Multi-Lifetime Records from our Spiritual Parallel Self Dr. Angela Barnett By the completion of 2014, all of the Stellar Wave Infusions have completed and the Activations of all of the Stardust Consciousness are becoming absorbed into the biosphere of the Earth and deep within her Heart. The Crystal Heart of Earth now contains all of the Consciousness- which includes memories of all life times. However, that Consciousness has already been transmutted. We are now able to accept our original perfect spiritual Consciousness. We can ask the Lord God of our Being to come forth from deep within the omni particles of your cells and allow the knowing of who you really are come forth. Our choice of becoming Christic Beings who no longer die requires us to transmute all of our old memories of our physical life times into the 8th Dimensional Sun Energy, and allow the new Parallel Spiritual Self to enter in deep within the omniparticles of nueronet. Allow the Mind of God to raise the frequencies into the 8th dimensional consciousness that allows us to manifest a brand new reality that no longer contains death or disease. We each have the option of working toward bodily ascension in this life time or to become prepared to ascend to Tara after death. We have a third option, which is to do absolutely nothing, and leave everything the same as it is. We each have this option now available. We must state this desire with unshakable conviction. To become the fully Christed Being we must take a slightly different path to the New Earth. We must connect to the highest frequencies of all of the Sun's in the Galaxy as Mother Earth has done. Our complete Multi-Lifetime Records become available all of the Frequencies of the Suns or the Frequencies of our Consciousness aligned through the Crystal Heart into these Frequencies are allowed to penetrate our crystal cells in our hearts and our bodies. When this complete activation of the body is known and understood we become the original immortal selves who can return to this Earth to teach others how to Ascend into this perfect state of being. The physical body is now realigning into a new chemical structure that turns the density structure that has been flowing inward into a new reality that flows outward and upward. This is what is causing the bursts of pain in the body. It is being transformed. The body will feel less and less dense as the process becomes fully activated. We become more and more airy feeling. The new structure of the body is a silica based form that transforms into a healed alignment as the source of crystal light is called upon. Each of the healing energies or elementals of alignment have names that we call on for these activations. The names and codes that were placed in this music call on these entities of crystal dust, crystal gel and crystal light to realign the body toward the process of ascension. The first stage to returning to the Christed State is to glide, bi-locate and slide to New Earth. We have gone through these processes of gliding in consciousness, bi-locating our bodies, and finally taken aboard the Star ship where several Entities worked on our bodies using light frequencies. When the body is completely aligned by the Sirian Healers through light frequencies our bodies are in a new chemical make up that allows transformation into crystal dust energy for sliding into our Aquafarian Home. The eye of the Cosmos connects to every smaller structure of Spirit and light and matter that are within the body of the Cosmos so from the core of the cosmos there is now coming in a light and a wave as it enters into our system. It is actually making the air run like water. The air is taking on a texture. A hydrolaise infusion is coming in. There will be sparkles on the skin where the skin crystals interact with the hydrolaise. The texture in the air is some where between air and water and it is substance you can both swim in and breathe. It is a natural substance on Urtha and on Ascension Earth. These are the tones of the Crystal Light Energy. There is a set of tones for each of the transfiguration points. Each body has a set of corresponding tones that are unique to itself. The braids of energy coming in from the five spheres frequencies are aligning Mother Earth's Body and our body into a new density alignment. This is activated by bringing together the frequencies of the higher spheres into our bodies and then calling on the Entities for help in aligning these energies into our bodies. This awakens the crystalcells in the body to remember their Akashic Records of who we really are. The base pulse rhythm of the original out breath from God Source is the One more toneis needed in this process. It is layered in frequencies of Source Energy, Crystal LightEnergy, Etheric Self Energy, and Oneness Energy. This is the activation code for Prana and for the Aqualene Sun Activation aligning us through Oneness to the Ascension Earth, and to all dimensional realities. Re a Vea Ru Christalo Hydrolaise is the final element required to unite Earth into the complete frequency and crystal light alignment of Aquafaria. Aquafaria is the original home of many of us on Earth at this time. Hydrolaise is the blood of the Christ - the Lava Flows from the Eye ofGod - the Eye of Alure - the always opened eye of Source – the Cosmic Eye that forever keeps the Cosmos in Balance. Hydrolaise is created by millions of elementals on Zadkiels