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There is a New Science of Healing in Russia - Infosomatics. It can help not only solve problems with health, but also help with business and personal relationships. This science is based on 20 years of research in the fields of brain informatics, torsion and quantum physics, energy healing, channeling (and many related fields) by Vyacheslav Gubanov, Russian scientist and president of the International Institute of Social Ecology. One of the mottos of the Institute is "Practice is the sole criteria for testing the truth". Vyacheslav Gubanov work helped many people to recover their health, become successful in business and be happy in personal life. His courses teach new worldview that helps people to correctly fit into evolutionary process of Nature. 

I would like to share some information about Vyacheslav Gubanov research:

As a rule, every human has a brain! ;) However, not many of us know how to correctly use it and research shows that most people use only up to 10% of their brain capacity.

Last 20 years of our research in the field of brain informatics led us to believe that human brain works as a very complicated radar system. It receives information from higher planes of matter existence and transmits energy through biologically active points. These biologically active points have been known in Chinese and Tibetan medicine for the last 4000 years and have been used during acupuncture 

sessions. The energy that is transmitted by our brain goes through these points, concentrates in energy centers (or Chakras) and subsequently forms energy shell or what most people call – human Aura.

What about our heart one might ask, isn’t it more important than our rational brain? Most spiritual teachings tell us that you should follow your heart and not listen to what your brain is telling you. In a way, our heart and brain are like wings of a bird – what wing of bird is more important for it to fly, the right one or the left one? Knowing how to listen to both your heart and your brain are very important in order to have a full and happy life.


We explain interrelation of a human heart and a human brain through existence of an emotional shell (there are also intellectual and programming shells of a person, but that’s another big topic). Emotional shell is powered by our positive emotions from our heart chakra.  Positive emotions create “foam” above our energy shell, which forms emotional shell that looks like a light bulb (see the picture). The bigger our emotional shell is, the more stable our Aura is. The size of an emotional shell defines the quantity of flat parallel cosmic rays that we can collect on our crown chakra (top of our head). When people have a very big emotional shell they have much fuller and interesting life and do get sick much less than those who have a smaller emotional shell. This explains why people with a positive look on life don’t get sick as often as those who are constantly depressed.


By adding time to our picture we get a mental body of a person.  You can see the physics from the formulas and the pictures. Mental body is like a trace behind an airplane.



Mental body (or the body of memory) is created by the shells of a human at any given quant of time. Here is a more descriptive picture of a person’s mental body:

Our mental body is moving on the surface of the causal body or as many people call it – Spirit (see the picture).

Causal body or the Spirit is responsible for all the events in our life and it has a mission for our manifested body. We use our vertical brain activity orbital to receive information from our Spirit. As you can see in the right bottom corner of the picture, people have three components of their brain activity – Spiritual, Social and Biological orbitals (another big topic to discuss). When our vertical orbital receives information from the surface of the causal body – we get certain events in our life. The bumps and holes on the surface of the causal body are our karma. So in our life we can either fix those ‘bumps and holes’ on the road of life, or make new ones. In order to “straighten” the surface of our causal body all we have to do is follow the laws of Nature while moving on the road to realize the mission of our Spirit.


That is when diagnosis techniques developed by the team from International Institute of Social Ecology can come very handy.  We use our knowledge of Numerology (including our own methods of interpreting table of Pifagor) and ponder-motor writing technique (human aura and mental body diagnosis method – a process that is somewhat similar to taking an electrocardiogram) to identify person’s potential at the time of birth and discover certain stress situations in life, which cause problems with health, business or personal relationships in the present

Here is an example of a ponder-motor writing technique in action:

This technique can also be used to analyze a mental body of a person (or the body of memory) to identify the time when a person had a certain stress.

 A real life-graph example taken from a person using a ponder-motor writing technique to analyze a mental body.

After diagnosis of a person’s situation we offer visual healing techniques that can quickly help to recover from the stress and stop energy leakage from the present to solve the problems in the past. We also have a vast variety of energy techniques (tested in practice) that can help with protection and disconnection from an energy vampire, quickly recover health and help those who strayed away from the road towards realizing the mission of their own Spirit. We put our knowledge in the laws of Nature and energy-informatics into practice and offer techniques that can help during business meetings, recover health problems and protect in the negative energy situations. However, the use of these techniques should not be treated as a panacea. The main thing that a person has to change in order to be healthy, successful in business and happy in personal relationships is his or her worldview!


We all live in a multi-dimensional multi plane world. Many different resources tell us about higher planes of matter existence.  Here is the map of energy-informational world that we use in our research and we see that this theory has its proof in practice.

The main law that we use -  “Transformation of information on the higher planes to the energy on the material planes”.  According to this law, a human body on the material plane is formed in accordance with the informational programs installed on the higher planes of matter existence. As you can see from the picture above, there is an Astral, Mental, Causal, Bodhi and Atman planes (there are even higher planes, but again, this is another big topic). Using the law of “transformation of information” and our research we can say that any sickness of a human body as well as any problem in personal life or business is an outcome of a disturbance in the informational processes of the human bodies that exist on the higher planes (energy shell, mental body, causal body etc…).


We believe that our theory perfectly explains the physics of human interaction in our energy informational world and gives many answers to the questions of science, philosophy and medicine. We offer many solutions to many problems, and we use Nature as our guide and example.


 Health, Success in Business and Happiness in personal life are a given – when you live according to The Laws of Nature, know how to really Use Your Brain and follow the Mission of your Own Spirit.

You can learn a lot more about the research from the Institute's website. There is more then 10 hours for free video materials from the seminars, many articles and techniques that can help in everyday life.


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Comment by CoelenoRainbow on August 20, 2016 at 11:33am

THANK YOU!!  :)   For taking the time to write this down in one short page with diagrams and explanations!!!! For the visual learners like my self out there, this is just pleasure to learn & study from.  A very big thank you to you Dmytro Cherniavskyi !!!!!!!!!!    

Even though I see you've had 918 views on what you've written here..... Yet not a single person has bothered to take the time to say the obvious to you..... " YOU'RE AMAZING!! "

 Thank you for enlightening the rest of us who had an idea/ raw feeling about how this works and that's all.  We are all wiser from what you've shared freely with others... Thank you Dymtro!  

(I couldn't let you hit 1000 views without a well deserved.. "Thank you mate! ")


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