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Nosso Lar movie - true story about life after death - and a very strange coincidence after watching it :-)


After watching this movie 6 weeks ago, I immediately found out that the man I was in love with had died. I was absolutely gutted, but suddenly he was here with me, in spirit, and he has been here ever since, waking me up with songs playing before the alarm goes off, helping me find things that I've lost, pushing what emotional buttons I have left from childhood beliefs, helping me to release past issues, and after last week's blogs on ACC, about how to get to 5D, helping me to travel through a tunnel into the light, and experience utter bliss, and a sense of total freedom, in peaceful nature.

The movie confirms what I already knew, but it made it much more powerful.

Death is not the end, at all!

Pay attention, those who think it's cool and righteous to make other people suffer.

Hell is self-imposed from our own guilt, and nobody is exempt.

The more we make amends, now, for what we have done, the less time we will spend punishing ourselves later.





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