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Murphy's Law , Believe it or not; Got new implant yesterday? but maybe surgery to fix old implants, Thanks Aucturians !

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I think I have about 6 or 7 implants, back when I was writing my e-book 2012-20 New Earth Survival (2007-10) I discovered two more implants, cords going over my eyes up into diamond cut holes where my nose meets my forehead and I presume up into my brain. There is one for each eye and the scars are identical, so I suppose there are two in my brain area. Thats plus the 1 or 2 I had left over from before and a scraping that they did which was where the spine meets the head and it bleed a lot in the beginning its like my lupus scars that never really heal.Then several yr's ago I thought I broke a knuckle bone in my left hand. They took two x- rays of my hand and in the x-ray's I found another implant in the webbing between my thumb and index finger. They put on a temporary cast and when I went back for the cast they took 2 more x-rays and the implant was still there. I told the Doc's at the hospital about it but they could not explain it and the bone was healed,except for splinter or two, which was the same bone I had broken many yrs before in a serious motorcycle accident, so have 4 x-rays now if it. Last yr I went on a raw vege diet and lost some fat around my stomach era and discovered a ring like implant around my belly h*** and as with other of my implants,if I play with them to much they hurt,so I only play with them a little.

So not only are we Transhumans but it looks like some of us are becoming a cyborg too. I have read much and watched many vids about implants and it is said that only a professional should try to remove them, that it is dangerous to our life's especially like the one's in my brain, only special ET;s can do that after the EVENT happens,so I am waiting for that. As I said, I have many sleep disorders, some come from the DC and being captured and others from Satan for the work I am doing. Anyway yesterday was really bad ,had the strangest dreams and could not sleep, even with strong natural pills.I had not felt that strange for many yr.s sense I was captured back in the mid 90's. So I tried to get up many times but was to dizzy and had a terrible headache, which I thought was from lack of sleep, so I stayed the h*** day in bed and finally I fell to sleep only to have a nightmare of being shot in the head but survived with loss of memory and something always leaking out, in the dream.

 And today I looked in the mirror to put calamine on the wood poison I got from all those fallen tree's that I have been cleaning up over the last mo. and there in the exact spot where the wound was in the dream was a now scar, not a straight cut across but slanting down about 1/2 in.. It looks like a scoup that they do to take tissue and DNA, except in the middle when I played with it I noticed another smaller scar going up about 1/4 in. and the area around it is swollen and in the middle now looks like a scar from a gunshot wound ! I have been shot at a lot here in Belize and I thought USA was bad. I do teach about the EVENT every where I go and I put up poster's and give out this site and give my books away. I have never seen so many alien's in one spot before as here plus the US and UN military and I have seen a lot over the yr;s and put it in my books.

I try to balance the DC info with spiritual info including this site. I read my poetry and play my music about all of this in the new downtown park but many attempts have been done on my life here.I was shot at 12 times in 2004 & 6 times in 2006 but all of them missed.So just in case I am writing this for someone to find if something more strange happens and of course to all my hopefully friends here and the work I have done on ACC in the last 6 yrs or so and in case I don't get my web site back up. I now that that the Aucturians answered my prayers and operated on me to fix my old brain implants that have been leaking a lot of tears, as they are better today. I do not want sympathy but am open to discussions and maybe this will help others who are going through these strange times and problems with implants indeed! L&L Adonai

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Comment by Drekx Omega on August 1, 2015 at 10:06am

Thanks very much for the update on your Belize situation, Joshua.....I'm very pleased to hear that your dog is recovering after the terrible treatment delivered by a criminal attacker...I hope the police track that culprit down, at some stage...

And nice to hear that you share Lisa's Cherokee connections....Yes, she's an amazing gal and has English roots too, which include famous ancestors such as Alice A. Bailey, the great esotericist who produced volumes of literature between 1919 and 1949...Master Dwhal Khul.......

Also, Lisa is an ancestor and descendent from the amazing literary marvel, whose works are known world-wide, Edgar Allen Poe......I enjoy his poetry and you being a poet yourself, we no doubts be fully aware of his works...

I've lost count at the sheer numbers of movie adaptions of Poe's works....Roger Corman produced several very good ones, staring actor Vincent Price...

Bless you and hope your dog makes a full recovery...Drekx Omega

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on August 1, 2015 at 9:37am

It seems that we have more in common than I thought.I too am part Cherokee and celtic Irish, and have had much tragedy in my life and past life's. And now here we are communicating which is the road to relationships through union. As for the dog the Vet said today he was beaten with a lg stick and not hit by a truck, which leads back to the gaut. gang. I made a police report today and then went to his house, the lock and dogs are gone seems he has moved to another part after all his dirty deeds but he is still free and the police are looking for him, sometimes.

The vet also said my dog has a lot of water in him from me hosing his wounds down and that causes bacteria and new infections, so I was told to get the water out and how to do it, I spent over 4 hr.s removing the water from his wound and several times he stopped breathing I rubbed him and prayed as well as I gave him my energy and he came back both times. He seems to be doing better now that the pus and water is out or a good portion of it. I must continue the daily shots and pills if he is to live , for a period of two wks.

