my mrs make's me laugh sometime's!

My girlfriends room-mate rang up my cousin tonight to give me a message
Apparently when lisa (the room-mate) had gotten home there where bolt cutters ontop of the freezer
Kristy (my mrs) had gotten into lisa’s $50 ice cream because i pissed her off and she felt like ice cream
Not realising ofcoarse that it’s made with rum soaked berrie’s and get’s you tanked,
Before lisa had gotten home kristy had hidden her phone to keep it safe and put choc on the carpet lol
Then lisa say if he piss her off again i getting cat of 9 tails out and getting him with it, kristy is in the background going you can’t do that to my man lol, lisa’ going watch me, kristy say fine i’ll get the pop-corn and chocolate, then went back to you can’t do that to my man!
Apparently she had gotten over what i did this morning and making me pay a little then got tanked and thought it was even funnier, might i add my mrs is pregga’s with twins O.O
What i did this morning is because she on a certain plan and work phone i’m not allowed to call, and i’m not suppose to answer her calls only text but she can ring me and leave voice mail, she’s wierd and quirky like that half the reason i love her, she really isn’t like any other girl lol
Now this ENTIRE event started because i answered the phone this morning half asleep and didn’t realise it was her and she got shitty with me because i’m not suppose to
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