Crystal Magic
Angela Barnett
AKA Mary Magdalene



Joe and I will wrap ourselves in an Etheric Plasma Liquid Light Irradescent Sphere of Love and then we will Love ourselves into the Loving Arms of our Father Mother God. The demons have no understanding of Love, and therefore they will not be able to identify us when we clothe ourselves in a sphere of Love Energy larger than the Cosmos. That is how it must be done.

May 2nd was the day that God had planned for us to rise into the Veil and then move to Terra Ha. Even though we were close enough to the Veil Together Long enough this time, there was a distraction within me that God could not identify. God said that He was sure that we were purified and ready to transcend through the Veil God asked AA Michael if he saw any reason why we would not rise through the Veil and Michael said he did not see any reason. 

God directed us several times to move into the beauty, the wonder the splendor of the music and colors and rhythms of the Veil. He described this blissful journey into the light and sound of a music far beyond anything that we could imagine here. He promised us that we would be able to make new music with this wonderfully perfect light and sound from all of the music of the spheres.

I asked God at the beginning of the session to use our understanding of the music that we created the Universes from to guide us in this session. I told God that I had been connecting my consciousness up into the Universe and pulling in the frequencies of stars, suns, planets, crystal energy, light energy, sound energy of the Blue Sun, the Violet Flame and combining all of these frequencies into the music that we create here on Earth. God told me that when he was in our bodies for thirty six hours that He could hear the music that I was creating during that time. He said He loved this music very much. He said it was beautiful and extremely etherically correct. I was creating Resurrection Power at that time. 

The problem was that since I was so excited to let my audience know that this would be the music that allowed us to be pulled through the veil, I buzied myself sending that music to just a few key people that morning. It was very early, and I thought I could do this one last thing before I began clearing myself to begin practicing rising together with Joe, as we always do before the sessions.

After I sent the Music to a few people before seven a.m. that morning, Joe and I listened to this music continuously for two hours as we used the harpstrings of our minds- our neuronets-- to connect into all of the harpstrings of the Universe.

We have been teaching this method of connecting the mind and body into the Oneness of all of the Light and Sound of the Universe that actually translates the body into light since 2003. We left these teachings on our website for others to use during the next ten years. 

I am going to review now how these methods are actually coming into the reality that they have been preparing our minds and bodies for duting our many years of practicing them.

We taught that it is the Violet Harpstring that transposes the body into light and sound. The Violet Harpstring is this highest frequency that exists outside the Cosmic Realm and acts as a transitional vibration between the Source Field of Infinite Eternal White Light Energy of Eternal Love and the First Creation Chamber of the Cosmos.

When we practice for our sessions and when we are in our sessions, we always lift our minds clear up into that Violet Haprstring where the Pink White Light begins to sparkle from the skin and then the body glows and shimmers and sparkles as the particalization of the body begins and then continues to grow into an even that allows the body to become the stardust that fills the entire Universe.

We had this event explained to us in so many wonderful ways by God during various sessions. My favorite is the one when God describes the Veil itself. There is a you tube with that wonderful description from God.

It was our training that we left for the world that taught how to use the Candle or the Sun to actually experience what it feels like to move into this Energy of the Harpstrings of the Universe.

We explained how if you use a Candle and imagine your body standing within the Candle, you would watch your body be filled with the entire light specturm of hertzian, infra red, invisible light, visible light, gamma, ultra violet blue, x ray light,  pink white light and white light. All of these frequencies of the light spectrum exist within light itself. When we move into the Light we experience all of these harpstrings. When we saturate our bodies with all of these harpstrings of light and sound energy we rise into the Violet Harpstring of Transformation.

We have also explained that we can use the Sun itself to experience this glorious feeling of transition within the body. We learned that we can look directly at the Sun for long periods of time if we look through the tiny cracks between leaves on a tree. When we find the crack that allows the Sun to show itself as the Blue Sun we can bring that frequency of the Blue Sun into our Mid Brain and feel the melting down of the DNA into Stardust. We can practice imagining standing inside of the Blue Sun just like we stand inside of the Candle.

