My experience of evidence of (something) in the air.

Hello,I just had a really eye opening experience. I was outside, and I looked up into the trees and noticed something that I have always overlooked until that moment. I blurred my eyes a bit and where the slight wind was blowing the leaves of the trees I started to notice that the light of the sun was also moving through these trees at a perfectly changing pace, and within patterns which shifted from darkness and light with perfect liquid flickering movement. The only way I can describe this is being similar to glitter glistening as it moves with the light, only in a perfect digit to digit transition which is fully consistently changing back and forth from darkness to light. the bigger picture, especially when blurred, looks like a digital screen with flickering leaves dancing in perfect repeating patterns.Very very cool experience. I also saw a rainbow overhead and light workers constantly moving and shifting above me in the direct sky. I have never seen this before either, until now. Just thought I'd share this with you!!! Peace, Gia
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  • Sounds to me like the Angels of the Sun were communicating with sensing this below will be of interest to you.

    13 degrees Scorpio
    The Angels of The Sun
    Also known as The Angels of Trasorim

    Beloved, we are the angels of the sun. The sun is life. We
    have inspired mankind with this idea since the origin of
    time. We have allowed mankind to make inventions during
    the course of time which have brought the use of the power
    of the sun. We teach you to use the rays of the sun by
    application of colored filters for various medical purposes.

    We are the originators of the colour-light treatment.
    Medicines which are influenced by the colored light of the
    sun, in analogy to the universal laws, show a better quality
    and capacity and have a better dynamic effect than
    medicines produced in the normal way.

    The rays of the sun are actually streaming information. This
    information originates from galactic center, which is the
    central sun. In India galactic center is historically referred
    to as the "Eye of Buddha". The solar sun is a step-down
    transformer of this energy.

    By isolating different colors of the spectrum through
    the use of filters, specific domains of information can be
    concentrated and collected. Each color of the spectrum
    carries specific information. In a previous angel message,
    message number 25 of the 28 day cycle, the colors of the
    seven main ganglia of glands, or chakras, in the human
    body were described in terms of function and also color.
    This description can be used to explain the domain of
    information for each of the colors.

    These are:

    The first chakra - a brilliant hue of ruby red, is supreme
    happiness and abundance and health in the world of form..

    The second chakra - scintillating shades of fiery orange, is
    the ability to relate in sacredness and intimacy with other
    expressions of God in form.

    The third chakra - gold and yellow like the shining sun, is
    the perfection of the personal will in attunement with the

    The fourth chakra - endless varieties of emerald green, is the
    of the emotional nature.

    The fifth chakra - infinite sapphire blue, is the doorway of
    unlimited creativity and the ability to manifest the qualities
    of the ONE BEING.

    The sixth chakra - deepest shades of indigo blue, is the
    infinite space of ALL WISDOM and perception.

    The seventh chakra - shades of flaming violet and purple,
    is the merging with the almighty connection with the

    These are the seven candlesticks that appear in symbolic
    form in many religions in many worlds. Visualize and see
    the colors swirling around your being at the places where
    the encircling bands of the chakra energy reside.

    The first chakra - beautiful and pure Ruby Red, is glowing
    around your lower body at the base of your spine .

    The second chakra - blazing shades of Orange, Shine forth
    from your body below your navel;

    The third chakra - Sunlight Yellow, Shines like a sun from
    your solar plexus;

    The fourth chakra - endless shades of Emerald Green,
    Flows like an ocean in your heart;

    The fifth chakra - infinite sapphire Blues, Emerges in your

    The sixth chakra - Deep and endless Indigo Blues; Forming
    an infinite space within your forehead;

    The seventh chakra - an up reaching Violet flame, at the
    crown of your head merging with the infinite Being of God.

    We have given you much information, and it need not be
    difficult to make practical use of it. For instance, if your
    health is weak, putting a simple piece of red cellophane on
    your window where the sun shines through and sitting in
    it will revitalize your physical body. You may increase it's
    potency even more if, at the same time, you meditate on
    infinite abundance and security in the world of form. Your
    immune system and vitality will be greatly strengthened
    over time.

    The potential of these domains of information that are
    encoded in the colors of the rays of the sun is so great, that
    seemingly miraculous results can be obtained by using
    them for various purposes.

    Divine Providence has ordained that the ancient knowledge
    of the original and grandest computer of them all, the light
    of the universe, be rediscovered and put to use at this time.

    It is we who have urged you to access information by
    looking at the sun, so that your optic nerve can download
    the streams of information into your hypothalamus,
    pituitary, and pineal glands. Looking at the sun can be done
    safely at sunset and sunrise, and through other means such
    as looking through the leaves of a tree at small streams of
    light. Information can even be received by looking at the
    reflection of sunlight on water, or any other reflective
    surface. Even the light of the moon, which reflects sunlight
    onto the earth at night, carries the information of the sun's

    The human eye is the only eye of any mammal that has
    Ôthe whites of the eyes'. This is because light goes forth
    from the eyes as well as into it. This is the meaning of
    "darshan, the gaze of the master". When you look directly
    at the sun's rays, you can send information as well as
    receive it through the optic nerve. Remember to pray as
    well as receive when you gaze at the light.

  • I know isn't it amazing!!!
    Peace my dear brothers
  • very cool!
  • Thank you!!!
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