Mike Quinsey Retires: My Farewell Message!

With the general turmoil in the world and threat of world war, the tone of the messages has changed and I have thought for some time that it was the appropriate time to cease sending them out. The end times are so near that I believe events are now somewhat predictable and Ascension can be taken for granted, as it will be a cosmic event over which we have no control. My messages have already given the most likely time for it as 2029/2030 also suggested by [sic].                        .

Future events are to some extent predictable although the outcome of a World War could be disastrous, if nuclear weapons are used as threatened by Russia with China not far behind them. However, I confirm that our E.T. friends are closely monitoring the situation and will not allow then to be used also having the power to neutralise them, and if necessary include all forms of weaponry. So the position is somewhat delicate and lives will continue to be lost unless the means can be found to bring about a peaceful conclusion.

I have been connected with spiritual groups, running my own, writing articles and giving talks for some 50 years and will be reaching the grand old age of 90 years the 27th of November. Perhaps it is with retirement in mind, events have turned out very conveniently in my personal interests.

I have made many good friends on my travels and have nothing but praise for my “Team” of Kees, Rob and Luisa for their superb support and friendship. Their loyalty to the cause has been wonderful and I have never been let down – well done all of you and many blessings and thanks. I also include Galactic Channellings who spread my channellings far and wide. I feel sure our combined efforts have helped so many people find a path to the truth.

Old acquaintances will not be forgotten and I know we will eventually meet again when we all return to the higher realms. What a great time it will be meeting family and old friends that I look forward to in due course, and what stories we will have to tell.

I hope to be around for a while yet so feel free to contact me if you wish.

I wish you all every success in your spiritual journey.

May God be with you.

Mike Quinsey.

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  • Well look at this ,it seems that D.O. attack on mike Q. was all wrong ! and he made such a big deal of it to protect himself on his authority of SaLuSa, and the Sirius Star System and Now SaLuSa and GFL has sent a message to us of how Dear Mike was to them. See the blog I posted on the 16th from Mike Q. and D.O. attack on him. Which is nothing new, for D.O. has been attacking my posts and others for 12 yrs now.! '' Its not what you say~,but how you say it'' '' as there is much controversy right now, even on this site ! This bit was taken from the post SaLuSa.

    ''Today, in particular, I ask Neva, through her team, to translate and convey to my dear Mike ( Quinsey) my blessings, reactivating in his memory the importance of his immense work with the Galactic Federation and, in particular, with me, all these years. My dear Mike, we at the Galactic Federation bless you''
  • In the comment below I felt I had to write it to protect the elder 1st waver's like Mike above. Some people like D.O.on this site think they have the right to attack other light-workers to make themselves look better. We are one.
    On this ''Fathers day'', let us have respect for our Fathers, grand Fathers, and even great grand Fathers in this new age. If it wasn't for them or should I say, if it wasn't for us the 1st wavers that have been doing our Mission for a very long time, we light-workers would not be were we are now. To have disrespect for our founding Fathers is not part of the Divine Plan that our Father has set up. I too have been in this movement for over 53 yrs.back in 71 when my Spirit guide 1st visited me and showed me the possible future and now I would liked to retire as well from this very difficult Mission but I promised God the FATHER to complete my Mission and my Function when he asked me to help him, back in Sept.88. So I am still here sense we are so close to finishing it, as we are now in the 4th Dimension and 5D is not far away.

    We all have a different opinion on what has happened and what is to happen. So No one knows the outcome for each persons Ascension if and when they will make it,for there are many time lines converging together.The poles are switching and the ''Solar Flash'' is coming along with the 3 days of Darkness. One persons truth is not another persons truth so we should not bash another light-workers info. Mike always told you at the end of his messages that the info comes from his higher self and that each one of us has that power to tap into our higher self. That is if you do your homework , you too can tap into the 95% of the mind that most are not using. Stop the judgements ! To belittle our founding Fathers is to belittle your self. We are all one. If you cannot say something Good about a person ,then its better not to say anything at all. D.O. you get it? WWG1WGA.
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