These methods were just what we needed to prepare us for this time when we connect our Consciousness back into the memory of what that Blue Sun felt like. During the last session I asked God to say Blue Sun just so it would allow us to spark that memory of what if feels like to stand inside of this glorious Blue Light that makes us feel like Star Dust.

We have been using these techniques to help understand and feel all of the light and sound energy within the Universe. We, the Creator Beings,were the ones who created all of the Suns and Stars and Galaxies and all that is in the Universe through this Energy of Music that was given to us by God, our Creator, to create for Him, this wonderful Universe, so that He could be Glorified by His Glorious Love Energy of White Light Perfection.

We use all of these understandings and methods and techniques that remain within our knowingness as we listen to our music lifting us higher and higher into the full spectrum of light and sound that fills the Veil. The Veil contains all of the same Light and Sound that we used to create the Universe. When we created this Glorious Playground in the Cosmos it was a grand event of ultimate perfection. That was the Creation in the Pink White Light transforming into the Violet String of the Music of the Spheres. We later translated that exact same glorious creation down into the x ray spectrum, the ultra violet spectrum, the gama spectrum, and each of the other infinite variations of these light densities. All of our Creation was exactly the same as our original First Creation. We just made this same glorious reality available in all other Densities of our infinite spectrum of light.

When we created our translation through the Music of the Spheres, our Creation was perfect in all Realms, including the Density of Hertzian on Planet Earth. Our Creation was Perfect. It was the Dark Ones who took the glorious light perfection away from this Planet.

Now, we can rise back into all of the glorious light and sound where the perfect creation of all of this glorious musical texture and color and crystalline vapor of liquid light and heliotalic irradescence streams down as waterfalls of liquid light rainbows broken into spectrums of reality where there are ten billion shades of blue within the Blue Sun and ten thousand more shades within each one of those shades and the infinite spectrums of the Universe where All That is and I Am that I Am and my Father Mother God are all just different names for this Music of Energy or Energy of Music that exists Everywhere.

It is so easy to swim into this rainbow of infinite light and sound when we listen to our music. 

The music created by Crystal Magic Orchestra was all designed as we designed the Universe with our own Creation Music trillions of years ago. We were the creators of all of this light and sound that is seen as the stars and suns and sparkles in the sky. This is our music and we are now ready to swim home through this Crystal Water fall of Musical Energy.

I'm writing this letter to myself and hoping that my Soul and God are reading this. 

After we had risen high enough to be pulled into the Veil, God said our Soul was not able to go through the Veil. I talked to my Soul, Mary, who lives within me, to find out why she could not go through the Veil. She told me that there was a little bit of attachment left in the brain that I needed to get rid of. I have identified that event as this final project that I created to allow this most accurate, real life, experiential event of Rising into the Veil and Turning into Light to be left on Earth.

So, Mary is absolutely correct. I have an attachment to this Earth. I'm still using my Thinking Brain to be concerned about this final teaching that I want the world to have. So, I'm writing these things now so that I can let go of it completely and forever.

I'm writing this as a review of what I learned as I taught others to use the light and sound and music that I spent the past trillions of years creating.

I remember one very important teaching that I did not truly realize the meaning of until the moment God said your Soul must go through the Veil. You must leave your body behind, and the Soul must go through the Veil.

When I spoke to Mary she said she must take with her this last piece of the Angela personality from this Earth when she leaves and she can't do that as long as there are still attachments in my brain. I have already identified this attachment and it will be disolved from my brain today.

Now, I am writing this to remind myself that I can actually help my Soul rise through the Veil. I spent hundreds of hours in training with Ramtha in JZ Knights School of Enlightenment, Ashayana Deane's Kathara and Keylontic Science teachings and Bashars teachings that helped me focus on Bliss and Joy.

