Physicists Have No Clue About Nuclear Physics

I have been questioning if physicist are correct in claiming that there are tones and tones of energy packed into hydrogen and that this can be released by fussing their nuclei together. I know some might wonder: do you want to tell me then that these physicists don't understand the nuclear physics? Well, if you close examine, you find that that is true! Physicists have no clue about nuclear physics! The problem is that in quantum physics, they offer 'no-answer-answers' to questions. In fact there is a tight room of questions you are allowed to ask!

Let me show you one of the reasons I doubt fusion energy. Remember they explain that this huge energy is actually the 'binding energy' of the so called 'strong nuclear force'. What this one mean is that the force that fuse nucleons together is so strong that it actually bangs nucleons together releasing gamma rays the same way hitting together two objects releases sound waves.

Now neutrons too experiences the strong nuclear force. So there is no reason why fusing a neutron with a proton cannot release this huge energy. Since neutrons don't experience the repulsive electrostatic force, it seems reasonable to try bombarding prorons to neutrons, rather than trying to force protons to protons.

Note that the neutron that is fused to proton will decay forming an helium nuclear. Again this confirms what I said because it is helium nuclear that they 'weigh' and then conclude that some 'mass' gets converted into energy in the formation process!

But do you beleive that fusing protons to neutrons can realy release the huge, fusion energy? They do say that in nucleosynthesis, proton first fuse with a neutron. Then another neutron fuses with the pair to form tritium. Finaly, a proton fuses with the tritium to form helium. But then , why can't a neutron fuse with tritium, and the decay into a proton, forming the helium? Why must tritium fuse with protons, the fleat that requires the unimaginable temperatures?

Now they admit that indeed fusing a neutron to a proton should, according to their theory, yield a lot of fusion energy! With this, you will expect that bombarding hydrogen with neutrons should easily form deuterium plus the fusion energy we wanted! But we are told that it rather kicks out protons like hell!

Now think about this very carefully. Neutrons are neutral, while alpha particles (helium nuclears) are positively charged. However, if you bombard beryllium with alpha particles, the helium fuses with beryllium to form carbon. So here, a charged particle fuses with a similarity charged nuclear, but a neutral particle kicks the nuclear away from itself!

So here we think of neutron as a 'billiard ball' kicking away a proton. However, earlier on, we were told not to think this way in the subatomic world! This was when we were asked to consider bombarding gold film with the same alpha particles. They reason that atoms must have a tiny, positively charged nuclear that 'knocks back' the alpha particles (Rutherford's experiment). So here, it is supposedly true that 'only positively charged particles' can knock other similarly charged particles. In other words, we are not allowed to think of subatomic collisions to be the same as the macroscopic world collisions whereby even electrically neutral objects can knock other neutral objects. Indeed if we think this way, we immediately see that Rutherford's inference is invalid! The alpha particles could have been 'knocked back' by a neutral particle. From Rutherford's experiment alone, we absolutely have no way of concluding that there are even charged particles in the gold!

So for Rutherford's conclusion to be correct, it must be true that neutral particles must never knock neither charged particles nor other neutral particles! However, we are told that neutrons do in fact knock protons off hydrogen at tremendous speeds! This is one of the cases where physicists uses a reasoning so well and then discard it when it doesn't serve them! They are not consistent!

It seems more reasonable to suppose that these 'neutrons' are, in fact, a kind of electromagnetic radiations, and so 'knocks off' protons in the same way light 'knocks off' the electrons. Presumably, the wiggling magnetism acts on the charges in som way. This brings us to the other daunting question as to why neutrons do not simply fuse. might it be because actually 'they are just photons'? We are told that neutrons experiences the strong nuclear force. Since such force should bang them together to release the huge energy, then fusing them should be very easy because they are neutral, so donnot repel.

