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It seems we have some, that although well meaning in their original questions about current events, have turned their attention & focus to that of trying to discredit & in some instances slander other members of the Ashtar Command.

This is a very sad thing, as we are here to help RAISE vibrations for the things to come, not tear them down further.

Among some of the topics & people in question are a few links that were mentioned on another site. True there have been things that were told that have not happened on the scale originally planned, but that does NOT mean that they have not happened, or that they are not yet to happen.

Humanity has the freedom of CHOICE .. this does not exist in many different galaxies & universes. Humanity itself holds control of much of what happens here, and those who have come here to help have done so by Request of Humanity & Earth herself.

Because of the choices of humankind, there are steps that need to be in place & strictly adhered to by others not of this planet, galaxy or universe.
During this time, members of the Ashtar Command and other Command centers are very busy preparing things & making sure that those who are sincerely ready for the future events get the help they need as well as helping with the awakening of the planet as a whole.

NO ONE is intentionally being ignored.

WE ALL have our own callings & gifts, and there is no time or room for condemnation by those who are only here to cause disruptive situations.

Please be patient when asking those of the administration questions.. you are not the only one that sends messages and the time frames of Earth are different than those from other dimensions & galaxies. What may seem like months or years on Earth is only a moment in another space.

As with any other information, if you do not get a response as fast as you feel is necessary, DO YOUR OWN Research. Use YOUR  OWN judgement & discernment. If you seek with an open heart & mind, the answers will come to you or you will be guided to the information you seek.

Thank you for your time

Lady Kira

Astar Command

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