Chapter 133

And Mary responded saying: "Then to all the men who populate the face of the Earth, will what happens is indicated by the archons of Destiny, be it good or bad, of sin, life or death?

                                                               There is no salvation from Destiny.

And the Savior responded saying to Mary: "Amen, I tell you: Everything that is indicated by Destiny for each one happens to him, be it good or bad."

                                                                  From the keys of the mysteries.

"For this reason I have brought the keys to the mysteries of the Kingdom of heaven, otherwise no one could be saved. Because without the mysteries no one would enter the Kingdom of Light even if he was just or sinful."

"Therefore, for this cause I have brought to the world the keys of the mysteries, to be able to liberate the sinners who have had faith in me and have listened to me, and liberate them from the bonds and seals of the Aeons of the archons and bind them to the seals and the garments and the orders of the Light, so that whoever I liberates in the world will be liberated in the heights and so that he that I link in the world to the seals and the garments and the orders of the Light , be linked in the Land of Light to the orders of the Inheritances of Light. "

"For the sake of sinners, I have parted at this hour and brought you the mysteries to free you from the Aeons of the archons and link you to the Inheritances of Light. And not only sinners but also the righteous in order that know the mysteries and can be brought to the Light, since without the mysteries they could not be brought to the Light. "

                                                                  The mysteries are for all men.

"For this reason I have not hidden them, but I have clearly and loudly proclaimed them, and I have not separated sinners only, but I have loudly proclaimed for all, just and sinners saying:" He who seeks finds, knocks and it will be opened to you; for he who seeks the truth will find it, and to him who knocks it will be opened. "Because I have said to all men." Seek the mysteries of the Kingdom of Light that will purify you, perfect you, and lead you to the Light. "

                                                               A prophecy of John the Baptist.

"For this reason John the Baptist prophesied, referring to me saying:" I indeed baptize you in water for repentance, but he who comes after me, more powerful than I am. His winnower is in his hand and will win his era; and he will gather his wheat in the storehouse and burn the straw in a fire that will never be quenched. "The power of John prophesied referring to me knowing that I would bring the mysteries into the world to purify the sins of sinners who have faith in me and who they listen and turn them into purified light and lead them into the Light."



                                                                                Chapter 134

| After Jesus said this, Mary responded by saying, "My Lord, if men in their search encounter the doctrines of error. How will they know if these are yours?"

The Savior responded by saying to Mary: "I have told you in another time:" Be like the skillful money changer, take the good and reject the bad. "




The criterion of orthodoxy.

"Therefore, say to all those who yearn for divinity:" If the north wind blows, you know that it will be cold, if the south wind blows you will know that it will be fervent heat. " Therefore tell them: "If you have known the face of heaven and earth by the winds, you will also know exactly whoever comes to you proclaiming divinity either because his words harmonize and conform to the words with which I have spoken to you before two or three witnesses or because they harmonize with the direction of the wind and of the skies and of the circuits and of the stars and of the seers of light and of all the earth and what is in it and all the waters and what is in them. : "Those who come to you and whose words harmonize and adjust in the full gnosis with those words that I have told you, I will receive as if they were ours. "This is what you must say to men when you preach to them that they must guard against the doctrines of error."

                                                                                  The LEW books.

"So for the sake of sinners I have unfolded myself to come into the world and save them. For even the righteous who have not wronged or sinned need to know the mysteries in the books of LEW, the which I have made Enoch write them in paradise by talking to him about the tree of Gnosis and about the tree of Life, making him deposit them on the rock Ararad and I placed the archon Kalapatauroth, who is on Skemmut on whose head the foot of LEW is setting and who surrounds all the Aeons and Destinations. -I have placed that archon as guardian of the books of LEW because of the flood and so that none of the archons covet and destroy them. These I will give you when I have talked about the expansion of the Universe. "

When the Savior said this, Mary responded by saying: "My Lord, who then is the man who has not sinned and who is pure of iniquities? For if he is free from one sin, he cannot be free from another so that he can find the mysteries that are in the books of LEW. Because I say: A man in this world is not free from sins because if he is free from one, he cannot be free from another. "

                                                     Few will fulfill the mystery of the First Mystery.

