Our Lives Should Define Freedom



Our lives Should Define Freedom. Freedom is the choice to live our lives in whatever fashion we so choose without any judgments from anyone, especially our government. A government is suppose to insure the necessities of life for everyone & constantly make its country a better place to live for all of its citizens. It is suppose to be a tool for the people to organize themselves into the best civilization possible. We must take back our government, we must take our world. We must once again reclaim our humanity. We must reclaim love, equality & peace among ourselves.

This is not freedom, this way of life we lead now. It isn't even living, it is merely surviving. We must realize our own strength, our own power which manifest when we learn to love each other. When we learn that our differences no longer matter, because we are all striving for the same thing. All of humanity allows itself to live in an illusion of freedom because we ourselves do not fully realize what it is. Freedom is the ability to love one another without manipulation, it is excepting the fact that you do not end where the world begins, you are the world. You are the starving child in Africa, you are the victim of rape in the middle east, you are the corporate slave in America, you are the communist country of China. You are them because it is you who has chosen to do nothing to help the situation get better. It is you who stays silent on these subjects instead of raising your voice in defiance of inequality and pain being inflicted upon your fellow human souls.

There truly needs to be a time when we don't just talk about how the differences in our skin colour, nationality & religions are no longer important, but rather take that information and viewpoint and act upon it. We must now only see this new state of consciousness but also be it, fight for it, stand up for it. Standing up for other people being treated unfairly and unjust for any stupid reason is really you defending yourself. It is you standing up for your humanity. It is you making a conscious choice to take your knowledge of the world and trying to make it a better place for everyone. I hope we come to that point soon. We are only as strong as our weakest link, so how about we empower that weak link and grow stronger together.

Support the revolutions around the world, in doing so you are empowering your own human spirit and drive for true freedom. Maybe you will realize that we have problems here at home too. Our governments may not be as corrupt but they certainly aren't doing whats in the best interest of the people. Are we gonna wait until our governments get as bad as theirs, or will you stand up now?

Free Your Soul, it's time to create Peace on earth, it's time for the people of the world to come together & unite in the name of Peace. It's just a choice.


Christopher 'Nova' Sousa Lambe


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  • Thanks guys. I hope you are both doing well during this new exciting time that we are living through. I'm glad that you both resonate.


    Love to you & your family.

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