Message to the governments of the world:


 “We Know what evil is up to, and we know about our star family visiting our planet!” – by Dieter Braun (Indian in the machine)”




Dear governments of the world:

We know!
We know the weather is being controlled...we know about haarp, and we know about scalar weapons, and we know that you are causing earthquakes.

We know!
We know that some powerful governments of the world have gone evil and satanic. We know about Israel blackmailing the us government. We know that Israel is pretty much nothing but war and murder. We know that many less powerful governments of the world are being blackmailed.

We know!
We know that many technologies are being hidden from the masses. We know about free energy. We know that some governments have built underground bases. We know that many governments are experimenting with human cloning. We know that some governments have created a cloned army to scare the life right out of us.

We know!
We know there’s a plan for a new world order and we know that particular kind of order is evil. We know that many government leaders are already cloned and are programmed to not deviate from the agenda.

We know!
We know that many communities all around the world are experiencing financial terrorism. We know that the us dollar and other currencies are essentially worthless pieces of paper. We know that many of you in the legal system have gone evil and are covering up for other evil-doers. We know that there’s a united nations plan to genocide Africa.

We know!
We know the food, air, water and soil are poisoned on purpose. We know that many evil bent people with money have no intention to use their wealth to clean up this planet. We know the queen wants to own everything while she depopulates the planet. We know that bill gates is another who wants to use his wealth to depopulate the planet.

We know!
We know that some royalty are inbred and we know that inbreeding develops certain traits, like being cold, like being uncaring. We know that some royalty even drink blood. We know about the sexual orgies that some royalty have with their own relatives. We know that certain royalty are not to be trusted, and are a deterrent to world peace.

We know!
We know about the mind control on television, movies, and motion pictures…let’s not forget lady gaga, beyonce, madonna and other celebrities who have gone evil. We know you are programming our children, and that you are programming our communities.

We know!
We know about our star family. We know that many governments are putting weapons in space that are intended for the people of the world, and and are star family who have made their presence known. We know that disclosure of existence of our star family is imminent. We know that certain evil governments are trying to hide their existence. We know that certain military have actually wanted to go to war with our star family, who are many many times over, more technologically advanced, and come in service to God.

We know!
We know that certain governments have gone to war with the Heavenly Hosts of GOD.

We know!
We know about the photon belt, which is a strong band of gamma radiation that is affecting and changing all life as we know it. We know that governments of the world are planning on using the photon belt, as a catalyst to vie for world dominance. We know about project bluebeam. We know that certain government military weapons have the ability to make earthquakes, to manipulate weather, and to go as far as to blow our planet apart quite literally. We know that evil governments are capable of setting our planet’s ionosphere on fire, thus creating mass blindness and panic.

We know!
We know that our planet’s destiny is not to be controlled much longer by dark forces. We know that many people in evil governments are wanting to turn over a new leaf…wanting to turn to the Light.

We the people of the world support all people within evil institutions, to turn to the Light. We the people of the world, want to forgive those who have trespassed against us, who have lead us into temptation, who have fed our very lifeforce to satan himself. We the people of the world are taking back our planet in the Light, and all previously dark entities are invited to participate in the Light to restore this planet to peace, love and pure harmony.

All blackmailed governments and institutions of the world….you are invited to step forward and tell the world what you are going through. You are invited to disclose the presence of extraterrestrials right NOW…don’t wait any longer….

We know that certain groups of the world think they are “special”….they are actually the serpent people….we the people of the world no longer need to fall for their evil tricks to enslave us. We know the serpent people are scared servants of satan himself….we the people of the world, have no intention to go to war with these serpent people, however their actions to enslave the planet WILL stop.

We know!
We know that God that it is within our own power to co-create with God a different planetary reality based on freedom, rather than this one, based on slavery.

We know!
We know we're getting a new financial system, based on Light and love, since the old financial system is falling apart.

Let the people of the world serve God’s Will.

God probably has many surprises for humanity...bring 'em on!

So be it!

Dieter Braun
(Indian in the machine)

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  • @ Pleiarcturian
    There are good (not evil) songs out there that portray women as objects. This example is to prove that being sexist is not the big issue. It's something else, like giving the wrong messages and brainwashing with bad information.

  • I see the demoralization of women by the media as most of the news casts include one female anchor whose job it is to ask the most stupid questions, probably because the news is scripted by men who are old school men ? of the lizard orientation.  I also see the King of the Lizards, Henry Kissinger, who is most likely of Nazi orientation but I do not KNOW these things, they are feelings that are abruptly surfacing as we enter the mass awakening of consciousness taking place globally.  But I do not feel that your "letter" is part of my agenda on this earth.  I am still being downloaded information as the universe is gathering and talking about how to unwind the dark ones as they continue with their earthquakes, their finances, their tsunamis.  As Matthew stated, the HAARP is designed to create tons of negativity but the earth released MORE negativity than the scientists behind HAARP anticipated.  Some things you just need to LET BE as Heaven will correct it without our veiled help.  Blessings to you and may patience Ground your being.



  • This sounds more chaotic than it really is, and nobody can make any sense of it. There are truths in this, but there are more hidden truths that have not been said here, than truths.
    But, most importantly, music like (example) Lady Gaga, Beyoncé and Madonna have gone evil, and are attempting to brainwash people. There was a time when they were good.
    Lady Gaga's good songs include:

    1) Just Dance
    2) Poker Face
    3) Papparazzi
    4) Bad Romance (after this she became evil)

  • genius post...earthquake machines...losers...trix r 4 kids...they owe tesla family HUGE royalties...
  • We know everything we need to know.

    NOW forget all religions but all UNITE, forget all Governments and Leaders but all UNITE, forget it you are RICH or POOR but all UNITE and in ONENESS...To save our Planet all the inhabitants must get in the MODE OF N0 MORE HARMING NATURE, NO MORE HARMING ANY LIVING ENTITIES and all inhabitants main aim in life should be to EVOLVE SPIRITUALLY....then united we will go well into the 7th GOLDEN AGE and we will CREATE HEAVEN ON EARTH

    THERE IS NO OTHER WAY to SAVE the Planet and SAVE as many inhabitants as possible



  • WELL SAID,trillions of light and blessings to you brother eve.
  • Ohh I know, I know....

    Im not afraid of you silly weak government...


  • Yeah ! I know.
  • Well, there you have it:  all of the conspiracy theories in a nutshell.
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