my first dream with space crafts!!

so ive been meditating daily for about a week, and it seems that my dreams have been occurring more and more, which is exactly what i hoped. last night i had a rather brief but amazing dream, one that i will never forget.

it was at night time and i was hanging outside of my house with my band mates, and we looked into the night sky and notice there were moving lights, at first they were just kind of drifting amongst the atmosphere, but then it shot across the sky at a super fast speed and started doing these maneuvers, and from then we were all super excited we were looking at a ufo. the one we saw first had a very angular body shape and was very massive compared to the ones that came after it.
we then saw about a dozen more appear in the sky, and these ones were more spherical glowing lights which sometimes showed a different color around them. my friends started to get worried and panicky, but i can remember myself saying to them " they're here! yes!" i was overwhelmed with excitement and readiness.
one of the crafts started to draw closer to my house, and as it did i stepped in front of everyone who was inching back. One of my friends tried to hold me back, but i told him to release me because i knew i needed to do this. i was then standing directly under the craft. i closed my eyes and i felt my body become weightless and i knew i was being brought up inside. it was so amazing!!
i then found myself standing before a group of humans who were sitting, watching me enter. they were all different and dressed differently. behind me was about 4 more people who were sitting also.
above them was a screen that was showing things i do not recall. they asked me a question of race and discrimination in my world and in my experiences, and what this awakening movement would do for that situation. i answered the question with compassion and with my own understandings of who i am today. it kind of seemed like i was trying to prove to them something or vote for something that was being debated.

i do not recall anything really after i answered the question, but i am so glad i had that dream. it was just what i needed.
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