Planetary Events by David K. Miller

Hurricane Katrina

May 5, 2012 GOF Lecture
The Planetary Event Scale 

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Greetings, I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. In this lecture we wish to look at the concept of a planetary event rating scale, and also we wish to explore how the spiritual energy is transported and communicated throughout the galaxy. First let us look at this concept of the planetary rating scale.


Now a greater awareness of the planet is growing. At this time people are finally understanding that the planet is an entity. The planet is a being and she can respond to individual events. This idea is a major breakthrough in Man's understanding of planetary existence. We understand now that what happens on one part of the planet is affecting all areas of the planet. Several recent catastrophic events have again demonstrated this profound concept. The first catastrophic event is the Fukushima nuclear power accident. This event clearly demonstrates to the world that what is happening in one part of the globe does have a dramatic effect everywhere. The radiation is being carried throughout the planet, including throughout the oceans. But this global event effect was also demonstrated in the Gulf oil spill accident, for the oil that was leaked into the ocean has gone into the worldwide ocean currents, and it has now traveled at least twice around the whole planet. There are now reports in various ocean areas of the unexplained death of dolphins. You hear reports of the dolphins coming on to the beaches and either committing suicide or slowly dying. Perhaps no one makes the connection yet between the Gulf oil spill and the effect the Gulf oil spill has had on ocean life throughout the planet.


It is time for the planet to have a way of measuring events. It is time for you, the planetary healers, to help develop this scale. You already know that there is the Richter scale, which is the scale measuring the dynamic and logarithmic power of earthquakes. This scale is accepted throughout the world, and when people hear, for example, that there was a 9.1 earthquake, then they immediately know that such an earthquake is powerful and will cause great damage, near the epicenter. Also, if the epicenter is near the oceans, then a 9.1 earthquake can cause a large tsunami.


I'm suggesting now that, as planetary healers, we need together to develop a dynamic logarithmic scale to measure planetary events and the possible power of those events on the biosphere in the entire planet. In my descriptions of the Earth, I always include this dynamic biosphere that you are a part of. I include this biosphere as part of the Earth. Yet some people will continue to say: "Well, the Earth can survive catastrophic effects; the Earth is not in danger". And truly, the Earth, as a planet, is well over four billion years old. The universe is 13.7 billion years old. So, this planet Earth has been perhaps in existence a third, or maybe a little bit longer, in comparison to the age of the galaxy and the age of the universe. There have been many times when the biosphere did not support life on this planet. There have been times where there have been catastrophic collisions with asteroids and even with other larger objects. One larger object struck the Earth many eons ago and actually caused a large part of the Earth to break away, and that part that broke away became your moon. So, during these many events over the billions of years, the existence of a biosphere supporting complex life, as you now see it, represents a small portion of the total part of the Earth.


Let's look at you as a person and compare you to the Earth. You represent yourself as a being that has many aspects. You have many spiritual energies and you have many different layers of auras. You are a complex being. You can interact with your entire being, including your higher self, your lower self and your middle self. What I'm suggesting to you now is that the Earth, which now has this complex biosphere, is representative of the Earth's higher self. The planet, the Blue Jewel, has a higher functioning and higher energy. This higher energy can be called the higher self of the planet. This is similar to what you have for your higher self. You have a higher self that is connected with the greater energies of the galaxy and the greater energies of the universe and the greater energies of the Creator. The Earth, too, has a higher self, and you are witnessing, you are seeing with your own eyes, with your own experiences, this planet's higher self. This higher self is manifested in this beautiful and complex biosphere.


You cannot or should not separate the biosphere from the Earth. So, for example, you can say that the Earth will survive no matter what happens. This does not take into the consideration the Earth's higher self. The Earth's higher self may not survive. This type of thinking does not take into consideration the tremendous achievement and evolution that is manifested before your eyes. This evolution is manifested as this complex biosphere. So, I, Juliano, am saying we will include the biosphere on the Earth, together, as one unit, so that when we measure the catastrophic events that can be coming to the Earth, then we will measure its effect on the biosphere. Because truly we know that this planet will not die, in terms of being out of existence. The Earth will not implode, nor will it explode. The Earth will not be drawn into a dark hole, black hole. Truly the predicted end of this planet will come billions of years from now, when your sun goes through its red dwarf stage and triples or quadruples its size. At that point the Earth would not be able to survive. There are stories and there are histories on other planets where the entire populations of the planets have moved to other star systems because they were able to see what was coming to their planet from the reactions of their own sun.


