Dear friends,

In the UK, many of us feel strongly that we don't want to be just another star on someone else's flag..

Things will have to change, as we feel like a prisoner locked in the boot of a car, going the wrong way...WE DEMAND OUR NATION BACK....Time for a change, with regards to the British "star" in Europe...Time for rebellion against the evil empire of the European Union.

The European Union is remote, in terms of caring about our national interests, yet highly intrusive and controlling, in so many areas of the national life...It can override our sovereign Parliament, in London....In terms of legislation created by the unelected Commission and in terms of the European Court rulings...Laws cannot be changed, legitimately....We cannot trade freely with the world, as we once did. We need INDEPENDENCE from the European Union, as so many countries have historically achieved, with regards to our former British Empire...Now it is our turn to fight for sovereignty and independence, the turn of Britons....We, as a nation represented on the European flag,  are becoming a restless REBEL STAR, which is not comfortable within the Euro-constellation....Now we must fall off that flag and rise in renewed sovereign independence, as a free United Kingdom, outside of Brussels diktats and rulings, that largely stunt our nation, rather than enhance it... 

We must vote to leave the EU on June 23rd and make that date, an historical date for UK independence...Our version of July 4th.....We need a new constellation to shine in. One we can shine brightly within and not suffer a lowered luminance, as forced upon us by Brussels...A one size fits all, in which we are simply another "small" European, among other little European nations....That can never be acceptable to us...We have a long and proud history. We must rebel against Brussels and regain the sovereignty of our United Kingdom...

That independence of the UK, will brighten our national sovereign star, taking us from one defunct Euro-constellation of stars, to a new and worldly constellation of stars, alongside Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth lands, under a British Trade Federation, free of tariffs and uniting all our peoples of these lands of common law, language and values...After independence, we could also join up again with EFTA and co-operate to the full with Norway, Iceland and Switzerland....We will be free to choose our national destiny.....

That can only be good and fair for our people and all those who respect national and individual sovereignty.

Vote to LEAVE the EU in June and make this dream of sovereignty and prosperity, manifest...

Thankyou, Drekx Omega

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  • Drekx said:
    "The same would probably apply for the UK, if we had a president, in the role of head of state...Imagine the awful spectacle of a "President Tony Blair," for example...?? 😲

    My reply:

    Please clarify the difference. Let me use war in Iraq as an example. Who authorized the sending of troops to Iraq in collaboration with US. Was it the 'head of state' or was it 'the prime minister'. In what sense does this decision steming from a separate 'head of state' from 'head of government' differs from what George bush did?

    Or I may ask: if the 'head of state' has no ability to stop an 'head of government' from ordering an heinous act, does it matter that such an 'head of state' exist?

    It seems that the pple who can stop a corrupt prime minister are 'pressure' from his fellow politicians, e.g. in the case of Boris Johnson where the cabinet resigned and brought the government to a standstill all while the 'Queen' was completely silent.

    This issue brings me to the question of politics and its relevance to such issues. In a system like that of US, the question of whether or not a president is corrupt is a legal question, and not a political one, or so is it called. So having a corrupt 'head of state' is no big issue as long as there exist a just, supreme court. So a corrupt supreme court is a truely problematic issue, but not a 'corrupt head of state'.

    This also may bring me to a definition of 'head of state', be it a 'functional' and/or 'ostensive' definition. To me, when we say 'the president is the head of state of country x', we mean 'the president is the spokesman of of country x', or at least that is one of the crucial roles of an head of state . It is the kind of role that you notice when it is said 'Kenya condem Ukraine invasion'. So to me, when some media or whatever insists that 'Kenya condemned Russia', we can know that this is a fat lie because we did not hear such an atterance from Kenya's head of state. On the other hand if I heard one such a leader says so in my country, I might consider voting him out since he has failed to represent me accurately as a citizen of that country. In other words, and according to me, the president in question has failed in his role as the head of state but without necessarily having failed in his role as the 'head of government'. So for the electorates, it will be a matter of weighing on priorities. Thus we put it all on an elected individual so that both the role of 'head of state' and 'head of government' are accountable to the public without necessarily burdening the country with more salaries for two jobs that can be done by a single person.
  • I'll keep this blog going, until Northern Ireland is totally free from Brussels control...And hopefully, that could be sorted out with added efficiency now, as PM Truss appoints staunch Brexiteers to the Northern Ireland office..So this should SHAKE UP talks on the NI Protocol....👏

    "Steve Baker Gets KEY Ministerial Role In EU Showdown."
  • Well I'm a monarchist (but not a royalist) and feel that having a royal, life-long professional, as head of state, is a prefered option, to having a corrupt president politician....A bit like when we were members of the odious European Union, we sent our failed and/or disgraced politicians over to Brussels, as commissioners, etc....The same would probably apply for the UK, if we had a president, in the role of head of state...Imagine the awful spectacle of a "President Tony Blair," for example...?? 😲

    King Charles III has made a speech in which he announces that he will henceforth forgo his previous commitments to left-wing charities and woke causes, which many of us have viewed as political bias and WEF propaganda...He will no longer be making statements of support, in the alarmist environmental movement, the WEF, et al.....This is good, as since 1690, a British constitutional monarch, as he is, should be neutral and impartial....👍🏻

    Welcome news and on that basis I can announce my fidelity to the new sovereign....