We are also told that neutron decays into an electron and a proton. However, as usual, the quantum guys tells us that 'it is a fundamental particle'. He forbids us from thinking that a neutron is just a proton that has 'eaten' an electron. This is how they reasoned when they concluded that an atom is, in fact, made up of many subatomic particles. It is not that anyone can somehow zoom and see the atom. They soundly reason that there is no way an atom can spit out electrons and protons if we cannot think of an atom as a combination of these two particles. However, they discard this sound reasoning once it no longer serves them! They now tell us that even so called 'fundamental particles' can 'decay' into other particles!

The neutron case is really daunting because though a neutron can decay into a proton and an electron, the reverse cannot happen! How? It seems that what should be happening is the vice versa. Since proton attracts an electron, protons should easily swallow electrons and form neutrons. This would facilitate a very simple way of creating nuclear fusion to produce the supposed, immense energy. First bombard protons with electrons, then fuse them together. The neutral combination of electrons and protons would not experience the strong electrostatic force that requires high temperature to overcome. The fusion would occur at very low temperatures: cold fusion.

So lets summarize all the absurdities we have seen, and see what they sum up to:

1.)Charged alpha particles can fuse with similarly charged protons in the nucleas when they are simply bombarded to it, but the neutral neutrons ejects the protons at tremendous velocities!
2.)It is easier for tritium nuclear, which has one proton and two neutrons, to fuse with another proton to form helium, yet it doesn't fuse with a neutron and yet the latter experiences no repulsive force!
3.)'fundamental particles' such as electrons, neutrinos etc can 'decay' into other 'fundamental particles' that they are not made of!
4.)When an alpha particle bounces off a gold film, then we must conclude that 'there is a positively charged nuclear' that repelled it back, and yet neutral neutrons can knock protons away and alpha particles can fuse with nuclears!
5.)Neutrons can kick out electrons as the decay into protons and yet protons, which attracts electrons, cannot absorb the electrons to reform the neutron!

In quantum mechanics, you are never expected to think rationally and try to understand phenomena. Therefore no rational explanations are ever offered! What goes on is simply 'magics'! How do particle tell photon from gluon, quarks, neutrons? What does it 'vibrates' to create those quantum waves? No answers are given! We are just told 'it is so in quantum mechanics..'


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  • Physicists tells you that light is a particle and is as much a 'wave' as any other particle is a wave. So alpha particles are also waves, just like light! They tell you that Rutherford's Goldfoil Experiment, where he beamed alpha particles on a Gold foil, shows that objects are mostly empty. However, they don't say the same thing for light that passes through glass etc, or even the fact that far much more of the so called 'photons' does pass through the goldfoil. So their reasoning that 'in order for a particle to bounce back, it must hit another particle' is not applied consistently. Specifically, they apply it when using Rutherford's experiment and deny it when using light! Apparently, light can pass through solids and can bounce off entirely empty space!

    Also, note that light passing through solids or alpha particles passing through solids should not be a surprise. Waves pass through solids. So instead of using Rutherford's experiment to probe atomic structure, they could have as well pull out the 'wave-like' property of the particles to explain the transparency! This is just one of the many examples where physicist's analysis actually never neatly arrives at a unique conclusion, contrary to how they present it! Physics is far more ad ocy, even when they are using equations! There are myriads of ways of introducing math that seems to fit the data so well, and also as many ways of drawing conclusions from the same equation.
  • Physicists tells you that to fuse two protons together, you need to hammer them at tremendous velocities. But then they also say that if neutrons hit paraffin wax, they shot out protons at insane speeds. Now neutrons don't repel protons because they are electrostaticaly neutral. So the only way they explain how neutrons kick out protons off hydrogen is that they knock them off like billiard balls!

    What sense does this makes? Neutrons too supposedly partakes in nuclear force, just like protons do. If tremendously hammering protons onto protons causes them to fuse it will be orders easier for the neutrons hammered on protons to fuse, since neutrons don't repel protons. How the hell can it be the vice-versa: neutron instead knocks protons away? Being in contact with the protons means they have already reached the threshold where the nuclear force works. If this cannot result in fusion, maybe because the neutron is speeding to it, what guarantees that smashing the now repelling protons on each other will result in fusion?

    The fact that their theories are obviously contradictory means that they don't understand what goes on in the nuclear world!!
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