So let us look more closely at the rating system and what the purpose of the rating system is. I would like to compare the rating systems that are said for cyclones and said for tornados. So, if a tornado is a category one, then everybody knows that that is a lower event. A category one hurricane, for example, may have only 60-80 miles per hour winds, and it could produce a lot of rain. A category one hurricane can cause damage, of course, so it is still serious. Let's compare category one to category four, for example. If a category four comes to your area, then you know that there will be total destruction, and there will probably be no standing structures afterwards. Structures will be left standing after a category one and even a category two. But once you keep on going higher and higher, once the winds become over 120-130 miles per hour, there reaches a point where the existing standing structures cannot survive, and everything will be blown apart from this catastrophic storm. So, I want you to consider using the terminology again of categories that are used from storms and hurricanes when thinking about the Planetary Event Scale.


What I'm suggesting is that the scale that we are going to use is based numerically on ten, instead of the numeric scale or hurricane scale. However, we can retain the term 'category' for each number. The numeric '10' scale is similar to the concepts used in the logarithmic Richter scale. So, if you look at planetary events that are occurring, then we will try to measure them in terms of the following: Is the event survivable for the biosphere? Is it going to cause moderate destruction or is it not going to cause any long lasting damage to the Earth? Or is the event truly representing a catastrophic and tragic blow to the Earth and to the biosphere?


So, following on from this idea, category 10 would be considered the asteroid hitting the planet and destroying all life. Now, a 10 may be survivable by some portions of the planet, but in general the striking asteroid would destroy the biosphere and all life forms as we know it.


When the asteroid hit the Yucatan peninsula, millions of years ago, there was a tremendous amount of dust, and sunlight was blocked and most life could not survive. The process of photosynthesis was blocked from occurring; the heat was not able to be transmitted and there was coldness and darkness. So, that asteroid hitting the Earth would be considered in this scale as a category 10 event.


Remember, the idea of these categories is to measure planetary events. The scale will measure the dramatic effect to the Earth and the biosphere due to an event. Now we have an example of the 10. I'm going to look at other examples, because it is difficult to just give you numbers without saying how powerful it is. But I'm going to suggest to you that the event in Fukushima, that accident, is a number 6, and possibly a 6.5, on the planetary event scale. So when I say the accident is a 6.5, I mean that it is an event that definitely affects the whole planet. So, if a 10 is going to wipe out all life and require a long period of time for the settlement, then a 6 or a 6.5, certainly, is an eye-opening event. It certainly carries with it deadly power. Now, if you think of a 6.5 earthquake, then you might say: "Well, that is a very powerful earthquake, but a lot of the damage from that earthquake depends upon where that earthquake occurs." So, if the earthquake occurs right in the center of downtown Los Angeles, perhaps one mile below the Earth, then you would know that is going to cause a lot of damage. On the other hand, if that event occurred 100 miles off from Los Angeles, out in the ocean and five miles deep, then you would acknowledge that that may not really cause a lot of damage, but it certainly has the potential.


Well, the planetary event scale combines the idea of the power with the place. So, when I'm saying: "It is a 6.5", I'm saying that it has the power, and it also is in a location that will cause catastrophic events and catastrophic damage. When you hear of a 6.5 earthquake, you don't know, by the number, if that earthquake caused damage. All you know is that was a powerful shift in the Earth plates causing some major shifts. On the planetary event scale we are going to take into consideration the location, and we are going to say that the number is reflecting the seriousness of the event. So the seriousness of the Fukushima accident was a 6.5. The seriousness of the Chernobyl accident was a 5.8. The seriousness of the Gulf oil spill is approximately a 4.6.


