Dear friends,

In the UK, many of us feel strongly that we don't want to be just another star on someone else's flag..

Things will have to change, as we feel like a prisoner locked in the boot of a car, going the wrong way...WE DEMAND OUR NATION BACK....Time for a change, with regards to the British "star" in Europe...Time for rebellion against the evil empire of the European Union.

The European Union is remote, in terms of caring about our national interests, yet highly intrusive and controlling, in so many areas of the national life...It can override our sovereign Parliament, in London....In terms of legislation created by the unelected Commission and in terms of the European Court rulings...Laws cannot be changed, legitimately....We cannot trade freely with the world, as we once did. We need INDEPENDENCE from the European Union, as so many countries have historically achieved, with regards to our former British Empire...Now it is our turn to fight for sovereignty and independence, the turn of Britons....We, as a nation represented on the European flag,  are becoming a restless REBEL STAR, which is not comfortable within the Euro-constellation....Now we must fall off that flag and rise in renewed sovereign independence, as a free United Kingdom, outside of Brussels diktats and rulings, that largely stunt our nation, rather than enhance it... 

We must vote to leave the EU on June 23rd and make that date, an historical date for UK independence...Our version of July 4th.....We need a new constellation to shine in. One we can shine brightly within and not suffer a lowered luminance, as forced upon us by Brussels...A one size fits all, in which we are simply another "small" European, among other little European nations....That can never be acceptable to us...We have a long and proud history. We must rebel against Brussels and regain the sovereignty of our United Kingdom...

That independence of the UK, will brighten our national sovereign star, taking us from one defunct Euro-constellation of stars, to a new and worldly constellation of stars, alongside Australia, New Zealand and other Commonwealth lands, under a British Trade Federation, free of tariffs and uniting all our peoples of these lands of common law, language and values...After independence, we could also join up again with EFTA and co-operate to the full with Norway, Iceland and Switzerland....We will be free to choose our national destiny.....

That can only be good and fair for our people and all those who respect national and individual sovereignty.

Vote to LEAVE the EU in June and make this dream of sovereignty and prosperity, manifest...

Thankyou, Drekx Omega

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  • Congratulations to Queen Elizabeth! 🎉 70 years is a long time and she seems more stable than the rest of the royal family.

  • The Queen's Platinum Jubilee is being celebrated today, in the United Kingdom...I must confess to being impressed by the Queen, as a person with a strong sense of duty and patriotism...I'm not exactly a monarchist, nor royalist, myself, BUT I feel that having a monarch as head of state, is certainly a better alternative to a president....(Imagine a hypothetical "president Blair, Cameron, or May...??") Especially since the glorious revolution of King William and Mary, circa 1689-90, this nation has possessed a constitutional monarch, without any political power...Well, in theory....👏😎

    Before that, with the Stuarts, England suffered much strife which led to two civil wars, in the 1640s...

    I was involved myself, as a fanatical anti-royalist, in a previous incarnation....So then, monarchy equaled tyranny and many of us opposed it...Things are different now, so in essence I shall congratulate her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, on her 70-year reign, reaching this amazing historical milestone, of platinum...That feat has never been accomplished by any preceding monarch in British history....Hhhhhuuuuuuurrrrrraaaaaahhhhhh...!!

    I do love those scarlet tunics, worn by the ceremonial soldiers, at the trooping of the colour. Interestingly and historically, it was Cromwell's (my previous Commander) New Model Army design, brought in mid 1640s...Later, the military red coat became more famously associated with the Empire of the 18th and 19th centuries.....Some may not know this, but the colour red has long been associated with the Roman God of War, Mars....Obviously because of the red planet...Interesting though...The future Solarian planet Mars, will no longer appear red in the night sky, when it is transformed into a new water world, with oxygen/nitrogen atmosphere...

    "Trooping the Colour kick-starts Platinum Jubilee celebrations."
  • Total humiliation for Red China, as it gets rejected by several bold Pacific island nations, that it had wooed with co-operation deals, including resource exploitation......Well done Pacific region....

    As Great Britain will be returning to the region and we want China out....KNOCK OUT....!! 😆

    With the AUKUS military pact, the Pacific will be seeing more British ships in the Pacific ocean, keeping China out of the affairs of peaceful nations..We will also increase our own deals, replacing the odious Chinese, in offering true friendships, as we always have historically, in the Pacific..Our friendships go back centuries....