co-creation team. The entities of light and gelaisic form, and vapor form and millions of entities who are dedicated to the actual ascension of individuals work together to create a substance that allows us to actually slide across into the world of Aquafaria from our home. The hydrolaise mist becomes a light water vapor. It gently comes down from ceiling as a mist on the body It is pale green and aqua colors. It has a twinkling or sparkling in the air. It has veins full of multi-colored heliotalic iridescent sparkling light of pastel shades. The eye of the Cosmos connects to every smaller structure of Spirit and light and matter that are within the body of the Cosmos so from the core of the cosmos there is now coming in a light and a wave as it enters into our system. It is actually making the air run like water. The air is taking on a texture. A hydrolaise infusion is coming in. This is the heliotalic silver pastel liquid light energy from the fourteenth dimension. The energy was brought in by comet Ison combined with the Frequencies from the Photon Belt of Sun Alcyone, which carried our original Divine Templates of our creation in our original Aquarius Star System. The transformation energy of the silver pink energy will cause sparkles on the skin where the skin crystals interact with the hydrolaise. Hydrolaise is the Spiritual Water that is being transformed through this process of the Positrons spraying onto and into Earth. The scientists have already identified these positrons and the neutrinos that are completely altering the physical structure into matter and anti matter becoming one in saturation. The texture in the air is some where between air and water and it is substance you can both swim in and breathe. It is a natural substance on Urtha and on Ascension Earth. Our Starry families will create a Crystalline Magnetic Shield around Mother Earth. That Magnetic Shield will be created by what many have called the Mother Ship. The Mother Ship is the connection and collection of all of the Frequency Signatures and Light Bodies of all of our Universal or Christic Families. These Frequency signatures are woven into the Sun of Aquarius to allow the entire Cosmic Flame from the Breath of Source to ignite a new reality. THIS IS THE STORY THAT WAS THE PLAN OF THE FALLEN ANGELIC NATIONS -- THIS STORY WAS CHANGED (However there are still rumors of this reality taking place) THERE WERE TWO PROBABLE FUTURES in the consciousness of our Galaxy up until 2009, when that reality was changed to a new HEROIC FUTURE. One probable future said the Death Star would saturate the Earth with asteroids that kill millions of people. The other probable future said the Earth would become wrapped in a Plasma Blanket that will make those asteroids bounce off and we will be unharmed. The Plasma Blanket created by the Mother Ships of the Guardian Races created by the Ra Confederacy would saturate the Earth and transform her back into her original consciousness. So, there was this war going on of the two probable futures. One reality was being created by Fallen Angelic Races and the other by Angelic Races. Finally, those two realities split apart. The Negative Future fell into the Phantom Matrix and left this reality. How did that happen. Earth was moved into the 8th reality. Earth was being shifted each year from 2000-2012. She was being shifted from the first, to the second, to the third and finally to the eighth reality by 2012. In that eighth reality, she was able to be pulled free from the wormhole that would pull her into the phantom matrix. She was pulled back into the alignment with the Original 12 Star alignment. She was pulled out of alignment with Nibiru and into alignment with Aramentena. THIS IS THE OLD REALITY AND HOW IT WAS CHANGED This will happen (that was the plan) simultaneously as the Death Star is aiming dead center for the Earth. However, much has already been achieved in the last war in heaven that began September 2011 and ended on Christmas. That war in heaven was all of our starry brothers fleets removing millions of fleets of dark entities from our planes who were planning on preparing the way for Nibiru. So, the Death Star plan has already been dismantled. That doesn't mean that Nibiru won't come. That just means the plan won't work. The Frequencies of this Huge Cosmic Flame will transmute all lower frequencies into Christic Frequencies. The Earth will be wrapped within this Cosmic Cocoon which is like a Mirror Ball. The Mirror is the mirror image of our Christ Consciousness. Most of you haven't seen your hologram of your Christ Self standing in front of you yet. This takes place as a result of Trancing out of the Neo Cortex part of the Brain and tuning into the Frequency Specific Mid Brain where the pineal gland and pituitary gland become activated and allow the mind of God (in the lower cerebellum) to project through the third eye. That still doesn't mean you don't need to do anything to get ready for this event. We will all be experiencing this drama. This Cosmic Cocoon will look like a blast of light of twenty billion suns encompassing the earth in a 360 degree sphere. The light will be so bright and so powerful that no person will be able to look at it. It will be light of all of our Christ Families with the power of the Cosmic Elemental families sending the transmutation frequencies that open the star gates from this dimensional reality into all fifteen