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May 26

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I love Gaia, the mother, The Source of creation as the Father and all my other human beings down here on Earth as my brothers and sisters. I am going through regeneration towards a higher consciousness and the beginning of cycles of time.. We were present at the beginning of Time as the warriors of the Rainbow... We return to you now at the end of time to signify the Golden Age of man is returning to the spirit of Earth Gaia... now! The only help/assistance I ever had growing up is.. but single 3 hour conversation with a Traveling Buddhist Monk name Brother Mark orgiginally from NewYork now a traveling 6ft tall Anglo Saxon appearance Buddhist Monk of 10 years inside my apartment in Hatyai, Deep Southern Thailand when I lived there for a time as a Teacher.. And now the first time in my life since the first and only 3 hours ever had is training/debate pursuit of truth with the Orange robe Traveling Monk.. A Friend of my Father's has been helping me have regular conversations about these topics which more than just great, it's excellent to have someone in your area who understands the type of things I wish to talk about and learn. When the Student is ready the Master shall appear... (I've learn't so so much on my own in just a week since his 2nd appearance as a Asended Master in training to me own my own.... It's like his arrival just encouraged me to go and find this info eventually leading to your website through the Good Doctor.... Dr. SohiniBen Shukla ... Her link with the Jeshua storey as then and now.. (I've not read it, as it errored out before I could read it) I think as I was not a member as yet. I am a Rainbow Ray Pleiadian... Warriors of the Rainbow.... I come back to you know at the turn of the tide to protect Gaia and Inspire humanity back towards the Golden Age of man. My spiritual journey of study that began as a Christian since 8 years old after my first Scripture Class in primary school had not been in vein. I was born into A non religious or spiritual family that are a extremely loving family, however not a spiritual or religious one.

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

#1 . Daniel Jackson - Fictional character in Stargate T.V. Series (Played by actor Michael Shanks) #2. Jim Carrey - The man who relieves me of concern from this world ! He awakened me through confirming what I have been studding alone for so many years alone without any guidance except my heart and something that's always been deep inside of me since I got here had not been in vein as soon as I knew I wasn't alone with this thinking when I saw his video and him looking like Moses with a massive beard on the cover of it on You-tube... (I had no idea my entire life he was and.. is so deeply spiritual ) - " Jim Carrey The Meaning.." #3. Bruce Lee - " Truly expressing your self in this life honestly... Without lying to one's self........... Now that my friends.... ..... ...... Is truly hard to do...." ( & My 2nd favorite of his quote's ) "Everyone always wants a way to win!! But never how to loose.. "To accept defeat... to learn to die!!!!! Is to be liberated from it.. So that when tomorrow comes.. You must free your ambitious mind...... & learn the art of dying.... " 4#. Arnold Schwarzenegger - 6 Rules to success video says it all really... 5#. Nicola Tesla - Enough said 6.# Albert Einstein - Enough said. 7. John F. Kennedy - "We choose to do these things because they're hard!! Not because they're easy... " I share the same Birthday as J.F.K. 8. Tupac Shakur - A person whom I also share a Birthday with and and J.F.K.. (CHANGES) - " (quote 1.) " It's time to fight back that's what Huey said.... Two shots in the dark and now Huey's dead... " "I'm tired of being poor & even worse I'm black.. My stomach hurts so I'm looking for a purse to snatch... " 9#. Martin Luther King for his speech " I have a dream" 10# .The Buddha... - For being far less critic than "Jesus Christ" with his wording and riddles/clues up the pathway to enlightenment...." 11#. Paul Sebok - My Family friend of my Father who always took the time to speak to everyone's else's kids when he would host these amazing family and friend BBQ's growing up when I was a kid and onward etc..... He has now just appeared as an Ascended Master or Master in training to me in my life and helping me once a week now, as i had recently been going through some trials in life and my parent's have no idea how to help me at all as they're not spiritually/religiously inclined. My father asked Paul to help me because even though he knows NOTHING about this "spiritual stuff.." Paul does..... ( I just never new my whole life... He's wast that spiritual, but I always got the most warming vibes of friendship and humor ) Luxi Quizeda, - An American girl from the otherside of the world to me we both fell for each other and realized it's impossible at this time in life and both let it go. (The Princess of Jupiter actually.. as it turns out Lol..) She finally taught me, after All I had been through since 12 - 28 years of age to finally love myself ..... Just as much as everyone else in this world... (They world and it's people were not always so beautiful to me growing up as a child, adolescent and teething twenties )

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"Sentient Black Goo living in our Ocean's and Oil Fields"
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"What about "VIBRANT" Ruby red and green, with swirling vibrant Purple & Gold colors ( Gold - like a sparkler ignited  ) Maybe some blue hidden underneath the vibrant purple?  Which  Ray category  would that maker me fall into??"
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