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The Music of the Spheres is always the music of evolution of the universe. There also times within the structure of evolution when one planet has completed its journey and is ready to ascend into a higher sphere of music that will create an ascension into a completely new reality. The use of the Ascension Portal structure is a key part of any Ascension. It is the Portal that extends from the Creation Realm and through all of the Music of the Spheres to absorb all of the music of all of the dimensional realities into a new wisdom, a new symphony, a new creation. The Vortex Structure of the Ascension Portal allows the new music to move through the Planet that is ready to ascend and then to extend the new life into the new reality on the other side of the Planet. This is why an Ascension Portal must move from one side of the planet and out the other side of the planet. The structure of the Portal has a very large circumference on the outer sides of the planet and a much smaller size in the center of the planet.

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