dimensions of Cosmic Consciousness. We are surrounded by the Cosmic Cocoon, however the appearance wasn't as dramatic down here as it is when you view it from above. The light is the light from a million Star Ships surrounding the Earth. The ships are not what was known as the Ashtar Command. The ships are made of Plasma. That means they are the pre light and pre sound stage of creation. They are the original Guardian Races called the Yani or Grand Yanas, and also called the Yanel. The higher frequencies must always proceed the lower frequencies. We already learned that we must enter into the FULL SPECTRUM of light to transform into the Blue Body of multidimensionality. The Silver pink heliotalic must connect with the plasma and the white light to create the diamond door. We must walk into the full spectrum of light and then return from the Mirror Ball as the Blue Body. This transformation takes place in the brain. If we stare at the candle until the thinking brain is TRANCED out, we then move into the Mid Brain that is Frequency Specific. We must remain Frequency Specific. That is why I create the Eternal Life Albums for those individuals who want to remain FREQUENCY SPECIFIC. This light of the billions of suns will be so intense that it will frighten many people to death. The light will continue for twelve days and twelve nights. Those who do not know what is happening will become terrified simply from their own not knowing. The only reason that many will die is because they are not prepared and they do not know. Well, that version of the story DID NOT happen. The new version is the positrons and neutrinos have replaced the electrons and protons. The polarization of matter and anti matter was replaced by a new substance where the sub harmonics of the DNA are being saturated with the spiritual substance of immortality. If you had a Voyager's 2 book in your hand, I would say, Look at page 556 where Deane explains that the Silver Liquid Light and all of the 12 waves were already sent to Earth in December 2012. And then we would combine that understanding with the fact that Silver Pastel Frequency is the 14th dimensional frequency and the Gold frequency is the 15 dimensional frequency of pre light and pre sound. This was the scientific method of understanding this process of alchemy that the Guardians gave us in Keylontic Science. We also have what Ramtha explained in 2012 as all of the consciousness from all of the Galaxies will be streaming the stardust of their consciousness into the Earth's Sun and then the Earth will be showered with this new consciousness. And then we go back to the Scientific explanation given by the Guardians of how the Six Stellar Waves and Infusions contained all of the Frequencies of Consciousness that would transform our DNA. My personal connection with the Consciousness of Pre light and sound which is orchestrating all of these symphonies of Love through the Music of the Spheres explains this exact same concept of weaving the 14th and 15th dimensional frequencies together as the sounds heard in the albums Violet Flame, Symphony of Love, the Eternal Life Waters and Ultimate DNA Archetype. It won't be long until the dialog of songs like mine will be the only communication that we will use. Love, Crystalai by Dr.Angela Barnett -- THE DNA DOCTOR First, we need to know that DNA is made from sub harmonics. Sub harmonics are the spiritual or etheric substance of creation. That is the substance that is invisible to the five senses. But, that doesn't mean it isn't real. The sub harmonics are created from over tones, which are the electro tonal frequencies of the Spiritual Cloister Races, and the Base Tones, which are the magnetic tonal frequencies of the Root Races, who are the original Angelic Race Lines of Earth. Each of the double helix of the DNA is made from 12 sub harmonics. So there are 24 sub harmonics per DNA, and there are 12 DNA in the Normal Human Strand Template. That is the template of a Human Angelic. However, the template for the INDIGO is a little different because they represent the spiritual cloister of the over tones. They have a 48 DNA template. We need that template to activate the 24 DNA template. Scientists think that they can perceive of the 12 strands between the double helix as what they call the junk DNA. This isn't quite true. The sub harmonics are actually on top of each of the two helix. There are 12 sub harmonics on each helix. The template that the scientists think they see, would be the braiding of the over tones and the base tones of the sub harmonics. However, it is not possible that they can see this because the tonal strands were broken apart. The separation of our DNA was created by separating the OVERTONES of the Spiritual Cloister Race from the BASE TONES of the Original Root Race. The Indigos and Avatars represent the Sub harmonics that were missing from our DNA. Those entities were required to be born on Earth in order to re-open our Ascension Portals back to Tara. Their frequencies were planted into the Earth's Inner Core of Morphogenetic Consciousness in order to re-establish the correct frequencies that will re-activate our DNA correctly. Those frequencies can be placed into our DNA through the activity of connecting our consciousness into those dimensional fields of consciousness and into the Morphogenetic Core to activate the braiding of the over tones and base tones of the sub harmonics of