Our Space Brothers. By; Mike J Hughes

Our Space Brothers. By; Mike J Hughes

The planets of our solar system are all at various levels of development and every one of the are teeming with life , but not life as we here on earth recognize or see it.For example the life and the people on Mars are living within what we occultists call etheric matter of which there are four levels .

We human beings on this planet have not developed etheric vision due to the evolution of the human eye ,but there are those here on earth who are in the stages of developing this etheric vision.Many of us have seen what we call the UFOs and most of them are in etheric matter.If someone in the UFO wishes to become visible to the masses of human beings then it just has to lower its vibration down to the level where we can see it ,and the way that this is done is by slowly lowering the vibration of their craft until it becomes more heavy and slow enough to eventually precipitates itself onto the physical plane,it's that simple.

Hollywood has done a great job with it's unwholesome use of our creative imagination and it's [disinformation]as well at portraying our space brothers as these nasty and evil beings who perform all of these silly little experiments with our bodies and our minds,very silly to keep the shame untold.There are no abductions taking place at all ,for that all lies within the astral consciousness of the individual ,for the person thus going through the experience it's very real indeed to people who have a very morbid fascination with aliens and UFOs and yet not real outside of their own astral imagination,an astral fantasy.How ever there are what we would call contacts that they may have who are working within the higher echelons of those who work in secret within all governments of the world and a great revelation is about to be exposed by the the demands of all peoples everywhere to know the truth and to see the end of denial..

The people everywhere want the truth and it will not be long now until the truth is out for all to see ,and the hazy mysteries shrouding the UFO mystery will vanish before our very own eyes and the truth will be known again world wide that we have never been alone and never will be ,for we have very highly intelligent beings who see us as their younger brethren and are doing all that they can within the law of karma to help the human race to come to the understanding of who we truly are as divine beings and have been watching over the human evolution for untold eons until we all become ready to become type 1 civilization,that is if we make it that far by destroying ourselves with all of the toys of mass destruction that we have.

All of the planets are inhabited by various intelligent human beings and there are some who are at a very primitive level and those who are very highly evolved such as the beings on the planet Venus who are in bodies composed of the higher etheric planes and thus invisible to our naked eye due to its present state of development.There are some people who are now at this time begining to develop this dual focus within their eyes and are seeing many very beautiful things and stands as a guarantee of our development of this dual vision which so many people today are developing .

Our space brothers are very concerned about our well being and will continue to watch over us all until mankind has come of age spiritually and when he can be more responsible for his own actions.We all owe a great karma of gratitude for the work that they are doing on our behalf such as cleaning up the toxins in the earth and radiation that seeps out into our ecology and so on.All solar systems and planets have their spiritual hierarchy and divine instructors who guides the evolution of all man bearing globes all through out galactic space.We are all apart of one great whole.We are in the universe and the universe is in us and we all have a part to play within the mind of God where we all live,move ,and have our being.

When the world teacher ,Maitreya comes he will teach that the purpose of our lives is to forever expand our self awareness until it encompasses the entire universe so that we may evolve into a state of cosmic consciousness that will take us very far beyond the confines of this solar system ,and to take initiations that are beyond our present understanding.The divine ego of man is like an ever opening flower revealing mystery after mystery in all of its celestial beauty. The most important thing we must all learn to understand is to love each other and to therefore release the divinity within each and every one of us.

There are initiates and some contacts working within the United Nations who are working in secret who may be some of our space brothers and initiates who are very powerful people and who work in the various fields of human endeavour and they are having a great impact in our thinking and ways of life bringing all peoples of goodwill together as one ,and to plant the seeds of peace in all of the nations of the world .Mankind today is inspired and galvanized enough to eventually build a one world civilization who's foundation will be upon the brotherhood of all mankind.

We are all moving into a new age where all that was mysterious and unknown will be brought out into the light of day and thus revealing the truth as to who we are as spiritual beings.And when we all become higher evolved as a race and when we realize the fact of the oneness we have with each other ,then we too shall have the privilege to explore the cosmos and commune with the gods..
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  • LATELY I HAVE BEEN SEEING lots of faces before sleeping, they look like what we have been used to think of as aliens, or at least as they are usually represented in films ...  and i feel that they are watching me and are around 'floating'
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