Now you might be surprised, and you say: "Well, why would the Gulf oil accident be considered a 4.6, or is 4.6 that high?" Well, a 4.6 is high, and also the measurement of the power of these events takes into consideration how close it is to the Earth's meridians. We take into consideration where the event occurs, and here, in this case of the Gulf oil spill, it is close to ocean currents, and it is close to energy lines which can spread out the damage. What is also noteworthy, when talking about planetary events, is that both of these two events, the Gulf oil spill and the Fukushima power plant, have dramatically affected the oceans. Many of the planetary events are accumulative, that is, that the damage from an event is added on to damage caused by earlier events. There has been damage previously to the oceans. There have been leaks of radiation in the oceans from other events. If the oceans were totally healthy before the nuclear accident, then I could say that the Fukushima accident would not be a 6.5, but maybe only a 5.9. So, I don't want to minimize the seriousness of the accident, but if no previous radiation leaks ever occurred, then the Fukushima accident would be a lower number. Why? Because the Earth would have been able to filter and process this serious planetary event more easily.


Please understand that the Earth has a feedback loop system, which is capable of processing planetary events. The Earth feedback loop system can be compared to your immune system. You can take a hit, for example; you can take an illness; you can take certain discomforts. When your immune system is strong, then you can bounce back quickly from an illness. But if you already have an illness, and then you get pneumonia on top of that, then it is going to be more difficult for you to bounce back. An illness event which you could normally process may be much more difficult for you to process if you already were dealing with an existing illness. It is the same way with the Earth. The Earth has resiliency, and the Earth has the feedback loop system which seeks to establish a homeostasis. This ability to form a homeostasis has been very successful up until recently.


So, the planetary event scale takes into consideration other earlier events and rates that event accordingly. If there were another event involving nuclear power and nuclear energy, then another nuclear accident event would be rated higher on the planetary event scale because of the earlier events that have happened. Some planetary events are manmade, and some of the planetary events are part of the Earth's process. You can have a volcanic eruption, and that volcanic eruption could be considered a planetary event. If the eruption was producing ash that would go high into the environment and high into the atmosphere, it would have the potential for affecting the whole planet. On the other hand, if a volcano erupted, and it was not sending up high fumes of smoking ash, then that event would not be considered a high number. It might only be considered a 2 or 3, but if the ashes went 20 miles up into the air, that would be considered, for example, 5 to 6 or even a 7. Even in a higher event, even a higher number can be possible if you take into consideration everything else that is going on in the planet. Earth events are now accumulative based on where you are and what events have happened there before. This is why things on this planet are so fragile. This is why the biosphere is so fragile. This is why we talk in the movie, The Blue Jewel, that the world is hanging by a thread. That means that it wouldn't take a highly powerful event to imbalance everything.


The beauty of the scale, though, lies in the fact that you can help to lower numerically the effects of the planetary event. So, if we say that the Fukushima is a 6.8, then that high event can be modified by biorelativity. The 6.8 can be modified, for example, by some of the actions that the Japanese people are taking. As you probably know, the Japanese people have closed down all of their nuclear power plants. It has taken one year, but now it is reported that there is not one operational nuclear power plant. So, that has some effect. The downloading of the etheric crystals on this planet is raising the energy level and the spiritual energy level. The spiritual energy level can counter some of these planetary events. People working together in a positive way can numerically help the planetary event scale numbers become lower.


Any planetary event that is over 5 is serious. A 6 is very serious, and approaching 7 is very dangerous. Surely if an earthquake is 7 on the Richter scale, then you would be very concerned. Could the planet survive the 7? Could the planet survive an 8 event? The answer to that is: "Yes". The answer to that is that with the interactions and the biorelativity exercises and energies that you are using, you will be able to modify some of the powerful negative effects from major planetary events. We would like to see the planetary event scale be more precisely developed and more globally used. It is our intention and it is our hope that the planetary event scale, P.E.S., the planetary event scale, will become more widely known. By the identification and use of the scale, a great positive effect and planetary awareness will be created. We are hoping that the Group of Forty will find the means and find the method to work on spreading the knowledge of the planetary event scale around the globe.


There are many manmade events that now have become planetary events. For example, the dropping of a nuclear bomb was a planetary event, and that could be considered as serious as a nuclear power accident. Some of the events of wars can be measured in terms of their effects on the globe, on the planet. So, for example, wars such as the Iraqi war would be considered a planetary event, and that would approximately be at 3.8. Yes, the event and the damage was specific to that area, but you have to consider also the resources that are used, the results of the bombs and the pollution that was created and also what was done to the Earth's energy field. Some of these wars create holes in the Earth's energy field, and life force energy is drained from the Earth. This certainly has occurred in Iraq. So, we have to look at the effect on the whole planet now. I know that the planetary event scale needs to be more specifically refined, and I will continue to work with you and others in the Group of Forty in the more accurate design and refinement of this scale.