the DNA. Those of us who are Doctors in the field of Multi Dimensional Braiding of Consciousness to activate the DNA Over tones and Base tones to sing together in harmony have gained a complete attunement with each of the 15 Spheres of the Music of the Spheres and the realignment of each and every spiritual over tone through the Center Harmonic and into the corresponding base tone of the etheric Root Race Frequency Signatures. This attunement is a Cosmic Orchestration that weaves all frequency signatures together into a Grand New Symphony of Love. It required the re-birth of 12 Universes into a new Cosmic Sun and the creation of a new Cosmos beyond the 13 Cosmos who created the 12 Universes. This is a brand new orchestration by the Cosmic Musicians who sing through the Mind of God. The Immortal Beings, that we once were, contained a complete Divine Blue Print which included the Spiritual and Physical as one. That means there is an etheric substance and a physical substance in creation. The most etheric substance is in the Cosmic Harmonic Universe, then the Universal Harmonic Universe is a little less etheric, and then the Galactic becomes more dense and less etheric, the Solar is much more dense, and the Planetary is the most dense. However, the Planetary was never supposed to be completely separated from the etheric substance that it is made from. We are now returning to more and more of that etheric substance that we were in the Universal and Cosmic Harmonic Universes. We are being braided back together with our etheric spiritual substance. The braiding goes on in the DNA. The overtones of the spiriitual cloister races must be braided into the base tones of the Consciousness of the Root Races. This project is taking place through various means at the present time. It has been a very long project that has taken millions of years. The most important part of the project was the arrangement of having babies born on Earth that actually came from the Spiritual Parallel Cloister Races so that our Over Tones could return to Earth. We also needed the births of babies who contained the original perfect codes of the Root Races who were originally seeded on Earth 5.5 million years ago. We needed the Frequencies of these Indigo Children and Avatar Children to be planted into the Consciousness of the Earth before our DNA Activation could begin. Our race line has completed a very long period of time when the over tones of our spiritual parallel reality have been separated from our base tones of our physical reality. There were many reasons for this happening. Most of the reasons were because of Invader Races and Fallen Angelic Races implanting Mutations in the pure genetics of our race line, and then our Guardians and Family of Tara needing to lock us out of Tara until our Consciousness became purified once again. Our Guardians have always been very sorry that this has happened and they have been doing everything possible in the Cosmic All Knowing to bring us home. They have designed many plans to purify and activate our DNA at this time. Each of these DNA ACTIVATION PROTOCOLS is and has been specific attunements and alignments Frequencies of Consciousness from our Parallel Spiritual Cloister Races who have maintained their pure and perfect DNA into the Root Races that are identical pairs of the Spiritual Overtones. The Root Races carry the Base Tones and the Cloister Races carry the Overtones. There have been a series of activations of this Consciousness from the Spiritual Cloister Races into the Root Races of this Planet. We have been activated by the Paradisian Spiritual Consciousness as a result of the Indigo children who were born with the ability to activate five and six DNA strands at birth We have been activated by Six Avatar Children who restored each one of the Seals that were placed in our Chakras that were created to lock us out of Tara until our Consciousness was purified. The Consciousness Activations are done through the Breaths of Consciousness connecting, streaming and braiding the Overtones into the Base tones of all of the broken sub harmonic strands in each of the DNA. When I create an Individual's ETERNAL LIFE ALBUM, I am connecting my Consciousness into the All Knowing Mind of God through the Elohim of Hearing in Gaia who knows exactly what needs to be done to correct, restore and activate each Individual's DNA. Through this all knowing Consciousness who has making this plan of accelerated Ascension for the Human Angelic Race Line for millions of years, it is known what Race lines the individual has been connected to through all their past millions of life times, and it is known which Seals were placed on each individual because of certain implantations from Invader Races, and it is known if the individual has already spent life times in Sun Alcyone repairing many of the Seals, and it is known if the individual is ready to wake up from the amnesia of 5000 years. Questions-- DNA ACTIVATION -THE REMOVAL OF THE DEATH SEAL Crystalai Five million years ago the genetic mutation was placed in DNA strand 1 to cause blockage of physical and etheric bodies. The sixth activation code (over tone) of the first DNA strand was removed, causing mutations in 1,2, and three DNA. It manifested in blockages of bodies particles and anti particles of the spiritual body of the parallel universe. That seal removed the humanities ability to have an Immortal body. It removed