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Done some soul searching lately, I think Ive come to understand what is actually wrong with society.

We all live in this world where we are made to believe that we have to be good and righteous people and that if we are not then it is sinful or shameful. How is it that humans who live in an organism capable of fixing itself, with a brain capable of literally anything like replicating its very consciousness by use of raw inanimate materials, i.e. computers, robots, cars that drive themselves????!!!! The first humans would have probably been terrified, thinking it was some dark evil magic. But you see everything in life is relevant and people only fear what they don’t know or understand. We have been so distracted by all the material innovations that we barely ever stop and take the time to know and understand our very own selves. Why, because we all feel that dark bad side of ourselves, the side we have been taught to repress and be ashamed of. Maybe the road to happiness begins with the end of self-condemnation and an honest logical understanding that we are all the same- many different leaves on many different branches but all part of the same tree trunk. This century proves that humans are capable of anything and we must understand that we are all comprised of both good and bad. Yet we do not accept that and we tirelessly try to achieve perfection when we don’t even understand that perfection can only be categorised through uniqueness. Inside every person fights his own demons. How funny that society is outraged by war, when every day they are fighting their own internal battles. So now we live in a society where half the population is escaping through some addiction because they are too stubborn to forgive their own shortcomings.  The brain is technical, if it feels fear it avoids and dislikes. We have been made to fear our own darkness, we have become ashamed of it and therefore we push it down trying to forget it. We run from stillness from any moment that allows us to reflect internally. We distract ourselves with routines, goals, relationships because we know when that stillness comes we feel the guilt, fear, confusion. We aren’t happy but don’t know why… Its because we live with thoughts and feelings we have allowed to haunt us. What if we had to accept our own darkness, what if we understood that existence itself is only possible by different forces merging to form something new. A man and a women need each other to create a child, hardwear and software are perfectly matched to create technology, so then why would humans not need to be both good and bad in order to function properly. If we had to stop judging ourselves and hating ourselves we could actually learn how to use both as tools to reach the ultimate goal of life which is to learn. Good things rarely ever hold the capacity to teach us anything because when we like something we choose to enjoy it rather than dissect it. Darkness and problems call for action. Allowing your darkness to surface will award you the opportunity to get to know who the other half of who you are really is. When you understand that everyone has a dark side and you get to know your own you will be accepting it instead of fearing it. This is the only way we can learn to truly love ourselves and others, love brings forgiveness and peace. How freaking amazing would it be to wake up everyday being at peace and feeling complete. No need for any of these distractions, just truth and honesty and excitement. No fear of going out into the world and continuing that tiresome façade to keep up with appearances so that you won’t be judged. Maybe Adam and Eves story wasn’t just the story of creation but Gods way of explaining that the only way to progress is to break the rules. Why would an all knowing being enforce a law he knew Eve would break if he didn’t have a reason for it. Possibility is born from change alone, its simple math. Who wants to change something that’s already good, happiness itself becomes stagnant because it goes against nature which is to progress which is only done by learning. Things need to be broken so that we can learn how to put them back together again, either to its original form or into something new and better. Eve’s sin allowed the human soul to break, to become both good and bad so that life on earth would have the chance to progress and hold infinite possibility. There would be no point if everything was already perfect. I am so excited to start learning about myself and to truly love myself. All this has really opened up my eyes to life problems too, technically a problem isn’t actually defined as good or bad it merely calls for a solution. Problems allow us full access to the power of our minds. We get to create and process and analyse, each step teaching us something. So stop being afraid of problems they aren’t bad they are amazing opportunities to learn and progress. If you understand this you can appreciate that problems give the gift of wisdom, to access or to pass to another whenever life may call for it. Any force which resists another creates the need to be broken down, so if the purpose of life itself is to teach and human nature is to resist what we fear that which we do not know then life has no other choice but to break us down until we accept and understand what is trying to be taught. But if we embraced these moments and faced them head on, absorbing the impact, aware that all the problem asks is to be experienced once we have learnt from that experience the door to the next level is created and progression is made possible. Everything in this universe has a form and a name which means it holds a mathematical equation. Life has to give and take so that it can direct progression. Love is soft and enduring, if our souls and minds are filled with real love we too will be soft and enduring, in this state it would not be possible to be rigid and therefore we would not resist anything. That’s why when we have good days and feel happy everything in life seems to go our way and nothing really bothers us. Then something happens that shakes that happiness and everything changes and goes wrong. Our happiness fluctuates because of our doubt, when you truly know something it is impossible to doubt it. So we need to truly know ourselves so that it becomes impossible for anything or anyone to shake our happiness by creating doubt. It is possible to be constantly happy and able to absorb and learn whatever needs to be learnt. When we happy we don’t expect or want, we merely enjoy our bliss which means we are present, we exist in this very moment past scars are forgotten and future fears fade away. Love yourself enough to accept the darkness and you will unlock every secret life has to offer… I find that more exciting than any extramural activity or material possession the corporations have created to make money. They have accepted their darkness and therefore they have accessed their infinite possibilities. We have chosen to blindly follow them but we must take back control. We shouldn’t be offended by the ones who were brave enough to take what they wanted, we should be more offended by the fact that we never thought we were good enough or allowed ourselves to be worthy of our own love in order to live the lives we were born to live and so dying without the treasure of having a life filled with purpose and meaning. People are so stuck on loyalty yet they aren’t even loyal to themselves. Stop giving any thought to any other person long enough to learn how to love yourself and you will create an unstoppable human being, truly grounded and ready to deal with anything life brings. So if you want to fix your life accept that you are broken and let that imperfection reveal all of its power. The only thing to remember is that your soul will become whichever side you feed, so don’t feed either merely accept and appreciate both aspects and just BE. Not good or bad, worthy or unworthy but all-encompassing because when we are everything we can be ANYTHING.

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