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Zombie Land


          So I am awake, while existing here in Zombie Land.

Yet it is so painful to be awake

 Here in Zombie Land.


I am understanding why Nature does not use words to speak—words

Which are the masks we hide behind, in Zombie Land.

That is why we cannot stand Silence…it forces us to wonder,

What else is there beyond Zombie Land.


Nature, just…has a way, to still remain

 alive in this Land,

where those that are deaden,

Cannot see Life and Beauty,

 even though it parades before their eyes.


                                  As far as I, I feel closer to the trees,

The water, the birds, than to those who

Inhabit a similar shell to mine.


For what good is a body without an essence


I would not mind trading places with you—Nature.

At least in this form of being, I’d be rooted with all forms of life.

We’d be one in all and all in one,

in the cycle of nature, in the nature of Life


The birds would sing in my ear,

The raindrops would kiss my skin

 and the wind caress my frame


But here, in Zombie Land the only sensations are those obsessions

Which serve to drain our essence—the endless worries which leave us empty.


                                            Joy, truth and Love

Among other seeds…


Are starving for Light and the freedom to grow


        Here, I am made ashamed to feel, to want to merge with the one breath of Nature—because here, they say my “problem” is,

 “that I am just too sensitive”


Zombie Land has no cycles of life but rather deadly daily routines

Which wither away the soul.


So despite staring Life right in the face,

I am forced to wear a mask—knowing what I know,

I am still paralyzed by a fear to move,

I fear the Zombies around me will not accept me.

So I wear my mask.


But each day I wear it, it deadens me less and less,

For I know that paradise has to be lived from within…

While here in this land of Masks


The Zombies strike meaningless conversation with me

And all I keep thinking behind my mask is how much long…e..rrr...

Till I can go speak with the Trees,


Even though they do not move

 Their mouth to speak,

Like the Zombies,

Our conversations are always so…

 meaningful and loving.


They always laugh at my mask.


Yet they Love my essence

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Comment by Search for Gnosis on October 25, 2011 at 2:54pm

Just sharing some experience regarding this which perhaps could be of some value...


If we want to break free from these low internal states which make us Zombies (asleep)... We need to be in awareness... That is how one can start to come out of those states... Observe the external world and the internal world of thoughts and emotions... And for every low internal state (thought, emotion, feeling) one can spot, ask for its disintegration and it will go away... But do so in awareness, calmly... Live to feed the essence... Be aware as much as possible, and every low state that wants to take away this awareness, to drain our essence, that comes up, ask for its disintegration... This has to me proven very powerful if done correctly...


“Watch and pray” was the heritage left by Christ for the courageous. Watch is to do everything awakened; pray is a feeling of ardent yearning to be one with the Being. However, he who prays and watches, even though they do it in an imperfect way, will receive generous help and he will learn to receive generously as well…The help is in the Here and it is Now.

Comment by Darek on February 12, 2011 at 6:53am

"Bear sorrows and calamities patiently, otherwise you will never be happy..."



Comment by Darek on February 12, 2011 at 6:51am


I have been there...done that

If you want to share you knowledge you must change strategy. Wait untill they come to you. Dont speak!!! Wait. Ready souls will come first....

You dont want to scare your family!!!

My mother is very affraid about me... She is not affraid of world which is changing. she is affraid of me to be hurt. Becouse knowledge is dangerous sometimes...

SO STOP be "crazy"



STOP scaring Your Family... if You love them. They will come. In order which is known... not by You :P

Comment by Darek on February 12, 2011 at 6:40am

Thank YOU for putting my thouts in beautiful words...

Chodzi mi o to, aby język giętki / Powiedział wszystko, co pomysli głowa. Juliusz Słowacki (1809 - 1849)


You Are Angel comming here to wake Us up...


Comment by amparo alvarez on February 11, 2011 at 5:02am

Yuriana you have put in your own beautiful words such truth..I believe we all go through the same experience with family, friends and strangers...As time goes by and one moves forward in this espiritual journey, one transcends all of that...I told my sister in Spain about how things are changing and about the awakening movement...I have not said anything about myself yet...Well, she has answered my e-mails but with no reference to any of that...I am giving her time, sooner or later she will see...I hope...Thanks for sharing your beautiful poem and for accepting my friendship...With much love always...

               ~ SACRED GEOMETRY ~
Comment by Yuriana on February 10, 2011 at 9:40pm
I'm so happy for you Drome! it's a coming out for sure!! :D
Comment by Drome on February 10, 2011 at 9:10pm

I Love your poem!

How true, this is what I experienced as well.

This year/month I broke the silence, everyone may know, I dropped all my fears.

My spirit and body are so rapidly changing, I needed to do.

However not many know yet.

I started with my family, and they reacted amazed.

Yesterday I informed my grandmother, I still wait at her reaction by e-mail.

She is a Christian, shall she believe her son is making up for enlightment?

Did he see the light, is it true what he told about Jesus/Sananda Kumara?

She has my Love, I have her Love.

Then next; my friends, that will be joy, I am already walking around with a big smile. :D



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