8108926875?profile=originalI had a question from a member of this site regarding our evolving DNA Strands and the Cloning issue. The following answer is from a Divine Galactic Perspective.

From the time of Atlantis & Lemuria EVERYONE knew that the human specie was to be the caretaker of this Planet Earth and that WE were supposed to evolve and change with it.


This is because the whole NATURE of this beautiful Universe is about THE Expansion and Change!

Upwards to a greater being and expansion is our true calling and Path!

This video is a good discussion point and good to know (for many of us here)

since it will help us empower ourselves through the application of various techniques and knowledge presented in the following video!

  • The following video discusses Atlantis, Lemuria and its connection to our evolving DNA strands!

  • The subject of focus in this Documentary is Cloning in our current society, from a Divine Galactic Perspective.


When we Look back throughout Earth's history there have been many cases of “clone” cases.

 This has gone on from the time of Atlantis to NOW. Clones have been a “re-occurring case” on this planet.

Clones are not new concept to this beautiful planet. It is portrayed that way because very little is known about why, who and how it happens in many of the cases.

From the time of Atlantis EVERYONE knew that the human specie was to be the caretaker of this Planet Earth and that WE were supposed to evolve and change, because the whole nature of this universe is about Expansion and Change! Onwards & Upwards to greater change and expansion!

This is because nothing in this wonderful Universe can stay the same all the time, it has to change & evolve as it is part of the cosmic principle of expansion!!!


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With Love, STAR!


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  • I agree with Buddha... The only one who can define our life is our self... not anyone else...

    God's Divine gifts are eternal, and no one can take them from us!


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