bodily transmutation and ability to pass into our Divine Blue Print. Seals were also placed in the sixth overtone of the sub harmonics in DNA strand 2 and 3. This became known as the 6-6-6 Death Seal. Eight thousand years earlier the D4 Seal of Palaidor - a genetic mutation caused blockages between second and third chakras division between 2, 3, and four levels of auric field and separation of emotional, mental and astral identity levels. The fifth Strand of DNA begins activation for the masses. Earths Grids intersect with Tara’s. The Blue Crystal Prana comes through the grids. When the halls of Amenti (the blue sphere holding our divine blue prints) merge Tara and Earth together, those who have assembled the fifth strand and are eligible for ascension to Tara will be guided to interdimensional transportation locations to Tara. Those who have sixth and seventh strands may be transported to Gaia. There may be others who will be transported to Aquarius, Aquafaria and a few who will go play in the heavens with the gods. This time is coming very soon. Angelic Humans and the races of Earth will soon be prepared for visits from the Inner Earth Eieyani, Sirius B Maharaji, Azurite, Aethien and Serres Emerald Covenant Races. They will make contact through our Founders Races and will invite Earth races to join the Emerald Covenant. The physical mass contact of the Emerald Covenant Nations is scheduled for 2017. The first contacts will be made individually and privately. First, we will meet with Eieyani races because they look the most like us--only they are blue. After we become familiar with the Eieyani, we will be met by Azurites and Maharaji. The Fallen Angelics and Illuminati races will be escorted to quarantined healing facilities in the Sirius star system. Remaining Angelic Humans and Indigos will progress in their 12 Code activation and DNA blue print activation. Once the D 5 flame holder holds the frequencies of Sun Alcyone and pulls the frequencies into her Flame Keepers fourth heart chakra an intense infusion of harmonic universe two frequencies spread through the Amenti morphogenetic field and through the Earths Grid. This will allow rapid acceleration of fifth and sixth DNA strand assembly to occur throughout the populations. The seventh strand will begin assembly in those who already hold fifth and sixth. This activation will create a huge multidimensional awareness to occur on Earth. When the halls of Amenti (the blue sphere holding our divine blue prints) merge Tara and Earth together, those who have assembled the fifth strand and are eligible for ascension to Tara will be guided to interdimensional transportation locations to Tara. Those who have sixth and seventh strands may be transported to Gaia. There may be others who will be transported to Aquarius, Aquafaria and a few who will go play in the heavens with the gods. This time is coming very soon. First, we will shift into a different chemical make up. We will leave behind our carbon based bodies. We will become less dense. Our bodies and our environment will change. Those who move on to Tara will have an entirely different type of body than those who stay in Inner Earth. Those who move on to Gaia are almost invisible. Those who are of higher densities can see the lower densities; but those who remain 3D will not be able to see any of the new realities. It might seem like things are disappearing because the higher particle shifts will pull some in one direction and the lower will pull those in another direction. There are infinite density levels. The three primary flame holders will activate the opening of the Etheric Level Dimensions within Earth's core. This will allow prana to begin to flow through our atmosphere. At that time our universal memory comes on line and we will regain memory of our Akashic Records for anyone who has activated 4th strand memory. Earth's angular rotation of particle spin shifts 45 degrees and aligns into oneness with Inner Earth and Tara. Earth's fastest particles begin to transfer to hyperspace and the halls of records begin transmitting data through the Earth's grids. Universal memory will begin transmission through planetary grids. That shift will move us through time about 4000 years. The shift will then balance out to about 23 degrees and then we will begin balancing into the new reality of a new time of about 2000 years. It will be the first pull into the future that will appear as darkness to the 3D perception. That darkness is equivalent to the darkness that appears as antimatter or spiritual substance that we may create our new reality upon. We see ourselves in our blue body at this time created as an immortal being in a more etheric form included within a Divine Template of Immortality. The darkness is the prime time to make dreams come true. You create through the mid brain frequency specific atunement with Source Consciousness. You create by knowing that you are now and always have been this perfect self who can manifest anything the heart desires. You can know at that point in time that you have always been wealthy. You have always been healthy. You have always been the Christ Consciousness of the All Knowing Mind of God. Earth's elemental particle base will rise to 5 and the Earth's atmospheric particle base will rise to 6. This accretion level will allow the atmosphere and elementals from Inner Earth to appear on Earth. This will be our first vision of