People Deleting Blog Replies & Censorship

Hi folks, why are people deleting replies to blogs, this one for example, deleted my reply twice, so I re-posted it today again.

Do people not understand that censorship in any form, is the same energy of those that would dominate and control others.

That is why the world is the way it is thus far, because of the energy of those that FORCE their will and the thoughts they wish to FORCE upon others.

I know it may seem like a sensible thing to do to some, to remove other views that seem to conflict in some way with anothers, though I can assure you, that once one goes down this road, it leads to reinforcing the seeming conflict of views.

All perspectives exist for a reason, when one tries to block other perspectives, even if they are paid agents, it still represents an energy that needs to be heard.

Kind of like those TV drug commercials, people need to hear the harmful side effects of them so they can realize how the energy of those pills function and make a choice about how they wish to live or see the world.

Your thoughts welcome.

peace love light

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  • hi marian, thanks for sharing your perspective.

    Though you just did the opposite of your own advice, lol.

    That's my point, this is a public forum and one should expect a reply, otherwise, go live in the mountains and talk to oneself all day and if not, don't expect everyone to agree precisely with everything said, I certainly don't expect everyone to accept the truth of how things are in human life and the main cause of them, because it tends to cause fear in people (denial), completely understandable and yet things need to be said.

    The only thing petty, would be for people to try and shut other people up.

    If one feels it's trying to start an argument by offering a slightly different view or maybe adding to a perspective, then I will say it again and again and again, look at why one is resisting something and much will be learned from it.

    peace love light

  • Hi folks, well you can't see what I posted because he/she deleted it again.

    My point is, that some people feel they are all knowing and all seeing.

    Unless white feather is omnipotent, how can he/she know what information needs to be seen and what does not.

    That is my point, this is not about being pushy, this is a public forum, not some secret freemason club.

    This is what i posted to white feathers blog, you ask yourself why, this would be deleted,

    "Why are the gangs in this world left out of the equation, gangs like government, corporations, etc., etc..
    When I look around in the world, it sure looks like these gangs and their controlling systems are creating most of the reality, though we as individuals do create degree of our own reality for sure and when more people focus on similar things, it will manifest."

    You decide, I will not re-post in that blog, just thought this issue was worthy of note.

    What is to be learned is, stop censoring peoples perspectives and stop trying to make excuses, like being pushy.

    peace love light

    good luck

  • ..i have to agree with what u say...(i also dont agree with people deleted their own comments for that matter)..

    but we dont make the rules here... the rules say that the person who has the blog can do whatever he wishes with the posts in it...

    and since the majority of people dont bother much about it.. this is the way it will go...

  • VioletRay


    Yes I think there is a control factor and people being a bit petty.  If this happens to me, I make a note NOT to reply to someone again in the future and to not bother putting MY energy into their blog again.  Afterall, it takes a bigger person to accept all sorts of different answers and understand that not all answers are going to resonate with us. 


    While this is annoying, this is a clear lesson that I can see here. This shows more about YOUR response than the person who wrote the blog. 


    Have you watched 'The Celestine Prophecy' where the guy is new to all the 'energy' stuff and he is getting to know all the other sensitive people.  He sees the attractive lady (who is awakened and is sensitive) and he is trying to ask her to spend time with him.  She is cautious of his pushy energy and shows no interest in getting to know him.  He is baffled and returns to his friend and says 'what did I do wrong?'  The lady explains that his energy was too pushy for her and she was repelled by him because he was too pushy and controlling in forcing himself onto her (friendship-wise).  In a way you're pushing your answer onto someone and are upset by it.


    Just YouTube the Celestine Prophecy and watch this segment.  There is a lesson in it here for all of us.



This reply was deleted.

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