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  • Like a small bridge we are from one to another building little bridges towards each other in hopes of finding love life and common ground. I await for the day when many bridges meet in peace from many different points of origin. I surely hope our bridges meet along with many others so we may all walk together into the great light together.,
  • Starcruise, mad bless (but not angry bless lol)! Thanks for your comment, means a lot to me right now :)
  • Lovely woman I left a return comment for you more than a week ago but it hasn't appeared so here's another try, to put the monkey out of its misery.

    I love it that you invited me to join your fellow travellers. I love the way you move around. I love the way you search. I love your truths. I love your work. I love your streaming, smiling, loving. Thank you Sharon Starcruise x
  • Divine Blessings and Love :)

  • You, thank you for joining my circle of friends, i feel honored :)
    Yes indeed, more and more people join us and that's wonderful to be able to share and exchange ideas and knowledges.

    "The essence of matter constituting the Universe is a soundwave that crystallizes into light"
  • HI Sharon

    thank you for offering yourself as I have been probably wondering around in a slightly misdirected way for sometime-The are that really interest me is in the politics and machinations that are going on-you know I like to write (and also read) and I m e keen to know more about the truths and lies being fed to us as I have an unnerving feeling at times tht we only get to see what is decided for us and ime not convnced in the freedom of the press-ide like to talk to others like this and share views.the other areas are all of interest but the truth of course is that ime still borne along by earlthy passions and desires-not escaped or want to escape those pleasures

  • thanks Sharon

    have seen my own signs too -funny how things come at a certain time in yr life when u are ready to recieve-
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January 31



About Yourself

Hello wonderful friends My empath name is Starcruise because I love to visit all possible realms of Creation and so I am always on the go and find new worlds to explore.. I come and tell of myself and this wonderful Light Organ-isation that I am a loved and cherished member of; Ashtar Command We are in Alliance with many groups upon Earth and it is an honour and a privilege to re-emerge with this wonderful forum and many angelic sites.. Oh how you’re light has awoken even without your knowledge; it is dazzling my friends and thank you from all light alliance. I come via our light medium Sharon Brown: She refused our communications for many years because she felt that we had abandoned her during her early years, when we physically exchanged with her inumerous times. She dimmed her light and hid her beauty in the defiance that she would discover alone and we applaud her for her courage and capacity. She has for-given us now and we are so very de-lighted that she has once again fallen in love with light.. She is now mediating this communication and I thank her for sharing with us The nursery of creation, in truth; is whole galaxy; for many worlds and beings both seen and unseen. The Milky Way is the food for cosmic children. I commune spiritual food through the field of Living Loving Light. It is in-formation for your graduation of light beings. Mother Gaia.. She is so warm and beautiful. She has given a blue song of late because the children like to wreck the garden but she is having a spring clean now and together we can feel her radiance once again The field of living light is within and without every being in creation and each is an aspect of the holographic Crystal that is prime Creator. Each quantum part-icle of potential is living light and an aspect or mirror of the whole. It is a 360* field of Light that we are lovingly wrapped `in' and supported `by'. The field crops up in many circles of significance for the de-light of all. Watch the skies my friends because water too is a light medium and oh how we love to play in the clouds. We use subtle forces within creation to cruise around the cosmos, the inner e-motional gyroscope steers my orb and you too will do this.. Emotions have played a large part in life because soon you will harness and use that power to propel yourself through many fields and oh how we love to drive. No fuel but Silent Cymantics of divine song played on the 'instruments' of stardust. We orbs spin in 360* degrees because we are so joyous to be in this creation of living light for our Prime Creator is in LOVE = Light Of Vibrational Energy.. Love is with you as you shine so brightly and smiles with your bedazzlement, All is one.. The Divine Spirit Of Love.. Your Gaia, your Sol and all of the celestials is here in Love, for we feel with you. There is much event now and it is glorious to see your meta-morphemic crystalline love light expand and create more wonderful light I am a very proud ambassador to light and please call upon me for any reason you wish. Great joy to feel your glow and we thank each of our being because Divine you are! Each member of Light comes to BE service to Prime Creator and each other. Be bold and proud of your self discovery because you are beautiful, beautiful souls of Living Loving Light and loved very much. Inhale, feel the HeArt sing with joy as you eAt the food of life.. The Sustenance and Love given is longing to be shared, take joy and pride in your enquiry because there is no-thing more im-port-ant to discover than more of our divinity and grace Please re-member to be still and feel. I close this digital sphere of love and post the lightways of your window and wrapped in love, admiration, respect and appreciation Your Galactic SyStar and friend Sharon Starcruise xxx

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

My beautiful family The Spiritual Beings of many Dimensions Deepak Chopra Eckhart Tolle Bashar Carl Sagan Bruce Lipton Gregg Braden Jerry and Esther Hicks Wayne Dyer The Mayans, Greeks and Romans This List Truly is Endless

Starcruise posted a blog post
Greetings my lovely cosmic friends x This novel is creating quite a storm locally, In Yorkshire, England... I believe you may enjoy this riveting novel about a reclusive Yorkshire lass that has LIGHT ORB friends. They come to her assistance, as…
Jan 27, 2016
Starcruise replied to Jetti Blue's discussion Making orbs/ships appear using prayer? Anyone has experience with this?
"Hey Jetti Blue.. I love you 

I love your face, your wordly expression and your inquisitive nature
I know its been some time since you asked your quest but its still a wonderful topic and I love the Orbs.
I'd like to share my thoughts with you on my…"
Feb 20, 2014
Starcruise commented on trying2bstill's video
"Tryingtobestill :-)
We have a beautifully strong sphere around us that protects us from all sorts of wondering cosmic things. Our Earth is especially designed for cosmic travel and will hold her own in the pass. As she has millions of times before.…"
Aug 24, 2011
Starcruise commented on Starcruise's blog post Resistance Hurts.. How to let go!
"Greetings Hedoknight. Thank you, warm vibes and radiant sunshine to you xx`'*°☆.♥¸.☆¨♥ ☆´`'♥*¸.☆¨´`'°♥"
Jul 28, 2011

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"👶🍼Yes, I suggest that bloating in babies can be resolved with Gripe Water.....See some quotes on this effect and cure:

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"Hi, I know a woman who has just become a mother. The baby is 10 weeks old and often has bloating. Do you know any good advice? She has already been to the doctor and it is normal because it is only developing, but can you do more? Also like to name…"
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 VIEW ALL (20 videos Categorized) on The Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure HERE The Citizen Hearing on UFO Disclosure set out to accomplish what the U.S. Congress had failed to do for forty-five years - seek out the facts surrounding the most…
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What if I told you that you had a superpower so very INCREDIBLE, that it has been kept from you right until this very DAY?A superpower, that makes those of the negative agenda shudder in their very souls and quake in their very boots?A superpower,…
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