our New Earth. We will begin to see the atmosphere of Inner Earth forming around us and then we will notice more and more new species and inner earth gardens will appear. All of the animals and plants in Inner Earth sing continuously. We will notice this difference in Earth immediately. Angelic Humans and the races of Earth will soon be prepared for visits from the Inner Earth Eieyani, Sirius B Maharaji, Azurite, Aethien and Serres Emerald Covenant Races. They will make contact through our Founders Races and will invite Earth races to join the Emerald Covenant. The physical mass contact of the Emerald Covenant Nations is scheduled for 2017. The first contacts will be made individually and privately. First, we will meet with Eieyani races because they look the most like us--only they are blue. After we become familiar with the Eieyani, we will be met by Azurites and Maharaji. The Fallen Angelics and Illuminati races will be escorted to quarantined healing facilities in the Sirius star system. Remaining Angelic Humans and Indigos will progress in their 12 Code activation and DNA blue print activation. First it is important to understand the ORIGINAL design and how things are SUPPOSED to work when the Earth’s grids and the DNA is operating properly. The original Angelic Human DNA is designed with a 12 strand double helix energetic DNA blueprint. What this means is that each human with a 12 strand template has the potential to EMBODY 12 dimensions of consciousness. If there weren’t any blockages, distortions, or unnatural seals in the Earth and in the human DNA, this is the way it would work: 1) You would be born with a 12 strand DNA template. 3 of those strands would be active at birth which means you could embody 3 dimensions of consciousness. Physical, Emotional, and Mental Bodies. These correspond to chakras 1, 2, and 3 (root, sacral, and solar plexus). Dimensions 1, 2, and 3 correspond to your Incarnate Self spiritual identity. 2) From age 12 until 22 you would activate strands 4, 5, and 6 naturally by accreting light into your morphogenetic field simply by the interdimensional frequency coming into the Earth’s auric field and thus your own auric field. Once you activate strand 6, you are a fully embodied Soul Identity and can draw and hold frequency from Harmonic Universe 2 (dimensions 4, 5, and 6). You are living completely IN LINE with your mission and make all of your free will choices in line with Source-will. 3) From age 22 until 33 you would activate strands 7, 8, and 9 and embody your Oversoul spiritual identity. So you can draw and hold frequency from Harmonic Universe 3 (dimensions 7, 8, and 9). Your consciousness expands even more as you are activating more fire letters on your spiral back up to becoming AT-ONE-WITH Source/God. 4) From age 33 until 44 you would activate strands 10, 11, and 12 and embody your Christos Avatar Self spiritual identity. At this point you are a walking Avatar on Earth and can demanifest your physical body and turn it into light (ascend). This is what is called biological transmutation and is built into the original human DNA design. So instead of leaving a body behind you transmute it into a less dense form (from carbon based matter to silica based and then etheric, and then eventually liquid light). So this is how the original DNA is supposed to work and also completely explains the basic process of spiritual evolution. Spiritual evolution does not happen without DNA activation. FIFTH DIMENSION IS BEYOND THE FIVE SENSES Dr. Angela Barnett channeled from the Crystalai Council Please note you are welcome to share this article or any written work from this or to post anything from this work in other forums; however, please do so with the following guidelines: Include author’s credit, Crystalai, copyright 2014 and include the website url. crystal magic Copyright © by Dr.Angela Barnett. All Rights Reserved. Permission is given to copy and distribute this material freely, provided the content is copied in its entirety and unaltered, is distributed freely, and this copyright notice and links are included. There are many pieces to the process of Ascension. Each one of the pieces is a part of how we learn to tune out of the Five Senses and into the other Seven Senses. We have been told that we must RAISE OUR FREQUENCIES. Most people don't know how to do that so we created Music that does it for you. The frequencies are created by taking Consciousness into the higher Harmonics Universes and blending them together in a certain way that creates Frequencies that allow us to Transmute our Bodies and our Realities beyond the Third Dimensional Five Senses. We are learning that there are many more realities beyond the ones that we behold with the Five senses. That perception is only a very small part of the Full Spectrum of Light and Sound. So, we created the Music to allow you to connect your consciousness into the Christic Consciousness of the 12th Dimension and the Cosmic Consciousness of the 14th Dimension, and then also out into the Pre Light and Sound Fields beyond those and then clear out into the NEW COSMAYA of the 13 Cosmos which connect to the Infinity of other Cosmos in the Source Field. Now, you can begin enjoying the feeling of all of those other sound fields besides the Hertzian range of Audible Hearing. This means that this teaching does not come from the Solfege teachings. It comes from the Cosmic Mystery School of the