    ✨✨✨"Long Live The King....!!"✨✨✨

    The recent ceremony at St James palace, proclaims the new sovereign....Hurrah....!! The coronation ceremony consolidates that proclamation....and is forthcoming...

    "First public Proclamation of the new sovereign, King Charles III, from St James’s Palace."
  • The new British Prime Minister, has made some very promising energy policy announcements, in Parliament...There will be an energy price cap for households and small businesses, of £2500, per year..
    This policy will apply for 2-years, while the UK gets back up to speed, by exploiting natural resources on land (fracking) and under the North sea (gas and oil...) There will also be an end to green levies on fuel bills...She said a moritorium..But it will lead to these green taxes being dropped, as they are so absurd...And her policy is to eventually become a net energy exporter, which is not possible under the green agenda, she is dismantling.

    So, for the next 2-years, and especially the winter months, Britons will not freeze to death, on the altar of net-zero posturing...👏
    There will also be a greater use of coal and nuclear....With the small and safe reactors...
  • The UK has suffered appallingly narrow-minded leadership, over the past few years, with regards to a sound energy strategy and policy..Following the absurd WEF/UN fashion for "net zero," we have placed too much emphasis on "green renewables," such as wind and solar, totally ignoring our massive shale gas reserves potential, nuclear and North sea gas and oil....Boris Johnson was also very much a captive of the green idealism, that lacked foresight...

    Now, with the public and businesses facing higher energy bills, this winter, an emergency energy strategy will be implemented by the new PM, Liz Truss and the ever able Jacob Rees-Mogg.....

    Through the need for sheer survival, this is leading us away from the "net-zero" rubbish and back into sane energy strategies....based on realism and pragmatism...👏

    Actually, the British isles are well-endowed, with natural resources. We need to re-activate the drilling programs..Increase production of gas and oil, for the home market...
  • 🙄German elites laughed at Trump, BUT they're not laughing now....!! German Economy Is About To COLLAPSE.....
  • Currently I would suggest that globalism is the biggest threat to humanity...Of course, these evil elites would much prefer, that we all get confused and worry about non-issues, such as "climate emergencies," white people, meat eaters, net zero and gender pronouns....🙄

    Nevertheless, we do have some good news, in so far as the UK's forthcoming and patriotic Prime Minister, Liz Truss, whom I had earlier endorsed, is in opposition to the new "global tax" process, supported by her globalist rival, Sunak, as well as the WEF robots, Biden, Trudeau and Arden....They want a global business tax and are starting with corporations, or so they seek to con us.....Globalism must be resisted by sovereign nations....😎

    "Liz Truss To Abolish WEF’s Global Tax 👏 👏 👏"
  • Because the Joe Biden regime has hit the heights of Bolshevik-style mania, becoming the most far-left "presidency" in American history, many Americans are escaping socialist California and moving their businesses to Brexit Britain, where we offer a low business taxes opportunity...Especially now with the new Premier's capitalist agenda..

    They are not moving to socialist Europe, but here, in the UK....(We are Anglospherics, not

    America was once the foremost defender and exponent of capitalism, but that baton is passing to Great Britain...As for Red China, that nation is corporatist-communist, not truly free market...
  • Actually, Lawrence Fox comes from an acting family...Both his father, James and uncle, Edward, were in several films and TV plays, decades back...One of his uncle's TV plays was the excellent production, televised in 1977, called "Shooting the Chandelier," by playwriter, David Mercer...
    Lawrence Fox's uncle, Edward Fox, plays the charming, though sinister Red Army NKVD officer, a Col. Shotkin...
    And as synchronicities go, this is a whopper, as the tyrants of 2022 are confronted by the likes of Fox, over the generations....I'm sure that his uncle enjoyed playing that role....He was actually more charming than the equally sinister, woke "police," in Britain...who feel it is their job to "check your thinking."
    I'll attach the entire TV play, if you want to watch it....The acting and storyline is superb...

    "A Classic British TV play - television drama starring Edward Fox. Written by David Mercer. As the Nazis retreat two adversaries renew their battle - is it sexual jealousy or something much more complex? The ex-professor Semyon - now a lowly military cook says to Nikolai (his old student turned indifferent but almighty senior army policeman or ' rat catcher' ) “I started shivering in 1929 and haven't stopped yet.” Nikolai retorts: People like Semyon “always wallow in their sense of being abused by life.” Who will win this battle of wills and words? A very taught psychological war played out within a pause in war."
    Classic British TV play Shooting the Chandelier. A David Mercer TV play/drama stars Edward Fox.
    A Classic British TV play - television drama starring Edward Fox. Written by David Mercer. As the Nazis retreat two adversaries renew their battle…
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