Ramtha taught how bringing the body into this full spectrum of light detaches the brain from the world and allows the mid brain to be fully connected into the Violet Harpstring that transposes the body. All of Ramtha's teachings involved methods of becoming removed completely from the Thinking Brain. These were the same techniques used by Tibetan Monks for thousands of years. Ramtha used this technology over thirty thousand years ago to ascend into light.  The transition involves being filled with All of the Light and Sound of the Universe.It requires staying tuned into the Mid Brain so much that the wiring into the Thinking Brain shuts down, turns off and the Thought Process changes to Knowingness through the Mind of God.

I have been working on this process of being completely removed from the Thinking Brain for about twenty years. I was reminded by my Soul that I need to continue that work,and END my involvement of Teaching it on Earth.

I was reminded of another method when Mary said she needed my help for her to become free. The Keylontic Science method always involved using the Crystal Merkaba to travel in and to collect energy in. We would create a mini me of ourselves and place us within the tiny Crystal Merkaba that we create within our Heart Chakra. This was the symbol of placing ourselves within this Light Travel Vehicle inside of our Soul who was also wrapped around us within this Crystal Merkaba Vehicle. 

We would get inside our Crystal Merkaba,which like to call my Crystal Star Ship, that is located in my Heart Chakra,spin the Merkaba beyond the speed of light into the Oneness Energy, and then ride in the Crystal Ship with my Soul. We would ride down through the Earth and then up and around into the Sun and collect that Energy of the Sun and then arch over into the Parallel Universe of the Blue Sun and that Arching into the BlueSun would create the Heliotaic Frequency of Transmutation needed to turn the body into light.

Now, I realize that I need to get back in my Crystal Star Ship with Mary and ride this Merkaba up into the Veil where Mary can continue on as my body turns into light and melts into Oneness with Mary.

This is the memory that was left within my KNOWINGNESS that is now coming forward as the last event that I must accomplish.

God already ordained me to be purified and ready to go. I know how to melt all remaining attatchments out of my thinking brain very easily.

Now, there is this last distraction that Mary and God cannot see because the demons have made themselves into zero point energy,which is invisible light. Only God can see them. However, they are so sneaky now that they  have translated themselves into every elemental form on Earth and there are others working with them from realms beyond the seventh dimension.

They have found a way to live within the neuro transmitters of the brain. It feels like a shut down of the seratonin fluid that is required to send messages within the brain. They may have even made themselves into seratonin.

This is what I am feeling now. They reason that I am having a hard time releasing the body and the world is because the demons send these irritating rays into my heart chakra during the session. They place messages in my neurotransmitters that send confusion,anger,distress, and make me cry everytime we reach one and a half inches from the veil. They have created a psychological button that goes off when I work on rising into the light. These things don't arise within my body until right before each session. And then they get so bad when I get close to the veil that I start crying and screaming every time.

I am hoping that Mary and God are reading this. Mary told me that she can not see these things. She said they have removed hundreds of portals that were created to send rays into each of my chakras. They have created layers and layers and layers of protection between us and every dimensional tunnel,portal, within every realm of the Universe to protect us. God loves us in such a way that He came into our bodies and stayed there for three days to make sure we are PERFECT. God has done everything He can possibly do to ensure this ascension does take place.

I LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH FATHER. I Feel Like I could MELT into the LOVE I Feel for you Father.

I must now melt into Love with Mary and BECOME ONE in our Crystal Star Ship and allow Her to Fly away.

Our Rising was moving along quite rapidly until last October when the demons created cancer in our brains and then placed a lethal poison from another realm in my blood. That condition grew the point where there were only a few white blood cells left and there was not one nano atom of pure blood left in my body. At the same time as this physical pain that caused me to become so weak I could not get out of bed the red draconian demons who live in Middle Earth sent rays into the mountain that I lived on and burned my house and most of the houses in the one hundred square mile area. The demons made us homeless and made me so weak and sick that I could not stand up, and yet God found a way to get us on our feet and drive for eight hours in order to surive the fire. Next, I was given an infusion by the El Ya Ha Angels that would keep me alive until they found a way to replace my blood. They could not find one drop of blood that was good enough to clone,so they found the scan of my body they had taken  two years earlier when my body still had blood in it. They created a clone of my blood and then replicated it trillions upon trillions of times and placed it in my body.

