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Lately I have been getting alot of information, mostly through dreams and some blocks are just planted into me after sleeping as simple knowing.

This place is beyond time and space, or at least our time and space.

Life circles are 3700 years, not sure what these years are, earth years, or other years, but that was very clearly shown to me.

Most from there are of an iceblue ray. I AM of the Ice Blue Ray.

There are no leaders. The telepathy, telempathy, shared mind, collective concoiousness just is. All contribute to the collective conciousness, and all are totally connected at all times to the collective. From this link to the collective, all are able to USE FREE WILL and make choices which is for their own and the collective best.

There is much 'traffic' from this place. The life circles are often spent elsewhere. And the ability to travel to anywhere or anytime is there for all.

It all goes through a lane of 8. And this opens the endless portals that can reach anywhere.

Everything here is harmonious, very varied, the being are intelligent and gifted beyond what is comprehensible to the human mind.

Being in harmony and peace does not mean giving up on creativity and free will. Creativity, knowing, intelligence, science, wisdom and abilities have no end.

It is so amazing and beautiful. I just had to share.


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