The Savior responded saying to Mary: "I tell you: They will find one in a thousand and two in ten thousand for the fulfillment of the mystery of the First Mystery. This I will tell you when I have explained to you the expansion of the Universe. For this reason I have unfolded myself. and I have brought the mysteries into the world, because all are under the dominion of sin and in need of the gift of the mysteries. "



                                                                                  Chapter 135

Mary responded by saying to the Savior, "My Lord, had any soul entered the light before you came to the region of the archons and before you came down to the world?"

                            No soul had penetrated the light before the arrival of the First Mystery.

The Savior responded saying to Mary: "Amen, amen, I tell you, before my arrival in the world, no soul had penetrated into the Light. And now that I have arrived, I have opened the doors of Light. And now that I have arrived, I have opened the gates of the Light and the paths that lead to the Light. Therefore, let those who deserve them receive the mysteries and enter the Light. "

Mary went on to say, "My Lord, I have heard that the prophets have penetrated the Light."



                                                                         Of the Prophets

The Savior continued saying to Mary: "Amen, amen I say to you: No prophet has penetrated into the Light, yet the archons of the Aeons have argued with them outside the Aeons and have given them the mysteries of the Aeons. And when I came to the Aeon region, I converted Elijah by sending him into the body of John the Baptist, and the rest also made them suitable bodies to find the mysteries of the Light and penetrate and inherit the Kingdom of Light. "

                                                                            Of the Patriarchs

"To Abraham, Isaac and James on the other hand, I have forgiven all their sins and iniquities and I have given them the mysteries of the Light in the Aeons and I have put them in the region of Yabraaoth and all the archons who have repented And when I go to the Heights and I am about to leave for the Light, I will take their souls with me. But in truth I tell you Mary: They will not go to the Light before I take their souls and those of their brothers. "

                                                       Of the righteous souls from Adam to Jesus.

"The rest of the patriarchs and the righteous from the days of Adam to the present day, who were in the Aeons and in all the orders of the archons when I arrived in the region of the Aeons, I have transformed them by means of the Virgin of the Light in bodies that will be perfect - those who find the mysteries of the Light will enter and inherit the Kingdom of Light."

Mary responded saying: "Blessed are we among all men for the splendid things that He has revealed to us."

The Savior responded saying to Mary and to all his disciples: "I will still reveal to all of you the splendors of the heavens, from the interiors of the interiors to the exteriors of the exteriors so that you are perfect in all gnosis and in all fullness and in height of the heights and into the depths of the depths. "

                                          The disciples firmly know that Jesus is the Great Initiator.

And Mary continued saying to the Savior: "My Lord, we have known openly, exactly and clearly, that you have brought the keys to the mysteries of the Kingdom of Light that exempt the sins of souls, purify them and transform them into subtle light  to lead them to the Light. "



                                                  A PART OF THE VOLUMES OF THE SAVIOR.


                                                                                Chapter 136

                                                             The disciples gather around Jesus.

And it happened when Jesus our Lord was crucified and rose from the dead on the third day, that his disciples gathered around him and venerated him they said: "Our Lord have mercy on us because we have abandoned father and mother and the whole world for follow you."

At that moment Jesus stood with his disciples on the waters of the ocean and made an invocation saying thus: "Listen to me, my Father, Father of all fatherhood, infinite Light: aeeiouo iao aoi oia psinother thernops nopsither zagoure pagoure nethmomaoth nepsiomoth marachachtha thobarrabau tharnachachan zorokothora ieou (JEU) Sabaoth.

                                                                    The grouping of the disciples.

And while Jesus was saying this, Thomas, Andrew, James and Simon the Canaanite, were to the West with their faces turned to the East, and Philip and Bartholomew were to the South turned to the north and the rest of the disciples were placed behind Jesus. And only Jesus stood on the altar.

                                                                         The IAO interpretation

And Jesus made the invocation turning towards the four cardinal points with his disciples, who were dressed in linen garments, and they said: "IAO IAO IAO" whose interpretation is this: iota, because the Pleroma has arisen; alpha, because it will come back to itself; omega, because the consummation of all integrity will take place.

                                                                      Jesus continues to invoke.

And as soon as Jesus had said this, he added: "iaphtha mounaer mounaer ermanouer ermanour", that is to say: "Oh! Father of all the paternities of those infinites, listen to me for love of my disciples whom I have led to you, so that they may have faith in all the words of your truth and grant me all the things for which I invoke you because in truth I know the name of the Father of the Treasury of Light. "

                                                                     The Apocalypse of Heaven.