    The Lion and the Eagle will keep the Dragon out......But first, the Pacific needs to avoid Chinese deals and have, as of now...with a royal snub to China...

    Moreover, the UK is about to become a full member of the Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP,) so will have many lucrative financial interests in the Pacific region, we don't want compromised by China...

    "Gravitas Live | China humiliated in the Pacific | Small Pacific countries reject china's deal "
  • A good video by Caspian report on CANZUK and how Britain moves towards Anglosphere federation...
    Not certain that his conclusions on US involvement in the Anglospheric project are 100% sound, but interesting anyway...
  • In the CANZUK advocate movement, across the world, many are calling this project a "federation of nations," and suggesting it be officially described the "CANZUK Federation."

    "What if the CANZUK federation will unite?

    Imagine if 4 of the world’s most economically advanced countries forged an alliance, sharing the same language, culture, and values.
    It would boost trade and foreign policy between the countries and play a significant role in strengthening international security.
    Such a movement is gaining momentum.
    It is called CANZUK.
    CANZUK is a proposal to align Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK in an organization that would be the world’s 2nd biggest geopolitical union behind the EU.
    The idea of the three colonies linking with the UK was first conceived in 1967 by author William David McIntyre in his book Colonies into Commonwealth.
    However, the movement really started to gain steam in 2015, and CANZUK was founded by British-born James Skinner.
    Since the UK decided to break away from the European Union in 2016, the CANZUK proposal has started to attract significant support from economists, academics, and politicians from all four countries."
  • Since Brexit UK has successfully secured free trade deals, with both Australia and New Zealand, (FTAs,) the matter of freer movement (leading to free movement) of people, was also raised in the UK-NZ deal....The British government won't be including this provision within the FTA signed deal, which is strictly trade related, but, the CANZUK talks are ongoing...

    "Speaking at a New Zealand-UK trade deal engagement session, Minister for Trade and Export Growth, Damien O'Connor, confirmed that talks are underway with the United Kingdom to increase reciprocal visa access for New Zealand and British citizens."
  • The 19th century was an age of Empires, based upon civilizations, the 20th century, a return to Nation States and the 21st century an age of civilization States; constructed as Federations, or Unions..
    CANZUK is one such example, currently being formulated...It has the grand potential to be an Anglospheric Union, based upon Anglospheric civilization...Comprising Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom..

    Interesting to note that the Anglospheric Union would potentially be 1 million square kilometers vaster than the Russian Federation, in territory and thus resource....So putting Russia in second place, as largest civilization state..

    See this video:
  • Northern Ireland centenary celebrations were conducted over the weekend, attracting the participation of tens of thousands of patriotic Ulstermen, who are Unionists, in support of United Kingdom membership, as well as Loyalists to the British crown...
    I would like to reiterate my support for Northern Ireland's place in our Union, the United Kingdom and as with my Ulster comrades, reject the NI Protocol, in it's current form, which creates a border down the Irish sea, between the six counties and Great Britain...We left the EU, but under the absurd terms of the protocol, Ulster remains within the EU single market and it's totally unfair rules...

    We should either scrap the NI Protocol by invoking article 16, or renegotiate the ridiculous aspects of it...
    As for the imbecilic Joe Biden, who purports to be Irish and so takes the EU side in this dispute...

    Both the US and EU can butt out....We oppose you and as you see, there is a lot of opposition in Ulster, against being under the EU single market rulebook...We will protect our GB-NI Union, not the European Union...

  • Looks like the imbecilic Biden regime, in the US, have managed to unite Brexiteers and Remainers, over their cack-handed interference in the UK/EU NI Protocol talks....Of course, by taking the side of Ireland and the EU, against the UK, they are not getting us to agree with them, BUT, are actually causing us to rebel en masse, uniting our population in a 75% defiance of American interference in our UK/EU disputes....
    Holy moly, Joe....That's another big mess you've got yourself into....Irish heritage, phooey....!! 🤭

    "Biden hit by huge backlash over Brexit meddling - Even Remainers angry in bombshell poll. US President Joe Biden should quit interfering in the Brexit row between the UK and EU, a majority of Britons believe."
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