The planetary event scale also takes into consideration events in the solar system and events in the galaxy. So, if there was a supernova explosion that was near the Earth, by near I say 30- 50 light years, and that supernova explosion emitted a huge output of gamma rays, then those gamma rays and that explosion would cause a planetary event rating of 10 to the Earth. The Earth does not have the protection to survive a gamma ray outburst from the supernova. Fortunately the supernova explosions regularly occur outside of this galaxy, or if they are in this galaxy, they are far away. There could be a magnetic solar eruption on the Sun that potentially could damage the Earth's magnetic field. The Earth's magnetic field is already being compromised through various manmade activities, which includes the use of chemicals that have gone into the atmosphere. But it also includes some military experiments in time travel, because the military is trying experiments into traveling through different time dimensions.

A solar eruption could be considered a planetary event. A minor eruption could be a 1 or a 2 on the planetary event scale. There could be major solar eruption that could paralyze the life temporarily on this plane. The planetary event scale will also take into consideration events outside of the planet, and indeed, the scientists on the Earth have already begun the study of asteroids and the probability of certain asteroids coming to the planet. Earth scientists are studying the trajectory of these asteroids to see if they are dangerous and if their paths could be considered striking the Earth and creating a planetary event.


So now I want to move on to the second subject of this lecture which is the transmission of spiritual energies throughout the galaxy. Modern science has made great gains in understanding Man's relationship to the galaxy. I can compare this to the Earth. What happens in one part of the planet affects the whole planet. So, even the radiation that is being emitted from Fukushima or the radiation that is being emitted from Chernobyl has gone into the energy systems of the whole planet. In one way or another everyone has ingested and assimilated that energy and that radiation from these two events into their energy systems.


The Earth is interacting with the galaxy, and the galaxy is interacting with the Earth. So, the minerals and chemicals from the stars and their explosions and their throwing out of chemicals, all are reaching, or have reached, the Earth. The Earth is continually receiving different types of energy from outside of the solar system. Of course, the Earth also is receiving energy from inside the solar system. So, the Earth does not exist in a vacuum and the solar system does not exist in a vacuum. The truth is that there is a continual interaction on a physical basis of particles. Some of the particles are so microscopic that they are considered subatomic. They are not measurable by most of the instrumentation. Nonetheless we know that the particles around the galaxy and around the universe are continually interacting with the Earth and with your energy field.


So we are talking about particles that are manifested in the material world. The fact is that spiritual energy is also being transmitted around the galaxy. I want to point out to you that not only are you receiving and interacting with material particles and some subatomic particles in your energy system, but you are also interacting with spiritual energy. Spiritual energy has a force field and spiritual energy travels throughout the galaxy. It is known that particles in the universe are limited by the speed of light, so that particles in the vacuum of space can only travel, and I say "only", that is not the best term, but they can travel; they are limited to travel at the speed of light, which is 186.000 miles per second. This is a distance that is very difficult for you to imagine.


Spiritual energy travels at the speed of thought. That means that the speed of thought is faster than the speed of light. How can we measure the speed of thought? Thought waves can travel from here to Arcturus instantaneously. Arcturus is approximately 36 light years away. So that means that if you were traveling at the speed of light, it would take you 36 years to reach Arcturus. That means even a radio wave, if you were to send a radio transmission through space, would take 36 years to reach our planet. Radio waves travel at 186,000 miles per second. It would still take that radio wave, that transmission, 36 years approximately to reach Arcturus. But you could send a thought to Arcturus and then reach Arcturus instantaneously. How fast is that?! That means that you have, in your physical body, a mechanism for producing a wave that is immeasurable, that is far faster that the speed of light.


Clearly there are some parameters for thought projection. Thought projection is the ability to send thoughts to other places, and it is also the ability to send your astral energy field to other places. When you are using thought projections, then you are using the thought waves. Your astral body can ride on the thought wave, and you can project your astral energy field to many other places, including other places in the galaxy. Thought projection is used in remote viewing. Remote viewing is focused on using that type of thought projection for going to different parts on the Earth, but it also works for going outside of the solar system, and in some cases, in highly evolved specialized circumstances, it can be used for traveling into the past and traveling into the future.