I presume he tried to stop them from robbing me and they tried to kill him as they tried to kill me, but we are still here and the leader has moved on to another part to do his dirty work. People are not allowed to have guns here of any kind, so only the criminals have guns and weapons and we are at there mercy. I never had these problems before until we got electric and poisoned water, so now the upper class is moving in and so are the criminals. Thanks for the uplifting guys, L&L Adonai

Comment by Drekx Omega on July 30, 2015 at 3:46pm

I'm tickled pink too, darling....I would just like to add, for the benefit of our friends who watch, but may not understand the meaning of the expression; "tickled pink," it simply means very happy...We are very happy that PRIME CREATOR (who is beyond all frequency limits) is so good to us....Thank you dear and thank you rev....Glad your poor dog is recovering, as what you described, about the pus, etc, sounded horrendous...good luck friend..........Blessings to all....Drekx Omega

Comment by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser on July 30, 2015 at 2:33pm

I am so tickled pink creator is so good to us... Drekx and I both thank him daily for bring he and I together after tragedy in both our lives and we thank him for building a friendship bridge with you too.... I don't believe God brings us friends he brings us family....I'm an excellent reader of people but once my friend I will love unconditionally a d protect with my life for they are my I say its a blessed day creator brought a brother and sister together that's cause for celebration... Love a d joy

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 30, 2015 at 12:22pm

I thought I would let you know, the new Vet that I went to is the exactly the same place where he got hit. The mechanic was across the street. When I got there he was there too. I said I would talk to him about the very expensive price and the dog but my dog was in bad condition the infection was very lg and was spreading through out his body, probably from a cracked rib. I got him there just in time but the female vet. could not remove the huge amount of pus. They had to lance it about one in''. and she sold me pills. She was a Johova's witness and a very lg women but had much love and did not charge me for he late service. We talked about 2 or 3 hrs. about the events to come. I was to come back in 6 days after the pus was gone.She said he would have a lg scar. She also said the Guatamalan man does drive to fast and has almost her dogs many times and has no feelings for them, he may have thought the dogs were hers but saw they were mine and did not say he had hit him, when he saw me put them back in the truck.

Come to find out she went to school with my neighbor long time ago. I removed the pus today as the pills work there healing and I am giving him a antibiotic shot every day. That pus smelled so BAD it almost made me sick. The good news he is much better and is walking around even though he has a limp and has a new shining glitter in his eye and is happy once again. I wash the wound and clean it every couple of hr.s.

     And the drug addict neighbor who stole his sperm 2 times and sold the pups to get more red cap and crack lost most of the pups and will not give me one for all the free pups so my new partner is trying to buy it from him for Guat. gang stole his 2 dogs and sold them same as they sold my stuff back to other neighbors, so fri. I go to make a police report.Come to find out this gang is in front of me, on the side of me and behind me. But this time the police did do there job and caught one and shot at the other two as they ran away so they have stopped stalking me and T.M. I go to get the new fence. Thanks Lisa for being there for me during all of this strange Murphy's law. I think you have proved to be a good friend and I will send a request to you. God Bless L&L Adonai

Comment by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser on July 28, 2015 at 3:42pm

Oh my good I hope those others get just desserts and your business thrives may creator shine on you and bless all your goodly godly ventures much love and light.

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 28, 2015 at 3:28pm

I AM STILL HERE, I did finally call the police on this new gang after I have enough evidence on them.Two of the 3 got away and come to find out they are my neighbors as well. Need to go today to make report and take the dog to the Vet. And I will now start to put up a big fence. I am also going to start a lawn care service with another neighbor whom I trust but has a alcohol problem, for I have all this equipment but can't use most of it because of my disability. Maybe this is the answer to get closure to my neighbors as they too are having problems with these other neighbors, indeed ! Adonai

Comment by Lisa Barnthouse-Fraser on July 26, 2015 at 10:25am

My goodness you have all my prayers and your puppy lots of healing hugs and love heals all its a gift from creator...

Comment by rev.joshua skirvin on July 26, 2015 at 10:16am

I am praying for those above, angel's or ET to send help to me as I have two cracked hips and the lupus disease always seem to find its way there to make it worse. And I noticed it is the worse when they keep spraying us with the deadly CHEM-TRAILS. The DC wont to get rid of the Elders and the very young 1st and especially people like me who are spilling the beans. I except your apology Drekx. We are now friends once again and Thanks Lisa it seems LOVE has helped you both and I hope it will help me soon for my Dog was hit by a sm. truck ( by the guy who is rebuilding my diesel engine on the SUV.) so I have to pray for him too, now both  of us are disabled, fulfilling the old saying that the dog looks like the master. Read my last two posts,huh Adonai

Comment by Drekx Omega on July 26, 2015 at 9:59am

Sorry about your illness...It must be very difficult to receive the help you need in a country like Belize...especially where you are located....Anyway, good luck and bless you rev....I know we have fallen out in the past, but wanted to say, no hard feelings...and I wish you well....Cheers, Drekx


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