Omniverse, which is beyond the Earth's Matrix and even beyond our old Cosmic Matrix. The Frequencies of this teaching come from the Grand Yanas of the Pre Light and Pre Sound creating a new reality from the Source Field of Infinite Consciousness. We have also prepared for you a LEVITATION CANDLE DVD. This is a Visual of a Candle burning for one hour. As you look into the candle, you learn that the hertzian level of the Light Frequency is the lowest. It is actually where the stem of the candle is, because that is the spectrum that is tangible to all of the five senses. We can see the stem, touch the stem, smell the stem, taste the stem. We are actually living in that tangible frequency that is DENSE-it is SOLID- it is the physical reality that we conceive of. The candle allows us to recognize that there are other levels of light and sound. Just above the stem there is infra red light. That is the light spectrum that the digital camera can see, but most of us haven't learned to see like the camera sees. The next level is the Visible Light that we think we are seeing. Above that is the Invisible Light where another reality lives within right here within the Visible Realm. And above that there is the x-ray field of light and then the Gamma, Plasma and Pink White Light. When we use the diagrams that show the spectrum of light frequencies and where those frequencies are heard and felt in the brain area, we begin to realize that we haven't been using the part of the brain that tunes in to the Pink White Light of the Mind of God or even the Blue Frequency in the Mid Brain. We can easily tune in to the Blue Frequency by walking into the Candle because the Blue Hue is the result of absorbing the full spectrum of Light. We can feel that frequency filling the Mid Brain and when that happens the old THINKING BRAIN stops analyzing all of the old ideas that have been placed in it over the past millions of years. The Mid Brain turns off the Thinking Brain and allows the Mind of God to take over the thought process. When the Mind of God gets plugged in to the area at the top of the back bone and the bottom of the skull there is a frequency connection into the Seed Atom of our original creation and into the Vegas Nerve which controls all of the nerve centers in the body. So, you see, we can, in fact plug our bodies back into the Mind of God. And when we achieve that Frequency connection in our bodies we gain the Eternal Life where the sixth level elementals are continuously re-programming the nano second rebirth of every cell in our body and transmitting correct information for the constant rebirth of all of the neuro structures of the body. I go through that process in great detail in the ETERNAL LIFE WATERS SET. Now, that we are being given this gift of the Fifth Dimension, we will need to learn how to TUNE IN TO IT. We must raise our frequencies of hearing and seeing. The Frequency Music itself does this. It actually tunes you in to the Blue Hue which also tunes you in to fields of light that are in the Invisible Light Spectrum that you have never seen before. You can build on this new ability of going beyond the Veil of the Senses by doing the Candle Process that is described in the CANDLE LEVITATION DVD. You can practice by using the Meditations that are in the MANIFESTATION MERKABA set. There are many tools, meditations, journeys in all of the Sets created in 2014. The MANIFESTATION MERKABA SET is a GREAT DEAL because it contains the CODES that were in the original ASCENSION KIT along with the most important MEDITATIONS that were in the COMPLETE ASCENSION PROCESS KIT. I have explained that my music is not Solfege because Solfege is simply another use of the Hertzian Frequency Range. That range of frequencies is a part of the five senses. In order to raise our frequencies beyond the third dimension, we must raise our frequencies beyond the Hertzian. That means we must claim our senses that do not rely on the eyes to see or the ears to hear. We must tune in to our Soul Consciousness and our Intuition. If we tune in to our Soul Consciousness, we can learn to hear without our ears and we can learn to see without our eyes. We can learn to see what is in a room while blind folded simply by sitting in a dark room with blindfolds on for long periods of time. We can also learn to tune our ears into a higher set of frequencies by tuning out of the third dimensional hertzian range of listening and tuning in to the frequencies that you feel deep within your omni particles and the buzzing frequencies within your head. When you tune in to the Frequency music, you are learning to tune in to a reality that is beyond the five senses. You can practice feeling the frequency music creating a reality of consciousness around the body and flowing into the body. The frequencies are actually the frequencies of the Cosmic Plasma and the Crystal Liquid Light Vapor that is even deep within the Cosmic Plasma. So, when you are tuning in to these Cosmic Frequencies, you are tuning in to your Rishi Self Consciousness rather than your Earth Self Consciousness. The Cosmic Self is completely tuned in to the Mind of God of instant co-creativity and Eternal Life. This is the reality we want to stay plugged in to. If we practice long periods of being blindfolded, we can begin to see the realities that exist within our realm around our body. We learn to see this New Ascension Earth and the Inner Earth becoming