Montague Keen: May 30, 2010

Channeler: Veronica Montague Keen





Martin Niemoller

Every day in your World people are loosing their Human Rights and Freedoms and as each freedom is removed and you do not raise an objection you give permission to enslave you.
This is not too strong a word for what is happening, wake up before its too
late. Do not leave it to the few who speak out, each and every one of you owe
it to yourselves and your children as well as future generations. Open your minds,
come together, support each other, reach out to the Guidance that is already
there in Human Form as well as Spirit. Become the Conscious Human Being that
you are, you were never meant to live in a Police State obeying all the Laws
that are there just to manipulate you into accepting the New
World Order. I ask yet again, take back your power, do not fall into the trap
of feeling "Who am I to question", do not see yourself as a victim,
this is what they want, you are a Human Being who will one day return to
Spirit where you belong. There is a New Age awaiting you, do you go forward,
embrace the Light and live in dignity and harmony with "all that
is".? Decision time is upon you, the "Wait and see
attitude" will condemn you to a life of slavery in Darkness. Your
World is changing-- go with the flow, the Light is ready to embrace you.
Do not give in to the FEAR and intimidation, control and suppression. Ask
yourselves HOW CAN SO FEW CONTROL THE MASSES, your Governments,
Banks, Education, T.V., Newspapers, the Food you eat, the Medication you
take, everything that is available to you is completely controlled and the
control becomes more powerful day by day. WAKE UP before its too late to do so.

My dear wife works hard to bring truth and guidance, she has made connections with others who too work in the Light, together they will show you the way forward. I told you that we in
Spirit were instrumental in guiding David Icke 's writing of his book
" Human Race, Get Off Your Knees," this is exactly what you all
need to do and do it now. He is a shining example of someone who has
worked so hard to open minds. The abuse and ridicule he has endured only served
to make him stronger, these people now read his books. Doing what you know to
be right is all that is relevant. David has kindly given Veronica permission to
put on our website his discussion with Jordan Maxwell, its on Jim Ryan's
Project Avalon . It is a wonderful insight into the work of these
two great researchers. Veronica looks forward to working with all seekers of
Truth. Our plans are great, go with what you know deep down that you know
to be true, your intuition will never lead you astray, seek self-awareness.
Know who you are, Children of God who happen to be on Earth at this time.

Ian R Crane is someone else Veronica has come together with. These young men work so hard each in his own way to bring Truth and Light to Mankind, we are all
working towards the same end. United we stand, Divided we fall , it is time for
all good men to come together to restore the Light.

Thank you my dear for taking part in the film that is being made about the great Dr John Mack (Harvard). John was someone else who suffered at the hands of Government
but he had the strength to go with what he knew to be right. Soon there
will be no question about his work, the evidence will speak for itself.
The Powers that be move mountains to suppress the truth, it takes courage to
expose the Truth. We have each suffered as we walked this path of Truth, we did
not have a choice, we choose our paths before we incarnated, we choose to take
Earth forward to the New Age of Light, out of the Darkness that has engulfed
it for so long.

We work together today my love as we did when I was at your side but now it has taken on a greater urgency. There is much to be done, the timing is right, forward we go
embracing all who wish to take this path. Everything will come to
fruition just as I said it would. We use the night to imprint
information which you will decode when the timing is right, yes the
colours are wonderful, you will see your World in all its splendour when the
darkness and controls are removed. We are with you every step of the way
surrounding you with Love and Light.

Enjoy the adventure that you are embarking on, the end result will surpass all you could imagine. Take time for family and friends, you need a break as our work is all consuming and
time runs away with you when you are dedicated to the cause.

My love is yours , I am forever at your side, your adoring Husband, Monty

Tom please put this above the David Icke tape; David Icke has very kindly given me permission to put this discussion on my website. Thank you David.


My computer was down for 5 days recently, as yet I have not managed to catch up with all the emails. Please forgive me if I have not got back to you. I work alone and there is so much
to get through each day, please understand, I do appreciate your emails, Bless
you all for your good wishes. Love and Light, Veronica

The Wish.

Many of you asked where you can get this CD.; It is very enlightening it teaches us how to get in touch with our Higher Being.

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