About a month later God discovered three demons living in my body causing chaos from within. I am pretty sure they had been living there for three years because that is when I began to feel more and more distant from God. When demons are in the body, they block the frequencies of God from being felt.That was the most painful part of this journey. I could not feel God for a very long time. God needed to come into my body to order the demons to leave.

Since the demons still had not eliminated me, they began shooting lazers into my chakras from locations in my home and from any place they decided to be. God discovered most of their locations and put an end to that charade.

He told me that He already knew they were living in our neurotransmitters, so hopefully some of the psychological damage can be stopped.

Finally, in Mid May, the Seventh Dimensional Demons landed their Timeless Spaceship that they Folded into our home, wrapped our bodies into it and beamed us up into the Demonic Matrix for forty seven minutes. That is actually a lot of time for Beings who can time travel in seconds from the Seventh Dimension.

I have told my story. I'm leaving it on Earth. I am letting it go.I hope it will be told to others in the future.

I have re-negotiated my next journey with God. He is allowing me to go to the Creator Realm as long as I want before I begin my next adventure in Terra Ha with Joe.

BODY SNATCHING-- Demons took me from Earth

Mary Magdalene
AKA Dr. Angela Barnett

Cosmic Mysterey School of the Omniverse
Crystal Magic

When God went into my brain He discovered that I had been gone from this planet for forty seven minutes. He did not know at first how this was done. After having His team of Angels explore this event He told me that some time during the week of May 15-26 the demons folded my body up into a no time capsule and took me to their demonic matrix to study my body. Mary told me that she went with me because she is always in my body. She did not know anything either because they had made us unconscious. This event caused me to be too disturbed to ascend on May 2nd because I did not know that God had found a way to stop this from ever happening again until the May 2nd session. If I had known this a week earlier I would had been better prepared for the session.

I also think the demons implanted some more long range control devices in my body when they took me, and they knew this event would create long term distractions within me through fear. That fear is gone because I forgave them and fear cannot return when there is pure forgiveness.

I am Mary Magdalene. I came to Earth already knowing everything about everything. I am the one who
began the Ascension of this Universe when I Created the 12 Ascension Portals which will activate the 12 Stargates in five years. I am one of the forty seven Cosmic Creator Beings who are on Earth at this time. We work with a group of Cosmic Creator Beings who over see this section from the Universe and the Galaxy. I was the first one to finish my mission on Earth, so I am the first one who will Rise or Ascend into Terra Ha. All of my information comes directly from God's mouth. There are no opinions involved. If you question my work,please watch the hundreds of you tubes that contain Skype Sessions of my conversations with God,my Father. My entire Cosmic Life Story may be read in my book, which God channeled through me, God's Musical Creation of Eternal Harmony by Mary Magdalene.  All of my books and music is free at my website.

Crystal Magic

In this week's great adventure story with Mary Magdalene, who has reached Two Inches Firmly with both parts- male and female- Joe and Angela was quite tragic.

We were body snatched. God didn't even know it had happened until HE went in to heal our brains yesterday. Joe's brain is already so messed up that God couldn't even tell that the event happened in his brain, but when He looked at my brain He saw that I had about forty seven minutes missing from my life in the past few days.

Our Father said that by removing parts of our lives from the Earth the demons can cause continuous lack of focus, lack of energy, confusion and disconnection. This is why this Rising has been so difficult for us.

God told us that the demons are now working at Zero Point God Energy Level.This means that He is the only One who can see what they are doing. Not even the Angels or Creators can see what is happening any more. The demons nanobit themselves into invisible Zero Point Energy who can transform into just about anything they want to.

