shared through Jill Renee Feeler


Copyright ©2012 by Jill Renee Feeler and Beacon for Lightworkers LLC.

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  • Lovely. A beautiful lesson I think takes many lifetimes in the Art of Discernment and Detachment. Thank you.
  • Bless Your Heart for posting this, Ben!  I love Jill Renee Feeler and her Team.  I have shared her videos with many friends . . to encourage their participation in the creation of the HIghest Outcome for all!

    Bless Her Heart, she is always an upliftment!

  • Jill's most recent video, with Metatron ~ this was awesome :)...

  • Love Jill Renee Feeler's video's Ben, I'll check out this article, definitely resonate with her energy :)

    Thanks so much <3

    Infinite Blessings ~ :)

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