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Mexican Government(Department of Defense) Admits : aliens are Real

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Comment by J Ash on November 30, 2011 at 6:18am
Hey, john :-) I read you were there. Well, they show on prime time on national tv ! I am original from Brazil and back there the government this year open about 40% of the " x -files " of 30 years. The is An Ashtar Command community in Salvador, Bahia in Brazil.they also show the UFO videos on prime time tv over there.we had a Rosswell type case on the 90S where a ship crashed , and the alien beings were walking on the streets of this small town for hours..its called the Varginha case. There are many other man. In the Amazon , were I grew up,was also very busy with crafts from the Aliens and the Airforce for my view, I feel a country like China, Russia, Brazil or other south American country are already disclosing things slowly so it will be a group effort in stead of one nation disclosing ..
Happy Disclosure everyone :-)

Comment by John Jancar on November 30, 2011 at 5:28am

Well Mexico is like the UFO sighting capital of the world, I even saw a UFO when I was there. And I can understand why so much attention is given to Mexico. So I guess it is only fitting that the Mexican military has come out with's hard for them to deny it, especially to their own people, there are just too many sightings there. Now let's hope other governments can summon the courage to come out with this,'s time for this game of secrecy to end, seriously...


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