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TZOLKIN CALENDARThe classical Tzolkin Calendar is one of the most important Mayan calendars for modern people to understand.The Tzolk'in is the oldest of all the Mayan Calendars and is referred to as the Master Calendar. All the other Mayan calendars are synchronized to it.Symbols from the Tzolkin are carved into the stonework of the ancient Mayan pyramids and stelea (sculpted stone monuments) but there is not one singular carving that you could call a calendar, per se.The Maya used books (made from tree bark) formed with accordian style folding leaves that were an ongoing record keeping system of the ebb and flow of the energies of time, called a "Codex." All of these books were burned or destroyed during the the Spanish conquest, led by Cortez and Catholic bishops that accompanied him, in 1519 AD.Only four of these Ancient Mayan books are known to exist today.The Tzolkin describes the energies of Creation moving through cycles within cycles, based on a 13:20 ratio that permeates the entire Mayan calendrical system.If you are curious about your Tzolkin seal and kin it is possible to calculate this at: 13 moon Diary of natural time, a perfect tool to get re in touch with our natural cycles you can order it here:
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