ParadoxIt's nice to meet an-other being, that can appreciate the beauty of paradox. Yes, we exist in this excited experience of multi-dimensionality here upon the Earth's surface.For paradox will set us free and drive us to paranoia at the same time. You see, we are paradox in motion existing together in this experience. Not separate but together as the word suggests. We are Para-normal (node) beings in a Para-psychic existence of Dox.Please allow me to expand on that for a moment:Para, meaning; along side or parallelDox, meaning; document or expressionParadoxically, it’s commonly believed to be a word to de-scribe and asserts opposition, contrast and division but the beauty of its meaning lies in the knowledge of one truth that includes paradox. ALL IS in expression. There is much to say about paradox because it's so exciting and eloquent. We feel the magnitude of it until our heads burns with energy.Doxology is indeed the’ log of divine knowledge according to the ancient Greeks (Geeks) and they expressed this in psalms which are a Doxa of belief. Today we no longer rely on voice alone to express our Doxa or dossier; we have an array of technologies that express en-mass. Light source is the future medium that surpasses radio wave and is already ex-changing tactics of generals en-mass. Not military generals but Genes of life. The Internet is a cosmic portal to light in-formation concerning the Genesis of Humanity; it is not the source but a medium of certain information. An oracle of light waves in motion, delivered in packets of thought formYou and I are living in a wonderful Para-psychic energy field that is alive and expressing its-elf in the form of DOX-T (Direct Operation Exchange - Tactical) In-fact, we are tact-fully programmed through the Operating System of DOX to exchange knowledge in the transference of thought forms creating E-motion and response in parallel realities.This is a brilliant analogy and proposal of mine that our genes are in-fact binary bits. Doxes (doses) of living amino facsimiles, we ourselves are packets of configured data in the process of analysis and so read-is-cover the nature of our spirit potential and re-write our scripts. Or simply put; know thy self and know codes of source.Unstable? Yes, for now but we are still upgrading from the communication breakdown of life energies. We are no longer a closed circuit running around on our own harddrive for the code because I have found the broadband connection to our server. It has enabled the network drivers to receive and transmit an array of cosmic energies in-formation. Human physical action is dependent on e-motional/psycho-log-ical frequencies that are in evolvement and will change our GUI (Graphical User Interface) or DNA. We have experienced re-markable result already in the healing of our systems. Becoming more balanced and in-line with the server by the dayYes we do exist in multi-dimensional frequencies and are tuned by the grace of god. The paradox of faith is founded on inner divine knowledge .The light photons are gathering at speeds and we be-come cosmic Sys-stars and I thank you for your warmth our Br-Others of light for reminding me that there are many more souls joining us now. May we remember our beautiful sensual selves and re-member to express our beauty in sensuality that shines in reflection of true light? I am reflection of yourself in the ever spooling Universal vortex of in-formation Doxa my friends and I wish only to entertain your thoughts for a moment.I hope that I haven’t bored or puzzled you, peace be with you and happy clickingLife Love and Light Sharon x
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  • Aren't they great... There everywhere

    From the quark to the Omniverse... making all things possible, yes

    Haha, wonderful

    Peace be with you Pasiel and thank you xx

    Your Systar Sharon x
  • Everything that can be couldn't be if not for the almighty paradoxes :)
    Nice post, thank you for sharing!

    Be Blessed...and Be Good
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