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People I love you all with a deep abiding love. I need you all stop what you are doing look at someone it don't matter who. Look at their soul not them look not with your eyes but with your heart. This is something we all fail to do constantly. We all look at the flesh. We all lose that moment of walking in God and we walk in our flesh.

We strike out when you see someone hurting you or the innocent. It hurts you to see someone barreling down the wrong side of the street at a million MPH into oncoming traffic. I have one problem though I have an urgency to save the world in as little time as possible and I can't its not my job. I'd love to but I can't.

I can tell everyone the truth till im blue in the face but it doesn't mean the harden deceived souls will receive it. In everything I do or say no matter how soft or harsh I say it I try to plant a seed of love hope and faith and pray it grows. FAITH OF A MUSTARD SEED!

Do you all not know how impoortant each and everyone of you are. Not one greater than the other but beautiful valid precious and irreplaceable. In a world where everything is replaceable YOU ARE NOT! You are living breathing filled with the spirit of our God and covered in the blood of his son. Only you can release that spirit inside you if you wish to accept that life and only you can release the power of that blood only if you wish to accept that life. This is the truth spoken from God not just to me but to all of you.

It doesn't take a channeled or psychic to hear God you can hear him yourself and know what I say is true. We all are fighting the same fight against a dark enemy but we it amongst ourselves living a chaotic fight that gets us deeper into pain hurt hate and violence.

Nobody off world can save us from disaster only we can do this. One against the world can't do it but it does start with one to have the snowball effect that builds to an avalanche. You all are the stars in this life I don't ever want to take from that but add to that. There's no time for this hate and bigotry the time is now. The line has been drawn the rest is up toy us. God says I love you will you love me I want you will you want me I need you will you need me I accept you please accept me. Dear dear innocent children please listen to my calls for I can save you and I can protect you from all harm. Its your choice.

Well my dear beautiful friends and family know I to love you all need you want you in my life no matter how long or short it may be and everymoment I get to be here is a gift from God and I pray that you all find your peace and joy I will share a secret its found in the God inside you.

Love peace and light
Marie (yes that's how I signed my name in ministry they have always called me by my middle name so it kind of suits this I think lo e you all)

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Comment by Lumie108 on December 5, 2014 at 2:44pm
Oh my, what a beautiful post. I actually felt my heart chakra expand with such force as i was reading it. Thank you for your amazing words, it makes a world of difference to us. Really touching.


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