Again Jesus - that is to say Aberamentho - made the invocation pronouncing the name of the Father of the Treasury of the Light and said: "May all the mysteries of the archons and the powers and the angels and the archangels and all the powers and all the works of the Invisible God Agrammachamarei and de Barbelos approach (Bdella) from the side and withdraw from the right."

And at that moment all the skies turned to the West and all the Aeons and the sphere and its archons and all its powers rushed west to the left of the disk of the sun and the disk of the moon.

                                                   The shapes of the disk of the sun and the moon.

And the disk of the sun was a great dragon whose tail was in its mouth that reached up to the seven powers on the left, of which four had the shape of white horses that dragged it.

And the base of the moon had the type of a ship with two male and female dragons guiding it and two white bulls dragging it. The figure of an infant was at the stern of the moon guiding the dragons who stole the light from the archons. And in his bow you could see the face of a cat.
And the whole world and the mountains and the seas disappeared together in the west on the left.

                                      Jesus and his disciples are transported to the middle paths.

And Jesus and his disciples remained in the midst of a heavenly region on the tracks of the middle path that rests below the sphere. And they reached the first hierarchy of the middle path. And Jesus remained in the air of his region with his disciples.

The disciples said to Jesus, "What is this region in which we find ourselves?


                                                    Of the repentant and unrepentant archons.

And Jesus said to them: "These are the regions of the middle path. Because it happened when the archons of Adamas rebelled and persistently and gathered to procreate archons, archangels, angels, liturgists and deans, that LEW the Father of my Father, sprang from the Right and bound them to the sphere of Destiny. "

"Because there are twelve Aeons of which Sabaoth, the Adamas, ruled over six and his brother Yabraoth, ruled over the other six. At that time Yabraoth with his archons had faith in the mysteries of the Light and were active in those mysteries and abandoned the mystery of cohabitation, but Sabaoth, the Adamas, and their archons had persisted in the practice of cohabitation. "

"And when LEW, the Father of my Father, saw that Yabraoth had faith, he withdrew him along with all the archons who had had faith in him, took him out of the sphere and led him towards a purified air in the presence of sunlight between the regions of the middle and the regions of the Invisible Divinities. And he placed him with the archons who had faith in him. "

"And he led Sabaoth, the Adamas, and his archons who had not been active in the mysteries of the Light, but had been persistently active in the mysteries of cohabitation, and bound them to the sphere."

                                                                 From the archon hierarchies not

                                                    repentant and the names of their five regents .

"He bound eighteen hundred archons in each Aeon, and established three hundred and sixty over them, and arranged another five supreme archons as masters over the three hundred and sixty and over all the rulers or confined archons, who are known throughout the world by these names: The first he is called Kronos, the second Ares, the third Hermes, the fourth Aphrodite, the fifth Zeus."



                                                                                  Chapter 137

                                                 Of the powers that JEU assigned to the five regents.

Jesus continued saying: "Listen carefully that I will tell you their mystery. It happened then when JEU had tied them up like this, that he made sprout a force of the Great Invisible and destined it for the so-called Kronos. And he made sprout other force from Ipsantakounkainkoukeok, who is the Three Divine Triple Powers, and destined it for Ares. And it made sprout out other force from Kainkoook, which is also one of the Three Divine Triple Powers, and destined it for Hermes. And again it made sprout other force from Pistis Sofia, daughter of Barbelos, and destined it to Aphrodite.

                                                          Of the functions of Zeus, the main regent.

"He also realized that they needed a rudder to guide the world and the Aeons of the sphere, so that they did not wreck the world in its perversities. It was in the middle and it gave rise to a force of the little Sabaoth, The Magnanimous, the one in the Middle and destined her to Zeus for being a worthy ruler, so that he could lead them with his goodness. And thus he established the circle of his order that would spend thirteen (? three) months in each Aeon confirming that he could free all the archons from the evil of their perversities. And he gave him the Aeons opposite those of Hermes, for his abode. "

                                                         Of the incorruptible names of the regents.

"I have told you for the first time the names of these five great archons with whom humanity usually calls them. Listen carefully that I will also tell you their incorruptible names, which are these: Orimouth that corresponds to Kronos, Mounichounafor that corresponds to Ares; Tarpetanouf that corresponds to Hermes; Chosi that corresponds to Aphrodite; Chonbal that corresponds to Zeus. These are the incorruptible names. "

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