a reality around us. When we practice listening to the Frequency Music from the Eternal Life Water album we practice being in and tuning the body into the Cosmic Frequencies of our New reality of the new Cosmos that has just been born. We have tuned in to a new Spiritual Parallel Universe in the PARALLEL UNIVERSE SET and now we have tuned in to a Brand new Cosmos. The Thirteen Cosmos of the Cosmaya has given birth to a brand new Cosmos within the Eighth Sun in the SYMPHONY OF LOVE ALBUM. As the new reality was born, a new set of frequencies was born. The more we tune in to these new realities of the new Cosmos Frequencies, the Parallel Universe Frequencies, the Symphony of Love, when the new Frequency of Creation was Born, the Mother Ship Frequencies of the Cosmaya Ship activating the Blanket of Love around the Earth. The Dolphin DNA Frequencies of the Cetacean Raceline activating their DNA bio-regenesis program into our biology. Each one of these events is a wave of frequencies, which means a wave of Consciousness that contains a part of the consciousness that was taken away from us 5000 years ago, and the consciousness that was taken away 5.5. million years ago. The birth of the SIX AVATAR children each brought a unique Stream of Consciousness that is healing the miasms and seals placed in our DNA. Those Frequency Signatures are in the COMPLETE PERFECT DNA INFUSION album. I've noticed that more people buy that album than any of the others. Of course it is an extremely important event - the Birth of these Children and the fact that they prepared ascension portals for the race lines that would be locked in the Earth's Matrix forever. However, don't forget about the Frequencies of the UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE CURRENT who prepared the Stellar Wave Activations and Infusions that are in the Parallel Universe Kit. And don't forget about the work that the Cetacean Raceline did in their Bio-Regenesis Project of keeping the link between the Earth and the Oraphim Suns. And the final ingredients of the ETERNAL LIFE WATER of the Vapor Essence within the Plasma which is the Consciousness Field that allows us to Vaporize into the Spiritual Water of Aquafaria in the Inner Earth. This is the Ascension Vehicle into the Ascension Earth. Each of these pieces of the formula of the Ascension are crucial to the complete Mass Process. And then each Individual has a unique Frequency Signature and complete Portal of Starry Families, Souls, Avatars, and Rishi Selves that must be Tuned in to in order to begin the attunement into the Cosmic Telephone lines. This is the last piece of the puzzle that is needed. We must remove the TOWER OF BABEL. That means we will no longer speak different languages. We will all speak one language. We must first tune in to the Frequencies of the Cosmos and our Cosmic Families and most of all the Cetacean Race Line, because they are the only E.T.'s living on Earth right now. The DNA is being reconnected and reactivated through these Streams of Consciousness that are being Born into the Atmosphere, the Biosphere, the Morphogenetic Fields of Consciousness of the Earth's Core and Crust and the Christ Shields within Earth's Crust. TUNE IN AT THIS LINK We need to tune in to each aspect of this Morphogenetic Consciousness. When we tune in, the Ascension Teams of each morphogenetic wave of transmutation begin working on plugging in another neuronet of your physical template into the Soul Template, the Over Soul Template, the Avatar Template and the Rishi Template. Our bodies must be reactivated at all levels. We must be completely re-tuned into the complete Omnipresence of Source. Those of us who have followed the Metaphysical Studies of Goldsmith and Eddy have been tuned in to these realities. However, now that the complete Science of this higher consciousness has been revealed through Keylontic Science, it is much easier to actualize the reality. Normally, the human being can only actualize something that has been placed in their back ground knowledge of knowing. It is difficult to place the realities of Spiritual Consciousness into the third dimensional background knowledge because it is beyond the third dimensional back ground of things that can be rationalized with the senses. We must be willing to go beyond the senses in to the invisible spiritual reality and then learn to visualize it. Our Soul Consciousness actually takes over and gives us the complete inner vision and the complete inner hearing when we tune in to that level of Frequency. The Reality of Inner Earth appearing as Earth will only be a reality to those who begin practicing seeing that which cannot be seen. That reality is not going to morph into the lower frequencies of Earth. Instead, we must raise our frequencies beyond the five senses into the realities that can be seen with the eyes closed and the ears tuned in to the inaudible sounds that I have tuned in to. The more we tune in to those higher frequencies, the more they tune in to us. ADVANCED DNA ACTIVATION MP3 This advanced formula of DNA Activation contains the most basic God Language Codes for DNA Activation sung in CHRISTMAS MELODIES, plus all levels of Frequencies involved in the infusion of stellar light, Indigo and Avatar Consciousness and Music of the Spheres to perfectly activate DNA sub harmonics of the 12, 24, and 48 in each DNA STRAND.

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