We Are Resetting back to the Divine Original DNA Blueprint Template Encoded within our DNA.

Opening your Heart to Love.

Family of Light there is a increase of High Frequency Light Codes, Upgrades and Solar Activity that are increasing Phenominally across the Earth and many are feeling the Intensity and Impact of these Higher levels of Light.

This will continue as we Transit through into Higher Consciousness of Awareness and Awakening.

Our Physicality is Morphing into a New Higher Vibration.

We are Shifting into a Higher Timeline for those who Choose this path to bring forth Unity.

Not Everyone will Transit as many will not Change due to Varying Reasons, this is ok, there is no Right or Wrong just is what it is.

The Split is Here you will see many TURN AGAINST YOU AND YOUR BELIEFS.

They will Choose to stay in 3D Timeline of Fear.

They have a Choice to Step into their Heart and Power or Stay in 3D the Mind Construct of Control, Manipulating behaviour.

We are here to Love them as they are and Respect, Honour their Own Journey and choices here.

Many Souls are Struggling as they continue to Unravel many Old Patterns, Conditioning and Programming of Fear, Self Esteem, Guilt, Shame, Worthiness,Controlling and Manipulation Patterns ect.

The Realization that these Thought Processes were placed upon you will come to the Surface and forefront as you Return to your Freedom and Sovereignty of your Inate Essence of Love and Light.

Your DNA Blueprint template is Recalibrating and Upgrading to A New Crystalline Diamond structure of pure Light.

Questioning everything that you are being told by outside forces without Judgment or Blaming others knowing that this is all Imperfectly Perfect and the Grand Scheme of the New Earth is Unfolding.

There are Many Lower Vibrational Entities attaching to many Of the Spiritual Community especially.

There is Much Anger, Sadness, Frustration, Grief, Blame across the Spiritual Community.

This is a Phenominal, Powerful Resetting.

Sitting in Silence, Quieting the Mind will serve you Greatly as you Return to your Heart and the very Essence that created you.

Many Will Try to Hold you Back by Controlling and Manipulation, Deception and Trickery to stop you from Obtaining your Highest Growth and Embracing the Light within your very being of Infinite Love and Light.

They will Place Fear upon you out of their Own Fear of the Light.

They Will Do what ever it takes to Hold you in the Lower Vibrational Frequencies.

Love is the Key Love is Powerful Love is Freedom.

Stand in your Power and Not allowing others to Hold you back.

Stand Strong in your Power Grace and Sovereignty of who you were Born to be a free Sovereign being of Love and Light.

This is a process and it’s important to remember to be Kind to yourself as you Unravel and Release the False beliefs that have been placed upon you this lifetime and Lilfetimes past.

Being in the Present Moment Ackowledging these Patterns, Understanding your Not those Things you were told that You were is your greatest Gift for your Freedom.

Ackowledging your True feelings for you and other’s will set you Free.

Loving Your Thoughts, Ackowledging your Thought Processes and Listening to your Mind.

What is your Mind saying?

Are you In Fear of Leaving a Toxic relationships, Friendships, work ect?

Are you Living in Hope that things will Change?

You are Powerful Loving Creationary Beings here and have the Wisdom and Power to Leave them, Love them from a Distance.

You are The Divine Spark that Fire Burns fiercely within.

Light that Fire.

Real Love is all Encompassing and Inclusive of all Humanity.

The Needs of the Many Outway the Needs of the One or few.

We are Doing the Best we Can and That’s perfectly perfect, there’s No Rush it’s Not a Competition.

We are all walking each other Home Dear Hearts.

By Seraph Knight.

In Loving Devotion Seraph.

One Heart One Love One Humanity One Earth. We are One United Holy Heart of Love and Light.

**By Seraph Knight


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