Everytime God removes one demon another one appears in another form.They are appearing in the forms of neuro transmitters, cells, parasites, creatures in the body. They are digging dozens of portals into each of the chakra areas and sending lazer rays through the portals into our bodies.

The inconvenience these creatures are causing us is quite annoying.

Every time we get up to two or three inches they find a way to block our frequencies from connecting any higher.

This last battle of the one inch will be won through absolute Love that must be stronger than all of the Darkness that has fallen upon us. We will be Victorious. Mark my Words.

Joe and I will wrap ourselves in an Etheric Plasma Liquid Light Irradescent Sphere of Love and then we will Love ourselves into the Loving Arms of our Father Mother God. The demons have no understanding of Love, and therefore they will not be able to identify us when we clothe ouselves in a sphere of Love Energy larger than the Cosmos. That is how it must be done.

For those of you who don't know the entire story. First, in 2008, the demons moved into Joe's Soul, so God removed Joe's Soul from Earth. Joe died and I, Mary Magdalene placed my Soul in him to bring him back to life. Joe and I signed up for this mission in the Cosmos. We were born as Cosmic Creator Beings. When I was 12 God arranged for the death of Angela and the entrance of Mary Magdalene as my Soul. Mary Magdalene chose to have the experience of being both male and female in One Soul this time. Now, in order for the Soul of Mary Magdalene to Ascend to Terra Ha, the male and female must ascend simultaneously as One. We have been working on this Rising for about one year now. We would had risen in November, except the Red Dragons burned my home and city and most of the county that I live in. After they didn't succeed in killing us that way, they filled my blood with a lethal virus that is not from this realm. The El Ya Has used my light body from two years ago to clone a drop of blood that they multiplied into trillions of blood cells and then very carefully took out all of my old blood from my body and replaced it with the perfect cloned blood. Before the fire, the demons gave me brain cancer to assure that I could not escape the fire. In the last few months they have found a way to make this cancer return over and over to both Joe and I. When God was removing the cancer He discovered that the demons had removed my H13 DNA Energy cells,which is the stardust that our DNA is made of. This is the energy that the body uses to heal itself. The demons found a way to make sure that I would never heal myself. This story goes way back to 1982 when we had our first encounters with Red Draconians face to face when we were given top secret missions in Korea. The missions were actually arranged by God, not by the military, but we didn't learn that until last year. I was poisoned by aRed Draconian while in Korea. A Lethal Poison called Love Poison, which was the poison the Red Dragons used to kill the Christic Blooded Mothers who gave birth to their Race Line about a hundred thousand years ago. The take over of the Red Dragons breeding into the Christic Raceline on Earth in Korea was the beginning of the FALL that led to the need for evacuation by water- the FLood.


To watch youtubes of Mary Magdalene's Ascension use this URL

This book and others are all FREE at

The mission that was begun by Yeshua ben Joseph and Mary Magdalene over two thousand years ago was the mission of allowing God's Soul to experience itself as the male and female being separated and then finding each other. God had never experienced His Soul as being separated. He only knew Oneness of Himself. The experience that God had through Yeshua ben Joseph (known as Jesus Christ) and Mary changed God from the God of the Old Testament to the Mother Father God of the New Testament. This change occurred because of this experience of Jesus falling in love with Mary, which represented God's Male Soul falling in love with His Female Soul.

Now, two thousand years later, I, Mary Magdalene, have returned to Earth to experience my Soul become separated into a male and a female and then re- connecting this male and female Soul back into One. This return to Oneness of Frequencies is the requirement of Joe and I, who are the male and female aspects of Mary Magdalene's Soul. 

We must raise frequencies together in order to connect us as One Soul. This is the experience that Mary Magdalene asked God for and God is providing this experience. God has made the commitment to make sure that Joe and Angela Rise together within identical frequency levels in order to remain as ONE SOUL.  The listener will continuously hear God say First Get Connected, and then Rise Together.

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