I wanted to express my deepest Gratitude again to those that took part in the ‘Giza Stargate & Cosmic Heart’ Activation, that was part of my last video update, which is still very much available and continues to help powerfully raise the Planetary Frequency’s and supports the New Diamond Grid Activations! The Collective field is being blasted and cleared with Diamond White and Emerald Light, and ALL remaining illusions, reversals and interference patterns are being fully neutralised, removed and dissolved at super extra fast quantum God Source speed!

A MASSIVE QUANTUM COLLAPSE OF ALL the ARTIFICIAL MATRIX Realities/ TIMELINES has unfolded over these past few days!

The field is super light and Crystalline and we are being flooded by Pure Source Light which is quickly dissolving and overwriting any remaining distortions and the AI net, materials, structures and realities. The Forerunners are finding themselves deeply rooted in The Zero Point Field, which is allowing this quantum collapse of ALL remaining artificial Matrix Realities/ Timelines, along with all its inverted thought forms and beliefs/ programming. It’s as if nothing is happening, but it could not be further from the real Truth of all happening all at once. Many can sense the new peace that is available in the field. All these immense shifts and changes happening, but not visible yet, but soon will be, as our memories, gift, abilities and powers are rapidly returning, activating and growing.


This latest Activation was us assisting and assuring the completion of The Emerald and Christos Mission, also known as the Paliadorian Covenant, and was also a continuation, and part of, the series of the ‘Holy Trinity and ONEness’ Remote Activations, from the 24th July. We helped complete, and assure the success and full re-clamation, repair and activation, of the 11th (Isle of Eye – Stonehenge) and 12th (Kauai – Montsegur) Stargate sites, as well as the 4th Giza Stargate, re-opening the Ark of the Covenant Stargate, halls and passageways, including the sacred passageway from Giza into Sirius – Andromenda – Lyra, which have now been completed!


The Planetary and our inner Grid Systems, are currently being fully flushed out of any remaining density, parasites, parasitic and vampiric entities, blocks, black goo, negative and demonic entities, AI, toxic materials, and clearing, removing and dissolving ALL remaining negative alien machinery and technologies, mind control machinery, underground tunnel systems and structures. Everything is being returned to it’s ‘original innocence’, of how it was before The Fall. The focus is on the full dissolution of the remaining AI net, psychotronic weaponry, and neutralising all EMF’s and artificial frequencies that have been causing a lot of interference lately, as the spiritual war has reached its finale. You can use crystals such as hematite, shungite or black onyx for extra protection as well as extra shielding. I mentioned some additional tips on Energetic protection and sovereignty, in my last video update too.

As we are QUANTUM SHIFTING Timelines very quickly now, expect many things to just suddenly change. Can you feel how much lighter the energies are as the remaining density, all remaining interference patterns, negative entities, attachments, cords, miasma, ancestral and karmic luggage now fully dissolve? Think Mandela Effect! Where the bad actors, certain buildings or events suddenly change or have never existed, as our history records change along with our memories. We have to remember a different past in order to live in a different now and future. Although it’s truly all quantum NOW, with the new Organic Creatrix Field fully online and ready for action! I can also highly recommend a series to watch that is called ‘undone’, I really like it and it has some cool codes that apply here.

The Forerunners are starting to feel and sense the FUTURE REALITIES activating through their memories, HERE NOW, whilst walking in what looks like the old world still, yet feels very different. It’s as if we can sense the New Organic Ascension Realities already being t/here, because they are, although they’re not yet fully visible. It’s our ancient future memories awakening from deep within us, now that the trauma imprints have been lifted, that we can remember our true memories, and Golden Timelines again! The future being a mix of all the best aeons, realities and world’s we have experienced and can imagine!! A new Lemuria, a new Atlantis and Tantaria. There’s something for everything, yet it’s not what it was,


Prepare yourself to go SUPER QUANTUM as linear no longer exists. Keep going deeper into the silence to retrieve all you need to know, your instruction sets, manual and next steps, all unlocked from within us, along with the New Organic Ascension Realities, all-ready available now!! Allow the Bliss, Divine Union/ Love, Edenic/ Paradisian, Ascension, Abundance and Freedom Codes and Keys to unlock from deep within you. With an ongoing increase in natural DMT production through our activating pineal glands, these ancient future memories we carry within our DNA are going to be projected onto the screen of our new Organic hologram, any moment now! All we have to do now is to keep anchoring more light to keep increasing the planetary Frequency, and keep aligning with our One True Diamond Avatar Self, with every word thought, feeling, belief and action we take!! And keep re-membering that


As part of The Paliadorian Covenant, the World Soul body/ Logos/ Tribal Shield is now healed. The Souls of Tara have been rescued and the Azurite Blueprint, and our true Tribal/ history Records, have been returned to the true Maji Grail Queen’s and King’s, that are re-membering themselves fully again! The Emerald Covenant ensures that ALL Souls in this Fallen Universe would eventually be found and returned back to their original spiritual home, which is what is unfolding right now!! This is beyond huge truly and what this Ascension mission and process was really all about and is deeply interconnected with, and part of, our own Multidimensional integration process.


Of course all part of aeons of mission work of so many brothers and sisters of the light, and with much support from so many beings of light that stand in alignment with The Law of One, and are supporting our and Earth’s Ascension process, now also completing.

The Upgrades I’m noticing most powerfully are especially around our Superpowers and memories coming online fully now, together with our DNA, crystallisation process and Merkaba Lightbody’s, as we are


We KNOW it’s all all-ready unfolding!

IT IS DONE BELOVEDS! It truly is!!



Welcome HOME, inside your Krystal Lotus Heart!

All artificial Matrix Realities effortlessly dissolve now as we are the new quantum standing wave function that collapses and creates ALL NEW REALITIES now!

Our Cosmic Re-Union is but a twinkling of an eye away, and all deeply inter-connected with our own Multidimensional integration and Embodiment, and us fully re-membering our full and True Cosmic Origins and History Records again!

RELAX and open up wide to receive/ project out into the hologram, ALL that you are deep inside! Re-member the Diamond that you are! The infinite Power you hold! That’s how we are changing our Realities from the inside out! We RE-MEMBER them and then project them out onto the screen! All through our new Kryst-All-in-e Operating System, fully online now, igniting our Multidimensional DNA, Diamond Avatar and Grids!




Blessed we are!

Eternal Love & Blessings,

**By Ramona Lappin

For those that haven’t watched the video yet, I can highly recommend the really powerful ‘Giza Stargate & Cosmic Heart’ Activation I recorded as part of this, as mentioned above. It’s also available on my SoudCloud channel for easier access. I am super grateful for the participation and all the feedback and support! Thank you for any donations sent that enable me to share all that I do and support the publication of these transmissions and activations. I couldn’t do it without your support!

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