All this is done with thought energy. Thought energy is that fast, because thought energy is transdimensional. That means that thoughts can transcend the third dimension. This is a very interesting subject. One of the problems in traveling at the speed of light is that when you approach the speed of light, then you change. You can't maintain your physical structure going at those speeds. Let's say, for example, Man is able to go 24,000 miles an hour. Traveling at that speed has an effect on you. Imagine now that if you were traveling at a high rate of speed, close to the speed of light. If you traveled for 10 years according to Earth into space, then you, as the space traveler, may only have aged a week in Earth time. However, when you came back to the Earth, you would see that Earth would have gone through 10 years. When you travel, your aging is slowing down, but also when you are going that higher and higher speeds, your physical presence becomes stressed, and it becomes expanded. It becomes unrecognizable, and it becomes difficult for you to reassemble once you slow down. But when you are traveling at the speed of thought astrally, then you transcend those problems.


There is required certain training; there is required certain energy work to be able to develop the power of astral thought projection. Remember that we have talked about thought power, and we used the terms arcan and arcan energy. Arcan energy is a measurement or unit of measurement of thought power. I used that term in comparison to the radio waves, and I said, for example, that you might have a light bulb of 20 watts or light bulb of 30 watts. A light bulb of 30 watts gives off more light than a light bulb of 5 watts. So, a thought energy of 5 arcans is going to be more powerful than a thought of 1.5 arcans. So you have to then ask how you can increase your thought power. Some of the ways you can increase your thought power is by meeting in groups, by joining the Group of Forty, by doing phone conferences, by doing workshops and by raising your spiritual light quotient. Another way is to use crystals and also to connect with the etheric crystals. There are many different techniques for increasing your arcan energy. Incidentally, arcan energy is also used in measuring the ability to receive energy and receive thoughts. You only think of transmission, but it takes a certain ability to receive the thoughts. What I'm suggesting to you is that there is a tremendous new amount of spiritual and thought energy being projected to this Earth. There is a tremendous amount of subatomic particles coming to this Earth all the time. In fact, the Earth is being bombarded continually by subatomic particles and also other particles. In the same way the Earth is also receiving higher spiritual energy and higher spiritual thoughts. Spiritual energy and thoughts from the Central Sun are now being greatly projected to the Earth. Many of you now are becoming more powerful and sensitive receivers of spiritual energy.


In many ways this is great news because there are civilizations like the Arcturians, the Pleiadians, and the Andromedans, who are sending spiritual energy and thoughts to this planet. Incidentally, the Andromedans are in your sister galaxy, Andromeda; they are not in the Milky Way galaxy. Now, the Andromeda galaxy is 2.5 million light years away from you. That is very far compared to Arcturus, which is only 36 light years away approximately. Yet, there is a civilization in Andromeda. There are higher beings in Andromeda, and even though they are 2.5 million light years away, they can still send their thoughts and their energy fields of higher ascension to the Earth. That is how fast and how powerful thought waves are.


I want you now to activate your sensitivity to receiving the spiritual thought waves from the Central Sun and from other higher sources that are sending you thoughts now of higher spiritual energy and light. (Tones OOOOOOOO.) Use this affirmation: "I am able to receive the spiritual thoughts from the Central Sun and from the higher beings in the galaxy who are sending that spiritual energy to the Earth." (Tones OOOOOOOO) This spiritual energy can be used in a positive way to modify planetary events that may have harmful consequences.


The Ring of Ascension, which is the halo of light around this planet, has many functions. One of the functions of the Ring of Ascension is to act as a gathered power for spiritual light that is being sent to this planet by extra-solar sources, in particular from the Central Sun area and also from some of the other planetary systems of high evolution. The Ring of Ascension is like a gigantic satellite dish that gathers, amplifies and downloads these powerful spiritual thoughts to this planet. You and other starseeds have established the sensitivity to resonate with this light and energy and to transfer this higher dimensional energy into third-dimensional processes.


I am Juliano. We are the Arcturians. Blessings to all of you, planetary healers of light. Good day.

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