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NASA Conference announces NIBIRU PLANET -X COMETS Approach!! Are Covering Up Imminent Global Catastrophe? Posted on September 29, 2017 Written by Amy S.


NASA Conference announces NIBIRU PLANET -X

Nibiru Planet X Causing Pole Shift. Updates on what he believes about Planet X NIBIRU and a coming pole shift, and how the government and NASA are covering up imminent global catastrophe.

The nearing of Planet X Nibiru, which has comet-like tails that are attracted to the Earth because of static electricity.

How better to validate the approach of a rogue magnetic planet than observe its effect on Earth’s magnetosphere? The NICT simulator provided real-time visualizations of Earth’s magnetosphere for nearly a decade until it was abruptly terminated . Not a surprising move by the cover-up, given how vividly MagSim portrayed a progressive magnetic onslaught from Planet X that could not be blamed on the Sun. While other sources of real-time data have confirmed the deformations of Earth’s magnetosphere is worsening, the availability of such data is becoming increasingly sporadic. Relying upon thinly-veiled lies of omission, the cover-up continues to incriminate itself like a wanton criminal impervious to prosecution.

“Any plot of a magnetosphere will show output from the N Pole, regardless of what activity might be ongoing at the S Pole. Magnetons flow out from the N Pole, circle round, and return at the S Pole. What would cause the Earth’s magnetosphere to temporarily show only an outbound stream (blue lines), and this almost entirely turned quickly in space toward the direction of the Earth’s magnetic S Pole rather than arching out into space before returning, but then bypassing the Earth’s S Pole? It is as though the magnetons are diverted away from returning to the Earth’s S Pole, and this is what is occurring.

More is to come!”(sourceZetaTalk: Severe Wobble

“We have stated that the N Pole of Planet X is increasingly pointing toward Earth, forcing the magnetic N Pole of Earth to push away during the daily Earth wobble that results. If this flow of magnetons from Planet X is strong enough, the magnetons flowing out the Earth’s N Pole cannot fight the push in order to return to the Earth’s S Pole. In this case, they join the larger field temporarily formed by Planet X and the Earth, which are attempting to form an end-to-end magnet at this point, and return through the S Pole of Planet X!
What relationship, if any, does this have to the strong series of quakes in Samoa? We have described this part of the globe, the Indo-Australian plate that is being pushed under the Himalayas, as the brake point, holding back larger plate adjustment worldwide. Thus, this is where global adjustments start. This plate moves, then other adjustment that were waiting to happen can proceed. The relationship between the magnetic simulation charts showing the S Pole temporarily disappearing and the quakes is that a stronger and more violent wobble occurred when the N Pole of Planet X temporarily pointed its N Pole at Earth, forcing an end-to-end alignment of their magnetospheres. This is a preview of the severe wobble we have stated will precede the lean-to-the-left. This is the cause of the severe wobble we have predicted. More is to come!”(source) ZetaTalk: Severe Wobble

The self-proclaimed experts claim that Nibiru is now gradually slowing the rotation of the Earth, and by 2017, it will slow down by a quarter. Subsequently, the planet will cause global warming, because of which the continents, with the exception of some of the mountains, would be completely flooded. Other consequences of a rapprochement with Nibiru, according to ufologists, will be a powerful storms and volcanic eruptions.

identify threats.

In the ancient Sumero-Akkadian mythology is a relatively untested cosmological concept associated with Marduk, the Supreme deity of the Pantheon of Babylonia. It is assumed that this term designated a certain point in the night sky (most likely in the constellation of the dragon). Subsequently, a host of pseudo-scientific theories, which Nibiru appeared as an unknown “official” science planet Solar system once in 3600 years passing between Mars and Jupiter. Some of these theories imply that this planet is inhabited by intelligent beings, which in the past people believed the deities. The end of the world, to provoke the gravitational influence of planets, the proponents of such theories expected in 2012. However, as stated by serious experts, the existence of the planet Nibiru is confirmed by modern science, but is not implied by most of the Sumerian-Akkadian mythology, from which its image was allegedly taken.

It is worth noting that in recent times many people associate Nibiru with the hypothetical ninth planet in the Solar system, the probability of the existence of which in the beginning of this year, experts said California Institute of technology Michael brown and Konstantin Batygin. Although the existence of this planet will not be confirmed definitively, and to observe it directly scientists still did not work, she has acquired their own “apocalyptic” theories — in particular, earlier it was suggested that the gravitational field “of Planet X” could redirect to the face of the Earth many dangerous asteroids.

How to prepare for Planet X
A lot of people are asking “How to survive Planet X collision?” and mostly freaking out about the upcoming predictions maybe being true and the people in charge hiding it from us. If the poles shift, surviving the pole shift may be VERY difficult, however, some suggest it is doable! Being a survivalist myself, I would like to think that is possible. The reasons the poles shift is due to the “orbital halt” theory, which suggests that the gravitational influence and pull from Planet X will be so great it will cause the orbit to halt and poles to shift. Truly it would not be an orbital halt but for a split brief moment of Universal history…however, I like to think of it more like a “rotation halt” myself. Some of the historical end times disasters (such as the ice age, possibly the great flood, the dinosaurs etc), may actually be a result of a Planet X type object causing polar shifts and harsh conditions beyond unprepared survival. If indeed Planet X has come close to Earth before, as many objects in space do maintain a reliable orbit, then it is reasonable to assume at an earlier time, Planet X may have been astronomically visible to even amateurs of a much less sophisticated civilization. Perhaps Hipparchus for example, could have seen something like Planet X and not even realized it possible for a collision. After all, most civilizations believed the world to be flat, not spherical in nature; so although they may be able to observe moving objects in the sky and possibly even be able to physically see Nibiru, it is possible they could not identify a threat at all. We have much stronger capabilities in today’s modern space age, and can absolutely identify threats.

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